Emily’s First Solo Holiday Part 07

Emily’s First Solo Holiday Part 07


After some over-kill on my butt one of them said,

"Would you like to do your front yourself, or would you like us to do it for you?"

"Would you please?" I replied as I turned over and lay slightly spread eagled for them.

They were knelt either side if me, one of them blocking the view of my body from the prudes, not that I would have minded some of the prudes rubbing the cream all over my naked body, and they both managed to complete my arms and legs at the same time, the guy working on my legs had managed to avoid touching my pussy although he had got close a couple of times.

All that remained to do was my torso and neither of them asked if it was okay to do my tits or my pussy. My eyes were shut, enjoying the sensation, and the bullet’s vibrations, when I felt 2 hands on each of my tits. The guy working on my left tit knew how to pleasure me best, but the other guy wasn’t that bad. I moaned as I felt my nipples being rolled and pulled and twisted.

Again, their work was over-kill but I wasn’t complaining.

They moved down to my stomach and hips and I moaned again as they got perilously close to my bald pubes and the top of my slit.

I spread my legs even wider, letting them know that it was okay to continue, and just 2 hands working on the insides of my thighs and my pussy. The 2 spare hands were back on my tits.

One set of fingers started rubbing my clit whilst the other set down there, started massaging the entrance to my hole whilst my nipples were also getting pleasurable treatment.

What with those 4 hands, and the bullet inside me, it wasn’t long before the orgasm hit me. Just before it arrived I wondered if the fingers inside me had felt the bullet and the vibrations. I know that I felt it move a little deeper in me.

The 2 guys kept working on me until my body settle down, then stopped. I would have been quite happy for them to continue, but they didn’t. Instead they stopped and leaned back on their heels and 1 of then said,

"There you go lady, all done."

"Thank you guys, I always have trouble doing my back. Maybe I’ll see you around." I replied, hinting that they could go now."

There was silence for a few seconds then they got to their feet.

"It was our pleasure. We’ll be up by the next cafe if you need any more on."

"Thank you guys, it was my pleasure too."

I watched them walk away wondering if they were annoyed that I had dismissed them like that, and if they were hoping to be able to fuck me with their cocks, not just their fingers.

I soon forgot them as I got up onto my feet and went for a quick swim. As I swam on my back I remembered the 3 guys pulling me onto their cocks as I floated on my back. The little bullet was still vibrating away and had kept my arousal level up.

Not wanting to find that the battery didn’t last long I got out of the water, knelt on my towel then leaned forward to go into my bag to turn the bullet off.

Just as I found the control I heard a whistle from behind me. I put my head down to the towel and looked between my spread thighs to see what I could see. What I saw was a young man stood there, less than 2 metres behind me, and looking at my butt.

I smiled to myself and really took my time turning the vibe off then closing my bag, before turning over I spent ages adjusting the towel and brushing every grain of sand off it.

Finally, I stood up, turned round and lowered myself to the towel. I lay back on my elbows with my knees and feet well apart. The man was still staring so I smiled at him.

I’m sure that if I’d said anything to him he would have come over to me but I wasn’t at the beach to pick up anyone, I was there to show off my body and improve my tan.

I slid my elbows forward and dropped onto my back.

That sun was awesome, I could have stayed there for hours. The sun, the sea, the sand, the peace and quiet (apart from the waves), the lack of clothes; just what I needed for a few hours.

And that’s what I did, just lay there for about 3 hours, only moving to turn over or get a drink of water. Of course I lay with my legs wide open all the time, wanting to tan my inner thighs, and for most of the time I didn’t even bother looking to see if anyone was looking at my spread pussy, I just didn’t care.

Then I started to feel a little hungry so I picked up my bag, leaving my towel to claim my ‘spot’, and went to the beach cafe. Again, no one seemed to care that I was totally naked and I got a snack and a cold drink. I sat at a table to eat. There was a middle-aged couple sat in front of me and the woman kept giving me filthy looks but her male partner spent most of the time looking at me and smiling. I made sure to let him have a few seconds looking at my slit when I got up to leave.

Back at my towel I decided that I needed a little exercise so I packed my towel and started walking further along the beach. As I got to where just about everyone was totally naked I heard a couple of women gasping, and 1 English speaking woman say,

"Tina, look at that."

