I went down the hall to the elevator and pressed the button, humming to himself as I waited. I had little to fear, after all. At six feet six, my tanned body rippling with muscles, my shaved head gleaming, few indeed were the men willing to challenge my right to do as I pleased. The elevator door opened and I stepped in, auto- matically noticing it was already occupied by a beautiful young woman. It was only as the doors were closing again that I noticed just how gorgeous she really was.

Chris turned to look up at the elevator lights, carefully avoiding looking at me.I didnt care. I stared at her openly, admiringly. She was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and a tank top cut off above her belly button. Her long

brown hair was hanging around her face and down her back, the bangs kept out of her face by a headband. She noticed me staring, and nervously flicked her eyes from the lights to me then back. I continued to stare.

Chris had nice long legs, and a good set of tits inside the tank top. Her face was sleek, intel- ligence in her soft brown eyes. You got a nice set of jugs there, baby, I said softly. Her eyes widened and she tensed up but said nothing. You hear me, baby? Still she said nothing, moving slightly further from him, until her shoulder touched the wall.

Nice legs too.I gripped her arm and twisted her around a little so her back was to me. Nice round ass too. Leave me alone! she cried, jerking her arm away and backing into the corner of the elevator. Chris folded her arms over her chest and stared up at me in fear and anger. Lets see those tits, I leered. I wanna know if they as white as the rest of you. Ill scream! she warned. Who gives a shit, baby? Aint nobody gonna hear you.

I took a batch of keys out of mypocket and studied them for a moment, then tried to fit one into the elevator panel. It didnt work. I tried another. It slid in easily but wouldnt turn. I sighed and tried a third. This one worked and I switched the elevator off, then to service. Wha... what are you doing? she gasped.I grinned,moving against her then, I pressed into her. Chris brought her hands up against his chest, pushing feebly at me as

her lower lip began to tremble. I gripped the back of her head in one hand and mashed my lips against hers. My other hand slid down her back and cupped her full round ass, my fingers knead- ing it through the thin shorts.

She struggled weakly, moaning and whimpering as my tongue pushed into her mouth. My heavily muscled white body pressed her into the wall as I darted my tongue about inside her mouth. My hand tightened on her ass, then gripped her shorts and just ripped them apart. She cried out, the sound muffled by my mouth. My fingers had torn the shorts right off, leaving her only in her panties.

A second later Id torn those apart as well and her narrow brown bush was bared to my questing fingers. I cupped her pussy as her legs jerked and twisted helplessly. I palmed her cunt mound, then began rub- bing it

with my fingers as I pulled back on her head and jammed my lips even harder against hers. I forced a finger up between her tight pussy lips and wiggled it around inside the struggling womans pussy . I chuckled cruelly, my hand grippingher thick hair and jerking it down hard. She cried out in pain as I forced her head back hard.

Trying to keep from falling backwards, her legs slid automatically apart and I squeezed her pussy in a tight grip,

My fingers cupping her buttocks from beneath even as I ground the heel of my palm

into her soft cunt. I let go of her cunt for a bare instant, my hand gripping her tank top and tearing it off her with a loud ripping of fabric. I tore her bra off next, shredding it as I had the rest of her clothes. Leaving her utterly naked before me. Chris was a deep shade of red with fright and humiliation as she whimpered and sobbed. My hand rubbed her pussy hard, then I bent and ran my tongue across her left tit, sliding it around her nipple. I closed my lips on her nipple and sucked hard as I thrust my figer high into her tight pussy again.

Chris jerked and trembled and thrashed weakly, but was too weak and too frightened to put up any real defence. I sucked her nipple up into my mouth then closed my teeth around it and bit down. Ohhhh! OooooooH! PPplleeeeassse! she wept. I bit harder and she cried out in agony. I thrust a second finger up into her pussy, pumping them hard into her. My mouth moved off her nipple.

I moved my lips quickly across the soft white mound, licking and sucking. I shifted my face to her other tit, licking and sucking as I forced a thirs finger up into her tight cunt. I pulled back abruptly, remembering time was short.

I pushed her against the far wall. She turned terrified eyes on me as she tried to cover her naked body with hands and arms. Turn around, I snarled. Chris gasped in fear and then slowly, her body shaking, she turned her back to me. Now get down on all fours, I growled. Chris sobbed louder, slowly easing herself down on her knees, then onto all fours, her head down. Spread your beautiful legs. I snapped, And raise that beautiful white ass up higher. Chris complied, whimpering and whining as I dropped to my knees behind her. My hands cupped the cheeks of her ass, stroking and squeezing the soft flesh as I admired the view.

I slid one hand under her, cupping and rubbing her pussy as I unzipped my fly and brought out my rock hard cock. My 14 inch hard cock was glistening with sweat, as I pressed it aganist her crack rubbing the head aganist her tight asshole. Sliding my cock down to her pussy easing it inside as her trembling grew more uncon-trollable. She moaned loudly as I forced her cunt open, sliding the first inch of hard cock into her. Then I gripped her hips in both hands and thrusted hard, driving half my cock into at once. She screamed, then burst into sobbing. I continued thrusting deeper burying the whole shaft inside her tight pussy.


I moved my hips in slow circles, then hard deep thrusts like a pile driver. My hands sliding up and down her thighs. I was fucking her up and down, my hands reaching around squeezing and kneading her breasts and pinching the nipples. Each deep penetrating thrust rocked her body forward and brought a cry from her whimpering lips. I began to thrust into her harder, my body humping wildly, my cock slicing back and forth between her tormented pussy lips. I pulled out of her pussy, stood up looming over her. You have a beautiful ass, I pressed the head of my cock aganist her asshole. Chris screamed NO! NO! NOT THERE! PLEASE NOT THERE! I forced her open, forcing the head of my cock into her tight ass. She was screaming as I slid the full length of my cock into her small tight ass.

Every thrust of my hips drove my cock further into her. She tried to squirm away from me, but I held her firmly. Ohhhh Chris you have a really tight asshole .... it feels so good! I moaned as I fucked deeper into her. With a final hard thrust I buried my cock completely in her ass. I was driving into her ass like a pile driver. The position Chris was in allowed me to penetrate her to incredible depth and her body jerked with each thrust. Oh GOD Chris. I love hearing you scream. Oh, GOD ! Chris, you drive me crazy continuing to jam my cock into her. Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus! ohhhhhhhh! GOD, Chris, that was tremendous. I pulled out of her squirting cum on her ass and thigh. I grunted and sighed in satisfaction. I slapped her ass, drawing another squeal from her. I put my cock back in my pants and stood up. I pressed the button for the basement, Chris was still laying on the floor. The elevator doors opened and I pulled her out into the empty garage. Leaving her in the garage I drove home.











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