Ensure Proper Tyre Storage for Your Vehicle

Ensure Proper Tyre Storage for Your Vehicle


If one has a personal vehicle, they end up ignoring several things. For example, one does not have to worry about how they will head to their place of work, their choice of mall or restaurant, whether it be night or day. When one is planning a trip to somewhere on holiday, they don't have to worry twice about transportation, especially if they are travelling by road.

Such is the luxury of owning a personal vehicle. One can easily get to different locations and destinations at quick paces. The privilege that comes with owning a vehicle also comes with certain duties and responsibilities. For one, one should not be using their vehicle in a reckless manner. If one is driving to close distances or far ones, they should be careful in how they are driving. 

Losing your focus can end up harming the performance of your vehicle incredibly. If one is not careful in driving, the effects can be extremely damaging. For example, if one is careless with their gear and presses the same without pushing the clutch, damage can incur on the clutch plate. Similarly, a tyre with a little tread that's near balding should receive a replacement.

Otherwise, it is the brakes that have to work too hard in order to bring the vehicle to a halt. Similarly, all components and parts of the vehicle are interdependent. If there is a fault in one part or component of the vehicle, the chances are it will follow with others as well.

How Weather Influences Performance 

The one way in which one can take care of their vehicle is by subjecting it to regular inspection and checks. If one is putting enough time and care into the replacements and repairs of their vehicle, seldom any damage will happen. Even when one can subject their vehicle to a complete service, there are still multiple changes and replacements to be made throughout the year. For example, it is difficult for the vehicle to drive on the same set of Tyres Warsop, especially if the weather conditions are severe.

Any place that has a severe difference in climatic conditions is bound to require different tyres. In weather conditions below seven degrees Celsius, winter tyres are a requirement. Moreover, if the snow and ice pile up is quite serious, one cannot do with a regular set of Cheap Tyres Mansfield. Similarly, one also cannot use winter tyres for weather conditions above seven degrees Celsius. The only recourse that lies ahead is then using two sets of tyres. 

Tyre Storage Methods and Steps

Using two sets of tyres means you must put one set into storage for a season. Putting tyres into storage simply does not mean confining them in a room and forgetting about them until the seasons change.

Tyre storage should be done properly. This is because there are multiple demerits if tyre storage is not properly done. Here are a few ways in which one can ensure proper tyre storage for their vehicle.

  1. Tyres need to be put into a cool room for proper storage. Keeping tyres in the same room with liquids is not advisable. This is because liquids like petrol and grease can negatively impact the compounds of the tyres. Consequently, the tyres lose the special features that they gain from those very compounds. Therefore, keeping tyres and liquids in close proximity is not advisable.
  2. Tyres should not come in direct contact with sunlight. The ozone that accompanies the sunlight is extremely damaging to the tyres. It can corrode the tyres and even harm them extensively. Corrosion of the tyres will render them with cracks and cuts. Therefore, it is important to keep your tyres away from direct sunlight as it can cause long-lasting damage.
  3. Hanging tyres on hooks is also wrong. Keeping tyres on hooks can cause severe deformation and render the tyres completely useless. Therefore, one should not place their tyres on hooks simply to save space.
  4. Putting tyres one on top of the other is wrong as well. Stacking the tyres in such a position can damage their integrity and cause further deformation. Therefore, one should not put tyres into stacks. If the same is done, one should change the position of the stacks every four weeks.
  5. Finally, before putting tyres into storage, they should receive a cleaning. Over time, tyres can accumulate dust, dirt and grime from the road. When the tyres are put into storage without receiving a thorough cleaning, they end up imbibing those germs. Consequently, their value deteriorates as their material is rendered useless. Therefore, it is important to clean your tyres before putting them in a plastic bag for proper storage.