Epicfiction I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot txt - Chapter 2396: More Sour Than a Lemon rightful railway suggest-p3

Epicfiction I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot txt - Chapter 2396: More Sour Than a Lemon rightful railway suggest-p3

Brilliantnovel Light Dance - Chapter 2396: More Sour Than a Lemon middle man -p3

Novel-I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot-I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2396: More Sour Than a Lemon helpless sudden

Was it as he didn't want the young men to gaze at her?

He was the individual that was adamant on covering up her by using a quilt.

Even very poor Qiao Chen and Shen Xin would sense irritating once they had been together with each other.

In the near future, the waiter given back that has a cover.

Nevertheless the susceptible females could already show that it really was ambiguous.

Such possessiveness and envy

Initial, he said before absolutely everyone which he permitted her to pester him. He even mentioned that he didn't admit her while he noticed that he wasn't worth her.

Qiao Chen wasn't seeking to prevent suspicion in anyway.

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But the sensitive young girls could already show that this was unclear.

What was Qiao Chen wanting to do?

That which was Qiao Chen looking to do?

This kind of soothing and thoughtful terms, along with many others, even Shen Xin was actually a very little dazed.

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The women felt sour.

Chapter 2396: Far more Sour When compared with a Lime

No, it had been more serious than eating a bitter lemon.

She wasn't freezing, for starters.

Was Qiao Chen striving to utilize a cover to pay Shen Xin?

And now, he was carrying this out to her in public areas.

"You're obviously cold, don't turn down it. Your style isn't as vital as your climate."

The family table was private.

Whilst it was only a blanket, they wouldn't achieve this when it was actually a common pair.

She wasn't cool, first of all.

That was already thought of ambiguous.

Qiao Chen wasn't trying to avoid suspicion in any way.

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When his hands pa.s.sed through her locks and touched her neck, Shen Xin stiffened.

Shen Xin: ""

However, Qiao Chen was the Youthful Grasp from the Mo friends and family.

No, it had been worse yet than having a sour lemon.

"Will you be still frosty?" Qiao Chen requested gently just as if he hadn't noticed the stares around him.

The Green Mouse

Shen Xin was preferable over them in just about every aspect, and it wasn't simple for them to use Qiao Chen's event to strike her. In case Qiao Chen preferred Shen Xin, how could they infiltration her?

However the vulnerable young girls could already inform that it really was unclear.

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