Education as One of the Top Government      Priorities

Education as One of the Top Government      Priorities

Catherine G. Benavides

Developing and empowering the human resources of the country is what every respectful government should do regardless of political affiliation. And there is no other way to do it than giving every citizen access to education. The reasons for that are very simple: it fosters the professional development of the person, prevents crimes, and gives people hope and drive to achieve more. However, as it turned out, these are just the tip of the iceberg of why the quality and existence of the effective, accessible-to-all education system should be the #1 priority for every government across the globe. Below you’ll read about the other benefits that might be less explicit. 

Education and Equality

Don’t give the man a fish; rather, give him a fishing rod and teach how to catch that fish. Education can well be that fishing rod for anyone to provide for oneself, be independent, and competitive. Every education policy that aims at providing the necessary educational support for every layer and class existing in society does nothing else than creating more equal opportunities for every member to use their knowledge and skills to live a decent life and rely on their own. Poorly educated or non-educated people are more likely to remain on the lowest social strata, engage in criminal activity, and threaten the communities with violence.  

Education and Happiness

The unhappy nation is a failed one, which is why the government should provide all the tools for the citizens to pursue happiness. And for a human being as a part of society, there is no better way to experience happiness than through self-actualization and the realization of one’s potential. For some people, it can be teaching at school; for others, it might be providing reviews on writing service like; while for some, it can be doing the expert assessment of the various services connected with the education so the other people can benefit from it and save time for searching. Like in this example of reviews, the reader will get every necessary information about the service upfront without even being a customer. Will it make the writer of this article happier? Yes, because he provided a comprehensive analysis for the prospective customers using his knowledge, analytical skills, and logic that he acquired during his education. Will it make the reader happier? Yes, because one doesn’t have to surf the internet in searching for insider information. 

Education and Income

Here we’ll need some math and probability theory. Those who received special education and acquired skills will have more opportunities to find a well-paid job with social benefits that will add to their establishing as a valuable member of the community. Plus, those who earn more are far more unlikely to engage in the destructive activity since they acquired a wealth they can easily lose. This creates the ‘income effect’ where, by raising wage rates, schooling makes any time spent out of the labor market more costly. 

Education and Values

Because for the majority of people the upbringing starts and continues during early childhood, educational establishments contributed immensely to the formation of the worldview for every young individual. That’s why proper child development and the quality of influence on one’s behavior is what shapes the future of the nation in the long run. But let us give a few examples to illustrate our point. 

If all people realized the importance of keeping the rainforests and trees in general, we probably could have avoided many disasters like floods or landslides caused by human-made deforestation. Guess what would have prevented that? Right, proper education on the issue. If all people were aware of their history and history of their country without it being politically corrected to serve the in-effect ideology or party, we would’ve not seen what we have in the Capitol during last week, or witnessed the murders of George Floyd and many more. And you know what could have prevented that - a proper education that would have set core values for the generations. If all people knew the difference between fanatism and religion, there would be fewer terrorist attacks fueled by hate to the representatives of other religious backgrounds. And guess what possibly could have helped them know it? Right, the education that nurtures the equality values.   

Political situation during any period of time seems to be leaving the education system out of its immediate focus though there are countless proven reasons that doing so destroys the core of the nation, shatters the principles, and leads to slow but sure self-destruction. And the aim of any government is to prevent it at all costs by ensuring that the quality of the education the people receive aligns with the vision of the life it wants for the population.