E-invoicing crucial for Australian small businesses in 2021

E-invoicing crucial for Australian small businesses in 2021


Small business owners have too much on their shoulders in 2021 with the pandemic hitting them hard. Lockdowns, limitations, along with the decreasing purchasing power of some customers means that the pressure which has been high anyway is mounting up.

In these circumstances using an old fashioned pen and paper invoicing is no longer sustainable, resulting in errors and consuming valuable time. Therefore, switching to e-invoicing is the only way forward for small businesses in 2021.

E-invoicing comes with a multitude of benefits and ATO lists some of them: i) Cost savings; ii) Less time and errors; iii) Reliable and secure; iv) Reduced payment times; v) Connect once, trade with many; Environmentally friendly.

Whether you are a small business based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any other major or smaller Aussie township, you need to consider selecting an e-invoicing platform that will help you streamline the invoicing processes. There are quite a few options available on the market. Billdu is one of them - its invoicing software is tailored to the needs of small businesses. Some other options include Zoho, Xero, and others.

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