EliteRomLite HyperOS releases changelog:

EliteRomLite HyperOS releases changelog:


====Lite Changelog for 24.5.13 and after 15-05-24 releases:====

- Base updated to latest mentioned rom

- Multilanguage rom, properly added all languages systemwide

- Unlocked 120 fps for PUBG/BGMI and other PUBG versions

- New safetynet module bultin for certification

- DCIM folder by default for screenshots and other camera related stuff

- Set balanced or Fast animations for launcher by default. On relaxed option, some users said it feel laggy which is not laggy in real

- Includes all previous changes too

==Xiaomi base side changes 24.5.13==

- Updated Android Security Patch to May 2024 (Redmi K60/POCO F5 Pro)

- New music style on Lock screen 

====Lite Changelog for 24.5.6/7 and after 12-05-24 releases:====

- Improved blur overall in UI and dimmed CC14 and notif panel more

- Allowed installation of different signature apps while keeping momo app report all fine

- Kept low ram checks intact now for low ram devices

- Includes all previous changes too

==Xiaomi base side changes 24.5.6==

- Added dynamic wallpapers category in Themes app

- Reverted false/wrong screenshot frames for many devices, added supported ones only now

- Updated android security patch to May 2024

====Lite Changelog for 24.4.22 and after 28-04-24 releases:====

- Variable MiSans font switch added in developers options

- Blur launcher recents option added in Elite Customizations

- Hide notifications icon count option from notch settings, its already in Elite menu

- Fixed currency converter wasn't working in calculator

- Now all EROFS devices have Ext4 RW support for product/vendor partition too (By default 8Gen3 dont have any ext4 supported partition like Xiaomi 14 series and K70 series but we added)

- Upgraded all our tools to latest google source codes for better rom building and avoid legacy related isuses

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 24.4.8 and after 28-04-24 releases:====

- MiSans fonts are back, after 24.3.4 some users said it vanished but now are back

- Added old CC11 Control center choosing options for all devices now, it was disabled on latest devices

- Dark mode wallpaper error fixed, it dims screen fine on dark mode

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 24.3.4 and after 9-03-24 releases:====

- Base updated to latest mentioned rom

- Multilanguage rom, properly added all languages systemwide

- Fixed notification icon style for Android option, now icon is bigger a bit

- Removed some useless vowifi/wifi calling tiles

- Updated interconnectivity apps to latest for both Weekly and Global releases (cast worsk fine now)

- Updated security patch for some devices

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 24.2.20 and after 22-02-24 releases:====

- Added battery style change, oval/rectangular shape in statusbar settings

- Added CC11 QS tiles tiles count, rows/columns for old styled CC11

- Fixed errors of Notes and Frequent phrases from Xiaomi cloud backup

- Fixed issues with SIM activate service, it was causing issue of calls history and msgs not getting backup in Cloud app

- Fixed some high drain issue by limiting some apps in background, you still wont miss any notification

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 24.1.22 and after 28-01-24 releases:====

- Fixed issues of detecting layers stuck on lockscreen editor

- Advanced textures forcefully enabled on all devices now

- More smoothness in launcher now, codes improved

- Spoof updated for more stuff

- Fixed momo app erros reporting like non-sdk restrrictions not working etc

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 24.1.8 and after 15-01-24 releases:====

- Fixed apps crashing issue from google's app/apex updates

- Fixed crashes when Xiaomi account was signed in

- Many under the hood changes

- Latest MIUI Launcher, MIUI Permissions, MIUI Dialer and MIUI messages app included

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 23.12.28 and after 04-01-24 releases:====

- Fixed Depth effects on Lockscreen customizations

- Fixed Gallery layers options and long press menu for editing images

- SafetyNet is passed by default, with/without magisk, banking apps works flawlessly

- If google ban our fingerprints again, you can update EliteDevelopment module app from our sourceforge page

- Fix: Adjust text and backgrounds option didn't adjust to landscape mode and only half of the screen was dimmed

- Fix: Control center and Notification shade overlap in some cases

- Includes all previous changes too

====Lite Changelog for 23.12.4 and after 13-12-23 releases:====

- All the new HyperOS goodies inside, fully updated rom

- Lock refresh rate option added, you can keep same refresh rate on all apps now

- Games gunsight wont disappear now from game turbo :)

- Latest A14 TWRP's included in all roms

- Edit lockscreen with all options (HyperOS feature)

- iOS recents added in HyperOS launcher, smoothest experience

- Grid options are present upto 8x22

- Hide icon names on Mi Launcher choice

- Google photos unlimited enabled by default

- Max FPS for many games enabled by default

- Netflix spoof for streaming enabled by default

- Themes server chooser added, Enjoy Global/China/Indo/Russian all servers

- Screenshot frames added for all our supported devices

- Mi Account on top or bottom option in Other options

- Super icons unlocked

- Premium Appvault widgets unlocked for free

- Wallpaper carousal options enabled too

- AI Image options all unlocked

- Extra dim option added

- 6-way power menu added

- Colored notification icons option added

- Screenshot in secured apps is possible

- Number of dock icons on launcher option

- Number of folders in each rom on launcher option

- Power menu under keyguard option added

- Added all missing icons for some settings menues

- Wifi region option unlocked

- Disable any type of app, user/system but be careful for disabling system apps

- Turn off notifications even for system apps

- Brightness lowering issue solved, it wont get low in gaming etc

- Number of notification icons on statusbar 

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