⚓️ Embracing Onboarding

⚓️ Embracing Onboarding

Vadim Kravcenko | vadimkravcenko.com

The time when a new hire joins your company is often underrated.

After a short introduction and onboarding, many supervisors lean back.

It's not fundamentally bad to give the new employee some space and time with colleagues.

💡 But there is so much more to learn in the first weeks than most expect.

Keep it personal, or at least make sure that the system is in place to make the person feel welcomed.

We are just human, and entering a new job can be a challenging task depending on the character of the person you’ve hired.

Engage with them, guide them through their first few days.

But the most important thing is this: Learn from your new hires.

🔥 Their unbiased perspective on your business is much more valuable than you might think.

They don’t have any operational blindness and will see your processes through another lens than anybody else in the company.

All feedback is essential.

🎤 Give them a voice, especially in the first few weeks, and show them that their opinion matters to you.

It pushes their motivation, gives you the chance to get to know their values and beliefs, and often leads to valuable insights about what could be done a different way.

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