Ecological Green Energy Mining Club (EcoGEM club)

Ecological Green Energy Mining Club (EcoGEM club)



Project Description: Green energy mining on blockchain

Date of Token Pre-Sale: 

2018-05-15 - 2018-06-01

Date of Token Sale: 

June - July 2018

About the project:

The EcoGEM Club project is aimed at using renewable energy sources, as well as developing alternative methods for its generation. The project is preparing the implementation of a network of mining centers in regions with high electric tariffs and poor-quality power supply.

Why Green Energy

- Cheap and renewable energy of the Sun and wind, with smart saving and energy conservation when it is useful. 

- The cost of electricity per 1 kW*h is fixed, and not a subject to change throughout the work of the EcoGEM Club project and is exactly 0.05 EcoGEM.

Benefits of Collective Mining

- Gives the ability to start earning with minimal investment

- Each member can monitor the process online 24/7

- The rental price for 1m3 - 20 EcoGEM

- Gives the abillity to purchase mining equipment at wholesale prices

- Workshop and other infrustructure for miners and other microelectronics


June 2019 - MVP

June - end of 2018 - Scaling of the first stage

20.02.19 - 06.03.2019 - Second stage sale

Spring - Summer 2019 - Scaling of the second stage

2019-2020 - Further scaling


The team is small but solid and each member has specific skills (construction, creation of power systems and automation systems, development of sites and decentralized systems

Dmitry Cherkasov CEO - Has more than 10 years experience in the field of rescue and prevention of emergencies and participated in international humanitarian missions. 

Token Pre-Sale:

Token: Pre-EcoGEM

Total emission: 2mln tokens (+33mln in the future)

Bonus: Each investor who buys >5000 tokens will get 15% bonus

Price 1 Pre-EcoGEM = 1,95 USD

Accept: BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, DASH, WAVES, FIAT and several more cryptocurrencies