-Part One -

Laying in bed on her side Ellie shivered slightly and pulled the sheet tighter around herself but didnt stir.The window swung open slowly and soft light bathed the room as the curtains parted.The swell of Ellies ample chest and large dark nipples strained against the fabric of the sheet as the chill encircled her more.

A slight figure, long limbed with angular eyes slid into the room in silence its stare fixated on Ellie.

Ellie stirred and opened her eyes to see the figure bent over her, its breath smelt salty and felt cold on her face.She tried to scream but no sound emerged from her lips, not even a squeak. Slowly she realised the creature had its long fingers circled round her neck, the pressure was only slight but the skin underneath was numb and she could feel the cold penetrating her throat like ice.

The figure stood up and although it didnt pull her, Ellie felt herself rising from the bed with it, she couldnt struggle it was as if she was paralysed, clad in only tiny French knickers she had no choice but to follow its lead.As they moved nearer to the window she could see the figure more clearly in the light spilling between the curtains, it was taller than her about 6ft she guessed and its skin was white with a slight shimmer as if it was wet and was completely hairless.Its neck was long and slender and rested on narrow shoulders, to her surprise on its chest where two very large pert breasts, pure white like the rest of the skin with what she took to be nipples in the same white but about 2 inches long, perfectly formed and rock hard.Below the breasts there was a slight swell of a stomach area and a soft mound below that gave way to 2 long slim legs and large, oversized for the size of creature, feet.

As the creature lead her closer and closer to the window she started to panic, 10 storeys up in her flat the ground look a mile away as it pushed her through the opening.Head first she bent through the window, the creature put its other long finger hand over her eyes and everything went black.

Head throbbing Ellie blinked several times and opened her eyes, everything around her was dark.Turning her head to the right she could just make out a tiny spot of light, she tried to focus on it and decided it looked like a desk lamp.As she starred at the light willing it to get brighter so she could see her surroundings a shadow passed in front of it but made no sound. Ellie jumped, startled, and then panicked, she couldnt move her body.Concentrating hard and trying to figure out what was holding her down she realised that she was laying on what felt like a stone or metal slab, she couldnt quite tell, he senses were still muted and woozy from the headache and sleep.She wiggled her fingers but couldnt lift her arms, her wrists felt as though they had strapping around them.She tried to raise her head to see if she could see anything at all but her neck was restrained and all she could do was move her head left or right.She blinked hard, her eyes were starting water from straining to see.Out of the corner of her eye the shadow moved again and she froze.

There was a bang on her right side, a door opened and light flooded into the space. Ellies eyes adjusted quickly and she could now see that the little light she had seen when she first awoke was indeed a table lamp.It was sat on a desk in a room adjacent to the one she was in behind a pane of glass, and what she now realised looked like a viewing window.

Feeling numb Ellie whirled her head around as much as she could to see the room.A click by the door and the room was lit, large but dim fluorescent bulbs hung from above her.She could now see why she felt so numb, lifting her head very slightly and straining her eyes to look down her body she saw that her legs were aloft.Cuffed at the ankle, large chains held them up with her shiny pink toe nails pointing at the ceiling.

Looking to her left away from the door she focused on what looked to be a table of strange looking plants and cacti, some were beautiful with large iridescent flowers that seemed to be swaying, they were mesmerising.Further along the table were spikier looking specimens with long protruding limbs covered in a blanket of small spikes and thorns.

All of a sudden it went dark, she couldnt see the table anymore, the lights were on still and she was confused, looking up she realised that the creature from her bedroom was standing over her, its large breast swinging just above her own as it bent down and looked deep into her eyes. Pain in her nipple jolted her and she looked down, the creature had her left nipple between two of its long fingers and was pulling it hard, stretching it, her eyes widened and started to water, no sound would come out of her mouth. The creature kept starring into her eyes almost as it if it was trying to gauge something.

The pain stopped as suddenly as it started, the creature stood up looked away from her and said She is ready!

At that moment Ellie realised they werent alone.

Behind the glass in the little room with the table and lamp were 8, she could only see 8 from her position, more of the creatures, identical except for each of them she noticed wore a pendant tight around their necks, each a different colour and in what looked to be the shape of a flower. The one in the room with her didnt wear a pendant and was looking at her again.