I looked around and saw a man in his late twenties or early thirties, walking out of the water. He was quite handsome, but that wasn’t what people were looking at, it was his cock. He was some sort of freak of nature. I’ve never seen a cock that big, not even in the few porno movies that I’ve seen. It was a good 30 centimetres long and as thick as my wrist, and it was flaccid.

I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping and my legs from not moving. My eyes followed his swinging cock as he walked passed me and sat on a towel next to an attractive young woman, a small, attractive woman. I didn’t know what to feel for that woman. Was she the luckiest woman alive or what? My pussy oozed my juices at the thought of trying to take that monster. I just knew that I’d be sore for a week if I tried.

Shock over, I started walking again and felt a little sorry for the other men around, they must be feeling so inadequate. Then I wondered what monster cock was thinking, did he think that he was some sort of freak, or did he think that he was God’s gift to women. Judging by the way he was showing it to everyone, the latter I decided.

Putting my flip flops on, I walked up the rocky hill and along the edge of the ‘cliffs’. I soon saw the little beach where the guys had all fucked me and thought about going down there and masturbating as I remembered what they did to me.

I didn’t. Instead I kept walking, ignoring the stares of the clothed people walking both ways on the sort of path.

Eventually I came to what looked like an old lighthouse. I looked around and decided that it would have been a good place for a lighthouse to warn shipping and I smiled at how technology had changed the world.

There were a couple of cars parked at the lighthouse but no sign of the occupants so I kept walking. The rocks were flatter and before long I came to what I recognised as the start of the gay’s beach.

I stopped for a drink of water and watched as 2 men, holding hands, disappeared into the dunes.

Not particularly wanting to see the sight that I imagined was about to happen, I looked around and saw the path into the woods that I seemed to remember would take me to the car park. I couldn’t make up my mind if I’d had enough sun for the day or not but going to the car park didn’t mean the end of the sun so off I set.

Okay, I know that 1 or 2 of the handful of people who read my stories will think that I was stupid walking into a wooded area, totally naked, but you have to remember that I am a karate black belt and that I can run fast. Also, this isn’t London and 99.99 percent of people, including the tourists, in Ibiza would never even consider attacking a naked young girl. Anyway, I was happy to take my chances if it meant me getting seen by more people.

I did come across a few people as I walked to the car park, and as expected, none of them tried to rape me, the most that I got from any of them was 1 elderly man who said,

"Guten Tag." which I believe translates to good afternoon.

I smiled at him.

In the car park I wandered in and out of the rows of cars and got seen by only a handful of people. Feeling a bit brave, I did 2 things. Firstly I went into my bag and switched my bullet on to medium; and secondly, I turned and walked to the vehicular exit, the old man there not even looking at me. Then I walked down the side of the road to the roundabout.

Okay, I’d done that before with Luke, but I was now on my own, I felt more vulnerable, more exposed, no one to hide behind.

Cars were leaving and arriving and going within centimetre of me, one with some young men in it beeping their horn at me.

At the roundabout I turned left towards the bus terminus and the little shop. Unfortunately, there was no sign of a bus but there was a handful of people hanging around, probably waiting for a bus to arrive.

After all that walking I needed a drink, I had a bottle of water in my bag but that wouldn’t be very adventurous so I walked straight into the little shop and went over to their fridge where I picked up a bottle of cola. There was no one in the shop except for me and the girl behind the counter. Her mouth was open as I walked up to her, put the bottle down and got my purse out of my bag. She was still looking a bit shocked after she’d taken my money and given me my change.

I smiled as I walked out and sat on the curb to drink the cola.

I saw a young couple (male and female) looking at me and I knew that they could see every detail of my pussy, except for the bullet vibrating inside it, but I just ignored them as they stood staring at me.

When the bottle was empty I got up, put it in the bin then walked over the road and down onto the beach. I saw a couple of jet-skis parked at the water’s edge and walked over to them.

Whilst I was remembering the fucking that Luke gave me on one of them, a young man came up to me and asked me if I wanted to hire one. When I turned to see him it was a different young man to the previous time, and he was looking me up and down.

I smiled and replied,

"Yes, why not, I had a great time last time I was on one so why not."

"So you’ve been on one before?"

"Yes, the other day, here."

