"Dear all,

Over the years, ESL grew into many markets and countries making it the world's largest esports company in the world. This rapid growth and global presence helped create a very diverse and passionate ESL team, while inheriting legacy systems and approaches. On our journey to make esports the largest and most attractive sport, we need to focus on our purpose, to create a world where everybody can be somebody. This is the foundation of our International Strategy. To achieve our International goals, we need to make the right and at times, difficult business decisions to secure our success. As a result, we are announcing organizational changes to the international business. This change is crucial for our future and focus.

As of today, we are announcing considered changes in our EMEA region. The main goal of this is to refocus our entities on local growth, while supporting the global ESL brand. Spain and France will be affected immediately, whereas the UK office is currently under assessment and roles have been put at risk. This has been a very difficult process and we are trying to secure as many jobs as possible. Aligning with our global strategy, we would like to focus our execution into our hubs in Germany and Poland, with the guidance of the local entities. The idea is, if it is not part of our focus, then we will stop it.

What does this mean for us? Making difficult decisions which impact people's lives is not something taken lightly. As an international team, we have been working to find the best way to position ourselves to grow our business and we think this is the way to move forward. Due to the change in our international entities, we all have to work together as a global team, to ensure a smooth transition, and above all meet the expectations of our players, fans and partners. What this also means, we need to continuously assess our areas of responsibility and ensure that we do not deviate from our focus and goals.

Change is part of every organization and we are no different. As the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep into the ESL DNA, we will always continue to find ways of doing things better. This is our journey of continuously raising the bar and being insanely esports centric. 

We would like to take a moment and thank those team members who are directly impacted by the change. Their dedication, passion and work ethic over the years has helped ESL become a leader in the esports industry and for your efforts, we thank you! It is never easy, during challenging times, to part ways with colleagues. We wish you future success."