I am Isla, I will be testing you today, I will release the brace on your neck now, you can scream if you like but no one will hear you here

The brace released its hold on her neck but Ellie darent move, fear routed her to the spot, she didnt want to look around anymore.

Why can I understand you? Ellie croaked finding her voice again.

I have adapted my vocals to create sound you understand Isla said.Her voice was deep, but oddly gentle. Her large grey eyes looked deep into Ellie and she shifted slightly under the gaze.

I will raise you now so you can watch Isla said, and reach under the table Ellie was laying on.Slowly the top half of the table started to move, much like a hospital bed ,only a few inches but it was enough to give

Ellie a view of her lower regions.The bed stopped moving.

Isla walked away and over of the table of plants, she picked up one of the smaller square pots, as she walked back over to Ellie she could see that in the pot was a green mound of what looked to be moss.Placing the pot below Ellies bottom on the end of the table Isla moved to the mechanism attached to the chains on Ellies legs.Winding a handle Ellie watched as her legs started to spread open away from each other until she was spread eagled and completely vulnerable.

Ellie could see the pot where Isla had put it between her legs, she wasnt sure if her eyes were deceiving her but she could swear it was moving.To her horror she realised it was moving, it was changing shape, thin long tendrils were sprouting from the moss and edging their way towards her genitals.One touched her vulva lips and then shrunk back into the pot, she screamed mainly out of shock, it didnt hurt.Two more brushed against her lips. These didnt shrink back, they grew longer and slivered up over her hairless mound, over her belly and started to circle her breasts.One of them found her left nipple and drew itself in tightly around it, squeezing her nipple and pulling it up, suddenly the other tendril found her right nipple and did exactly the same.Eyes wide open Ellie starred down at her breasts, green tendrils wrapped tightly round her nipples, pulled taught. They were elongated to such an extent they were starting to look like Islas enormous shimmering white ones. Ellie was about to scream, the pain getting too much for her when Isla tapped the pot and the tendrils let go and shrunk away and into the pot again, assuming the appearance of moss.

Isla patted the top of the pot and carried it back to the table.

Ellie looked over at the viewing window, the 8 creatures were still there, they hadnt moved, their eyes following Islas movements.

Ellie turned to see that Isla had picked up a bigger pot, this one looked like a cactus with a beautiful iridescent flower at the top on a long stem that joined to the three pronged spike covered main plant.There was only one flower on the plant and it was oval in shape, and concave, shaped like a rugby ball cut in half but about the size of a tennis ball.Inside the flower were hundreds of coloured stamen, all swaying about inside the flower like they were in a breeze.

Isla again put the plant between Ellies legs at the base of the table, the pot brushed against her bum cheeks and felt warm.As she looked down she saw Isla move closer and reached out with one hand towards her genitals.With her long fingers she parted Ellies vulva, Ellie screamed, again out of shock, Isla looked up and starred at her, a deep stare, her eyes glinted mischievously but not cruelly, Ellie stopped screaming and watched.

Isla looked down again and proceeded to part Ellies lips, once her vulva was spread open Isla used her other hand and guided the flower to Ellies slit.The flower touched the insides of her vuvla lips and sucked hard. Ellie jumped.The sucking stop and Isla let go, the flower head was nestled snugly over Ellies clitoris and slit, it didnt move just stayed there as Isla walked back over to the table.

Isla returned with a mossy mass in a pot again, this pot was larger than the first one, she bent down and placed it on the floor next to Ellie.Suddenly Ellie was aware of thin tendrils touching her waist, like the last ones they moved directly to her nipples, wrapped themselves around them and tugged hard, pulling them upwards and elongating them to about 2 inches long.

Ellie gasped starring at the tendrils on her breasts she had forgotten about the flower on her lower regions.The stamen inside the flower started to move, it tickled at first, they danced about inside the flower head and flicked back and fourth over her clit, gradually getting faster and harder until Ellie was screaming in pleasure.

Isla moved towards Ellies head and put a hand over her neck again, Ellie stopped screaming and looked at Isla.

Please do not scream, we have only just started Isla said

Ellies screaming stopped and she starred open mouthed at Isla, something was happening in the flower.