"Oh yes, Matt told me about the naked girl, I guess that that was you."

"Possibly, it depends on how many naked girls you get hiring one of your jet-skis."

"Not many, unfortunately. So do you want to hire one?"

"Yes please."

"Come on up to the hut and we’ll sort things out for you."

I followed him to the hut and paid him then asked him if I could leave my bag in the hut. Then he handed me a life-vest.

"Can you managed fastening it?"

"Yes, but have you got one without the bottom strap, the one I wore the other day was uncomfortable, kept rubbing me. Way too hard for my delicate skin."

The young man looked down to my pussy and I was sure that he was imagining my delicate skin.

"Sorry, they all have those straps, stop them riding up and coming off."

"Tell you what, lets not bother with the life-vest, I’m a good swimmer and I have no intention of going fast. You don’t see as much when you’re going fast."

"True, but are you sure, everyone who hires a jet-ski is supposed to wear one, insurance condition."

"I won’t tell anyone if you won’t."

"Okay then, it’s a good job that the boss isn’t around, he wouldn’t let you go without one."

"Then it’s a good job that he’s not here to see me."

The young man was just standing looking at me, obviously deep in thought. I let him think about whatever for a few seconds then asked him if we could go.

"Oh, yes, sorry, I was just thinking about the boss seeing you."

I giggled and wondered if he should have finished his sentence by adding ‘using a jet-ski without a life-vest’.

We walked back to the waters edge and he pushed one of the jet-skis backwards until it was floating. I climbed on and stood with one foot either side of the seat letting him look at my pussy as he strapped the kill switch chord to my wrist. It was only a velco strap but for some reason he found it difficult to get it right on my wrist. Probably because he wasn’t looking at what he was doing.

He was finally satisfied and he then pushed the jet-ski back and turned it round. Before I sat down I bent forward to look at the fuel gauge.

"Has it got enough fuel in it, the gauge is showing empty."

I stayed bent over, knowing that he was getting a good look at my butt and spread pussy. It took him a few seconds before he told me that the gauge was broken and that there was plenty of fuel in it.

I sat down and started the engine before slowly driving away from him. Then I opened the throttle and headed for all the yachts that were anchored in the bay.

Not going very fast, I zig zagged in and out of all of the boats, getting quite close to those where I saw people on them, waving back to those who waved to me.

As I got more confident, I started steering the jet-ski with one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other hand. I regretted turning my bullet off as I put my bag down in the jet-ski hire hut, it would have been nice to have an orgasm whilst I was zooming about out there.

Finally, I saw the young man on the beach waving to me so I headed back to him. As I slowly drifted to him I stood up so that he could see my pussy again. He’d put his hand out to stop the jet-ski but it hit him on his knee because he wasn’t looking at where his hand was, his eyes were much higher.

I smiled as I slowly lifted a leg over then dropped into the water right in front of him.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked.

"Yes thank you, but it’s not as much fun as when there’s a man sitting behind you and holding on to you."

"I’ll bet."

"I’ll go and get my bag then."

I started walking up the beach and I could hear him walking behind me. I started swaying my butt from side to side a bit just to tease him some more.

Picking up my bag I said goodbye the walked towards the clothed people, swaying my butt as I walked.

As I walked in front of the sad people, a couple of young boys ran out from the tightly packed people and both ran straight in to me.

"Sorry." they both said as they manoeuvred themselves around me, not even noticing, or not caring, that I was totally naked.

As I walked on I remembered a woman who had covered her little boy’s eyes when she’d seen that I was naked.

"Stupid woman." I thought, "the kid don’t give a damn that I’m naked, stop poisoning his brain with all those prudish ideas."

All too soon I was passed the sad people and deciding what to do next. Looking around I realised that quite a few people were leaving so I checked my phone, yes it was getting on but I decided to do a bit more sunbathing before heading back to the hotel.

I spread my towel and lay on my back, again spreading my legs wide.

I must have dozed off because I suddenly became aware that the number of people around me had reduced quite a bit so I went for a quick swim then dried myself and headed towards the bus terminus.

When I got there I decided that I should really put some clothes on so I got the net skirt and net top out of my bag and put them on. The number of people waiting for the bus was quite large and I wondered if I’d manage to get on.

