Electra ( ECA ) created by its original developer during April 2017. Lead developer has choosen NIST5 in order to have a secure, fast and a efficient algoritm for POS/POW mining, transactions security.

Electra started listing on exchanges. Main Exchange was Nova Exchange. Coinsmarkets came after. Currently, traded on 4 active exchanges.

Electra aim to be a community Project. Through this respect, we take desicions on consensus. Team appearing on the page are maybe the 20% of the contributors. We are adding developers and other contributors after a while. Around 20 people are in our team now. We expect to have 30-40 different developers ( blockchain - mobile - social media - design - web design ... )

The real aim is to have a payment system which is used on the market during daily operations. Rather then fancy features and only traded on exchanges, we want that people use ECA for payment. We are prepating now payment api gateways for online merchants.

Our development and achievement will be considered by the market. Regarding to price , we cant say anything because the market price is driven by traders and investors. What is our duty is to provide most efficient tools. You can refer to our roadmap for more details. We just want to remind that we wont only stick to roadmap milestones. We will add more and those will be suprize.

Currently, we have ongoing discussions with other exchanges. Today ECA has a fast growing community and they deserve the best. We strongly beleive that further exchanges will see this potential and start adding ECA soon. More liquidity will mean more traders and price reflectation.

If ECA will be top 5 or not. This we cant know. We just target the most popular used crypto currency on the market.