Isla understood the look in Ellies eyes and looked up to the onlookers in the other room.

Now they combine and penetrate she said.

Inside the flower the stamen twisted around each other and formed a thicker stamen about the size of an index finger.The large stamen pushed at Ellies open slit and slid inside, circling as it move in and out of her.

Isla looked at Ellie

Hmmm Isla said looking again to the onlookers she does not react as planned, I will change the flower.

Isla tapped the pot and the stamen inside her receded, the flower let go of her pussy.The tendrils on her nipples tightened their hold but slowed down tugging her.Ellie was ashamed to realised that her pussy was soaking wet, she could feel her juices running down between her bum cheeks.

Isla returned again from the table, this time with a large pot with two plants in it.One of the plants was the flowering kind like the last one but the flower was smaller than the last and the other plant was a thick stem about 2 inches in girth that split half way up into two similar sized stems, there was no flowers on top of this plant but it was covered all over in what looked like tiny thorns.

Ellie froze not liking the look of what she thought was about to happen.

Isla parted Ellies lips again and guided the flower to sit over her clit, it sucked hard and nestled tightly against her, her engorged clit inside the flower, her slit this time was exposed.Isla gently stroked the thorny looking prongs of the other plant and it started to move.

Ellies eyes widened in horror.

One of the prongs started to grow and bent itself over the edge of the pot, the head of it pushing softly against her dripping wet slit.Expecting pain from the thorns and ready to scream Ellie was surprised to find the thorns werent sharp but just bumps on the surface of the prong. It pushed itself deeper inside her hot cunt and started to expand inside her and push harder.Ellies eyes rolled with pleasure and she groaned.

Better Isla smiled looking over at the audience.

As Ellie watched she saw Isla start to stroke the other prong, this too was bumpy on the surface but slightly thinner than the other one, it too bent over the edge of the pot and slid down between her bum cheeks, finding her arse hole, lubricated with the juices flowing from her pussy it pushed itself inside her.The prong in her pussy started to move harder and faster as the one in her arse pushed slowly and twisted slightly as it moved.Ellie groaned again her head lolled back against the table.The stamen in the flower seemed to take this as their cue to start their intense hard and fast flicking of her clit and the tendrils on her nipples pulled tighter.

Just as she was about to cum Isla tapped the pots, the tendrils from her nipples shrunk away, the prongs inside her returned to their pot along with the flower.

Ellie opened her eyes wide, she wanted more, so ashamed of how much cum was dripping from her slit but desperate for more and excited as to what was in store next but still nervous that Isla would at any moment turn nasty on her.As if on cue, Isla looked at her and said

No rest for you, I believe you can take more

Breathing hard Ellie went cold with fear of what was to come and wish so much that her body would stop betraying her and stop enjoying what this creature was doing to her.

Isla started to wind the handle again that controlled Ellies shackled legs, she let them down on the table and un-cuffed them.Numb from being suspended in the air for too long Ellie couldnt move and dared not even try.Isla moved towards Ellies torso and released her wrists, Ellie was totally un-restrained on the table and free to move.She clenched her fists a few times and wriggled about to get the blood flowing and then Isla put her hand around her neck again and Ellie was powerless.

Isla lifted her off the table and rotated her in mid air.Ellie could see for the first time that she had been laying on a metal table and that there were two holes beneath where he back had been and a hole where her head had been, like on a massage table.Isla lowered Ellie on to the table, her breast slipped into the two holes and her head into the other.Ellies breasts felt tight in the holes, they squeezed her tight and held her down.Isla restrained her wrists again and let her legs just rest on the table top.The top half of the table had been lowered so Ellie was laying flat on her stomach, all she could see now with her head wedged in the hole on the table was the floor, a shiny white floor.

Isla lifted Ellies hips slightly and pushed something soft between her and the table top, it kind of felt like a pillow.She then parted Ellies legs and strapped them at the ankle on either side of the table.Ellies slit and arse hole were spread open wide and lifted aloft for all to see.

Isla came round to Ellies head and said It is much more fun to watch, I like to see your expressionsshe placed below Ellie a screen, on the screen she could see herself, there must be a camera fixed in front of her as Ellie could see the top her head, her back and then her bum in the air with Isla standing between her legs smiling.











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