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Emp jammer

Emp jammer

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I believe it is the first time something of a nearly two years ago when I 'EMP slot Jammer' heard and various videos on YouTube to the build have seen one such. With the EMP, to generate a frequency of several megahertz Jammer, which actually at all no EMP generator is strictly seen, but only a 'transmitter'. Thus one can interfere as electrical circuits such as calculator, clock, etc. You can also do very cool things like E. There are virtually no usable instructions. My first steps I made with the wrong parts and used foil capacitors instead of Keramikkondensaorten and and and. I was aware that I need a transistor, but exactly had I not found out so quickly which and so it went on. I think I bought half-empty div. Man what I cursed and annoyed me, until I was finally so far. I have three 9-volt batteries in series to 27 volts together turned on. Rather is it also because, as the coil is wound and above all how big is the coil. I tested all conceivable variants, by around with different diameters, angular in all imaginable sizes to win the knowledge at the end, that a coil that is wrapped around a 9 volt battery, brings about the best result. I had the best result with a wire diameter of 0. At the same time I have others something after some research Capacitors and Resistors used. So I could reach, up to the light the lamp up to 15 cm increase and among other things the lamp by a 2, 5 cm thick table plate to the enlighten bring. We could accommodate the whole thing now in a universal euro housing and already it looks even more beautiful. The difference is that the coil stores the energy in the magnetic field. As I have noted, here are two sets of electronics are very important. Many YouTuber and other Web pages explain how important special components from specific manufacturers to the build an EMP Jammer and use sometimes also more than ever needed. I needed only the following components for one of my versions. This little project was taken up by me only for educational purposes and was released. You can do me normal connectors. Should you get in Conrad for a few cents. You do everything from a wire alternative. I tried to build this emp, but something went, its not working for me. I think the transistor of ISC is just a replica. This can be the cause. You can look around in my shop. There are the right ones to buy. The soldering looks correct. Please try again from the coils to strip the ends. Simply heat the end of the copper wire with a lighter and then scrape with a steel sponge. Then solder everything again and test again. Sometimes the coating interferes with the wire. Then it is definitely because the transistor was wrongly soldered to the coil or the coil is wrongly wound. That the transistor becomes warm is normal. But if you press too long and he gets too warm, he can break. How many windings have the great wraps around the battery? The batteries can be hot if the Jammer in operation, so if the button is pressed and power flows. If you then do not turn but only the batteries in series,. We turn the number you can easily find out on Google. Have been using exactly the parts you suggested. Have everything connected correctly and also several coil configurations used. I tried both with a voltage source with 9 volt Batt. Am at a loss. Can you help me? Remote diagnosis is always very difficult. I will in the near future still turns a video, so that everything is understandable. Hi Patrick, Which way must we wrap because the secondary coil im - or against the clockwise direction? It is no matter how around the primary coil wrapping? If you hold it in front of you or Also in clockwise direction. With no time currently, but I would like to turn even a video for everyone here. I have it a Breadboard tried and am most despair. I have Reichelt from eBay and as transistors bought because I thought it is classic. But it still not the transistor is hot after a while does but it happens in anything. Would be nice if you could help me: And I guess with a video as you build it together would other one step further to come. Es kann entsprechend nur noch an der Wicklung liegen. Dann macht es das wohl etwas einfacher. What is that you have soldered to the battery terminals? And what do u call the red part thats connecting the antenna? What are you using to connect the batteries in side the battery caps thats soldered to the terminals? Indeed, the battery holder are connected in series and were soldered to this inside. Awesome thank you one last question what is that part that you are using to connect the antenna to the jammer? I use this http: Hello again, I have now used a breadboard and works always still not you could look vllt it on your email I have sent friends pictures. Hello I have seen the pictures and think that you have connected the power wrong. Try out once that please. There are many tests, until the first actually works. Can you be more elaborate on how you connected the batteries together along with the push button? May it be that I had a non-functioning transistor? I got it from eBay for relatively little money And if so where can I get a good? I built the part. In all variations of that spool wrapped, the emitter as well as against the urzeigersinn. I have the small coil in both directions wrapped so away from me and also to me. I use coal layer back up 47 pf and pf capacitors, as well as 10 k. I tried the same voltage 13, 8v and 29v and 35v. I have tested whether coil one coil two might be too but has a current-conductive contact at any one point which was not the case. I bought the 2sc transistors at reichelt. After some search on the net I came across in radio forums threads revolving around a fake 2sc At the top, including reichelt would named. Others say the 2sc only as plagiarism should be available. I would the mist like rage Chew and swallow! I am of the opinion that the 2sc I got are the problem. If you his end a function have found let me know: Is the secondary coil in the right direction? Hi I did as far as right about Patrick Boschert, it works. Can say why me? Thank you in advance. To me that sounds like, as would then lost power through your body and no longer get the full voltage to the coil. One touch you may rotate or touch the components may be which each other? Hi the power through my body is lost Patrick Boschert, Yes if I touch the batteries and no on the components, no wire touches. Just here make many mistakes. And how do I find it? That can be bad to judge from afar. I would check again whether the transistor is of the proper and to the test in any case once a Breadboard use. So that you can test freely, without wasting much material at the beginning. I would like to send a picture by sharing that I brought The parts I have reichelt. Then, I assume that the coil is not properly wrapped or also the coil not in correct order has been soldered. Therefore advisable to the test the aforementioned Breadboard. If everything works, you can solder you to make. You can find information here. Have you tested it on vending machines? Or do you know if this works with the newer machines? I needen mine eur In General , Instructions. EMP Jammer - generator for electromagnetic pulses http: Sale Add to cart. EMP Jammer Kit Enamelled copper wire 0. EMP slot Jammer building instructions - build tutorial. As a freelancer, I gained professional experience in the area of infrastructures for international corporations in technical and advisory function. Here I blog about IT, security, and more from the world of technology examples, experiences, to hold opinions and more about 10 years of professional experience. How do I get the antenna on it as shown in the 2 video. Hello Does anyone know how much current flows approximately above the switch? Then it can only be a wrong winding or the coil is soldered wrong. Did you watch my video? Gaston Alejandro Alcazar Murie. I mean the coal layer widerstand. Hello where can I find the video? Right at end of the post. Today, the tutorial is coming! Hi Patrick, would it be possible, if you upload a Viedeoanleitung: Ok das ist sehr nett von dir! Sag bescheid wenn du das Video hochgeladen hast ;. This is the Powerbutton to enable the jammer. Or what do you think? Are you still selling these? Do you mean the battery? Thank you for your reply: Thank you for your reply. You can show me likes the ebay link. Where must I minus and solder the plus cable. Have you finished that?? Hello Patrick Boschert, I all share purchased. Please help me LG Luk. The transistor goes in from the solder does not break. OK thank you friends: Such practices are also not discussed here. I had because mal ne ask how many turns do you coils made at the. The main coil with 25 turns, the small ca Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is normal. It can be a warm up to degrees. Twitter Facebook RSS feed. Through the use of you agree, I use cookies.

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