As I waited I saw a few people notice that my clothes were see-though and I silently laughed at the woman who gave me a disapproving look.

I did managed to get on, a man following me up the steps making me wonder if he likes what was almost in his face. The young driver smiled at me as I bought my ticket.

The 30 or so minute journey was uneventful although the man and a woman who were sat either side of the standing me, did look at me but not for long, I wondered if they were embarrassed.

In Ibiza town everyone got off the bus and disappeared into the crowds leaving me standing there trying to decide if I wanted to go straight back to San Antonio or go for a wander around the town. I knew that the buses ran late into the night but that didn’t bother me because I’d brought enough money to get a taxi back if I needed to.

I saw a cafe up the road and decided that an ice cream and a cold drink was in order.

Sat at a table outside with my knees apart and pussy on display, I was surprised, and disappointed, at the lack of tourists walking around. Everyone looked to be locals rushing to and from their place of work, and quite like London, with blinkers on so that all they see is what’s straight ahead of them, what they expect to see, and nothing else.

After the ice cream I started walking in the direction that I hoped the centre of town was. It felt so good being virtually naked on the streets of a big town but so disappointing that just about no one looked at me. The lack of voyeurs gave me the courage to walk further, I wondered if I was subconsciously walking to somewhere where more people would look at me. I got a tingle and a wet rush in my pussy and realised that I was doing just that.

By then the sun was going down which meant that there was less chance of anyone seeing through my skirt and top but I kept going and I turned a corner and saw the harbour and all the boats and people. Thankfully there was quite a few street lights and as I mingled my pussy tingled a bit more.

There was still an acute shortage of people realising that they could see through my clothes but it still felt nice knowing that all people had to do was look for more than a split second and they’d see my tits and butt and pussy.

Most of the people were walking one way so I went with them and soon found myself next to restaurants and in narrow streets with little shops and bars.

I picked a bar and went in for a drink. It was quite dark inside so my near nudity wasn’t at all obvious. I bought a drink and went and sat at a table just outside the door. As the time got later I realised that the number of people walking about in ‘unusual’ attire had increased.

Men dressed as women with tons of makeup, women wearing less than me, and just plain crazily dressed people started appearing. So did lots of people heading into all the bars. The place soon became a hive of people drinking and having (presumably) a good time.

When 2 girls wearing nothing but micro skirts and heels walked by I got up and followed them. They went into a little bar where there was more scantily dressed girls and quite a few men.

No sooner than I had entered the door than I felt a hand on my butt. I stopped dead in my tracks and the hand went down then up inside my skirt.

"Wow, this place is fun." I thought as the hand explored between my cheeks then down to my butt hole.

A finger twisted its way inside my butt then the finger fucked me a couple of times before withdrawing and moving to my vagina where it found that it was much easier to get inside me.

After finger fucking me for a minute or so the finger withdrew. I turned my head to see who the finger belonged to but there was 3 or 4 men behind me. I smiled and thought that it was like being on the London underground at rush hour.

I slowly made my way to the bar, stopping 2 more times as hands went up my very short skirt and invaded either, or both of my holes.

It was when I made it to the bar that I remembered that I still had my little bullet inside me. It wasn’t switched on but the fingers must have touched it. I wondered what they thought.

It took a while to get served and during that time a few hands went up my skirt and up my top. By the time I got served I was quite close to cumming and the barman must have recognised the signs because he had a big grin on his face.

Over the next couple of hours my 2 lower holes got invaded about a dozen times and my tits mauled just as many times; and I orgasmed twice.

I was feeling happy and tired when I finally left that bar. I had to lean on a wall and take a few deep breaths before I could think about getting back to the hotel. The thing was, I hadn’t a clue where I was, or how to get to the bus station. In the end I just walked until I could flag down a taxi and got the driver to take me to San Antonio.

By the time I got out of the taxi I was feeling a bit more energetic. I could hear, and see some more fireworks going off so I walked passed the roundabout with that strange egg shaped lump of concrete, and into the ‘square’ where there was quite a lot of activity. I wandered around then deciding that none of it was very interesting, I turned and headed back to the hotel.

Back in my room I showered then lay on my bed with the control to my bullet in my hand.

After letting the bullet bring me to 2 very nice orgasms I switched it off and went to sleep.









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