Entering exchanges and burning PLC – BIG NEWS about PlusCoin

Entering exchanges and burning PLC – BIG NEWS about PlusCoin

John Doe

The stage of emission of PlusCoin coins and distribution of them between the first tokenholders has come to the end. Everyone is looking forward to news about the PLC's exit to the stock exchange and the burning of unsold tokens.

DS PLUS (PlusCoin) team officially announced that in the next few weeks PlusCoin will get listed on a number of exchanges:

·       Mercatox

·       Yobit

·       Bitsane/Anybits

·       IDEX

·       Etherdelta (already listed)

That’s not all exchanges and there will be more. Negotiations with large stock exchanges are ongoing, but before actually making a coin listing on that kind of stock exchanges, the coin should show the circulation and interest of the cryptocommunity. The PlusCoin team states that they will actively work on this direction and scale the project.

It is not the last news about PlusCoin.

CEO DS Plus (PlusCoin) - Mikhail Mikhailov  -made a statement: "When discussing the process of burning the unsold during the ICO PLC tokens, we concluded that the total number of tokens, including those that were allocated to the infrastructure and the reserve, should be reduced to properly distribute and increase the value of the coin" – he said.

After all calculations, PLC coins will be distributed the following way:

·       05 172 323 624.01 – distributed during ICO - 18,3 %

·       13 200 000 000.00 – infrastructure of DS PLUS (PlusCoin)

·       9 900 000 000.00 – stabilization fund

In total, in the work of the market will remain 28 272 323 624.01 PLC

Such news was very unexpected for the community. The process of burning an unsold during ICO stage tokens is always indicative and gives a boost to the value of the coin and its price. A decision to force a reduction in the number of coins in the market circulation can cause a great interest from a cryptocommunity and an increase in the activity of a coin in exchange trades.

All unsold PLC coins and part of the reserve and infrastructure funds will be burnt on the 15th of January, 2018