Hi friends, this is a very good project, because it will be hardfork ... here is a review of the ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETCV) project

What is ETCV?

ETCV is short for Ethereum and the ticker (symbol) of a new digital asset that will be created as a result of the planned hard fork.

Ethereum Classic Vision is probably a tiring Ethereum fork that utilizes the simplest of each world - the true decentralization of Ethereum Classic and its protocols developed for ETH, such as Po and Sharding mining With its vast scaling potential, high speed and good rewards for miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the final answer to this market challenge. along the tiring fork that approaches on January 11, 2019, all Ethereum holders can receive three ETCV for each ETH in their personal wallets.

Ethereum is not sustainable

The ETH code has a "difficulty" bomb embedded in it - a piece of code that reduces the potential for mining new blocks, until the validation method stops completely - this is considered because of "the last period of Ethereum". there are no improvement proposals that provide a real solution - and it's safe to change the Evidence-Peg mechanism for a few more years. Prizes for miners were reduced and also the rental price was introduced for a reasonable contract. large mining clusters can want a lot of resources, and individual mining can lose its economic sense. ETH has become an unsatisfactory supporter - and its value can still go down.

Ethereum Classic Vision is that the Ethereum branch utilizes the simplest of each world - true decentralization of Ethereum Classic and complicated protocols developed for ETH, such as mining Po and Sharding. With its enormous scaling potential, high speed, and good appreciation for miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the final answer to the current market challenges. during difficult times that will come back on January 11 2019, holders of Ethereum can receive all three ETCVs for each ETH in their personal wallets.

How can I check ECTV's balance after the fork?

After branching, you will be able to see your current ECTV coin balance in the wallet here on the official Ethereum Classic Vision site. In the coming months, we will make ECTV listed on a number of leading exchanges and build partnerships with other popular wallets, so you can have more possibilities to transfer and sell your ECTV. As for further information you can visit the official website of ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETCV)

You can get ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETCV) through a bounty

Our gifts are an amazing opportunity to get ETCV coins for free - even if you don't have ether! All you have to do is register for a prize campaign and choose the type of task you like the most. Post about Ethereum Classic Vision on Twitter, make video reviews on YouTube, write blog posts and articles - we will appreciate all your efforts! You can visit the link here


For detailed information, visit the link below:

Hard fork Ethereum - Ethereum Classic Vision - 11.01.19







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