Durable Fiberglass Molded GRP Grating Range For Distinct Applications

Durable Fiberglass Molded GRP Grating Range For Distinct Applications

Vaishali Aegis

Anti-slip fiberglass gratings have extreme degree of slip-resistance ever measured for walkways. The versatile fiberglass molded grp gratings are being used in numbers of applications, like industrial flooring, walkways, platforms, stairs, wash bays, work stations, laboratories, chemical factories, assembly lines, etc. These are supreme quality products that possess high strength and protection against UV rays.

The Anti-Slip Surface

In frp/grp pultruded profiles and molded range of gratings, angular quartz is integrally bonded over the surface to produce long-lasting, durable hardwearing surface. Due to gritted texture of the gratings, workmen could not slip while standing or walking on these gratings.

What Is CoF And How It Is Measured?

A CoF or Co-efficient of Friction is a value that reveals the relationship between the force of friction two different objects. It is a value used to find object’s normal force or frictional force when there is no other method available. It is measured by determining the inclination meanangle that can be safely maintained by the operator when flooring is subjected to a continuous water stream.

All the gratings are available in a range of mesh sizes, panel sizes and thickness. The smaller mesh sizes are ideal for wheelchairs and small wheeled trolleys. These sizes prevent small objects from passing through the grating. Large mesh sizes are used as walls and ceilings.

The Pultruded Range Is Used In Different Applications, Such As-

·       Assembly lines

·       Bridges

·       Ramps

·       High load bearing areas

·       Continuous walkways

Major Benefits-

1.     Heavy mechanical strength

2.     Limitless panel length

3.     Large uninterrupted spans

4.     Several open surface areas

Solid fiberglass plate- this product is intended to be installed over new or existing steel, concrete, timber, or aluminium to provide safe and economical solution to slippery walking surfaces. It is easy and fast to install and is used to enhance appearance.

The Structural Stair Treads And Covers

Tread structural stairs are designed for replacement of staircase construction in order to deliver a solid permanent flooring. These are gritted anti-slip products having highly visible yellow nosing.

Preformed anti slip stair tread covers are convenient and swift way to offer solid, anti-slip footing for existing stairs. You can install them on wooden, concrete, or metal based steps. It can be glued, screwed, or bolted into position and can be used instantly.

GRP grating systems range is vast and beneficial for multiple industries. You can even use some of the products for your home. Sourcing them is still easy- you need to contact suppliers who deal in fiberglass grating products.