Drunk Mom visits her Son Part 1

Drunk Mom visits her Son Part 1


They laid next to one another holding hands. Danny thought that it may be his lucky night. This was his first night with Kate alone in his new apartment. He just moved in three weeks ago. He started work six months ago, after a small course at his uncles firm where they make computer software. He was looking forward for having sex with Kate, she walked around in her hot pants and tank top with no bra from the time she came out of the bathroom where she changed from her school uniform when he came home. She told her parents that she’s going to sleep over by a girlfriend and do a combined assignment for school. Her girlfriend played along.

At aroundtwo in the morning Kara went to see her Son Danny at his apartment. She is drunk and upset about what happened earlier that night. She had nowhere else to go, so she has the taxi drop her off at her Son’s apartment. She can't drive like this.

She knocks on the door.
Her Son comes to the door and dressed in only his boxers.

"Mom? What are you doing here at this hour?" Danny asked.

Kara is crying harder at this point and can barely stand up. Danny takes her inside and sits her down on the couch.

"I have nowhere else to go, I'm sorry honey."

Danny sits down next to her and puts his arm around her.
"What happened?"

Before she has a chance to answer Danny’s girlfriend Kate comes out of the room. Kara can't stand Kate. Danny and Kate both knew this.

Kara looked at her Son and got up.
"I will call a taxi and have them take me to a hotel. If I knew she was here I wouldn't have come over."

Danny stopped his Mom as she headed to the phone to call.
"Mom, wait. It's obvious you’re upset and had a drink or two." He sat his Mom back down.
He looked at Kate.
"She is my Mom. She needs me. You will have to go to Megan. I am sorry."
Megan stayed with her Mother in the same apartment that Danny stayed. This is where they met and started to see one another.

"You’re going to make me leave? Just because you’reMom doesn't like me? She can get over it." Kate said.

Before Kara could tell Kate what she really thought of her Danny stepped in.

"Kate please. Just go ok? I will call you later. I have a family crisis."
It took Danny a little bit but he finally got Kate to agree to go to Megan. He sat back next to his Mom.

"If I knew you werecoming over I would have get rid of her sooner. I know you don't like her. Sorry."

Kara wiped her tears and looked at her Son.
"I didn’tknow I was. I had nowhere to go."

"What do you mean you have nowhere to go? What about home? With dad?"

Her tears came back and she covered her face.

Danny put his arms around his Mom again.

"Your father is having an affair. I caught him tonight with her. In my house."

Danny was in shock. He didn’t know what to say.

"This is why he has not been home much, or had sex with me in so... oh god honey. I am sorry. I shouldn’t tell you these things."

"Don’t be sorry Mom. I am just sorry Dad would do this to you. I don’t understand. I thought you two where so happy."

She nodded. "So did, I at a time."

"You’re going to stay right here tonight. You need some sleep."

She looked at her Son.
"I better not. I can go to a hotel. I shouldn’thave barged in like this. Even if I’m glad you sent that slut home."

He didn’t say anything to that.
"Come on Mom. You can use my bed tonight. I will take the couch."

He shook his head. He opened the cupboard where he keep his linen and took a sleeping bag out for him on the couch. He walked her in his room. To his bed.

"I can't take your bed. It’s not right. This is your bed. I can sleep on the couch."

"I will not let my Mom sleep on the couch. It will be ok Mom."
He helped her in to bed.

"Are you putting me in here so you can invite her back over?" Kara asked.

He laughed. "Well maybe I will have her back for a quickie. You know Mom?"

"But I really don’t want to be alone. Would you stay in here and hold me. I just need to be held." she said crying again. Danny went over to where his Mom was sitting and gave her a hug.

He sighed. By now his cock was aching for attention, and being next to a female hot body, even if it was his Mom. Could really get him harder. But he couldn’t tell her, no. She has been there for him all his life.

She ask "Danny can you get me some water please?"
"Sure Mom. Let me just get you some water and I will lock up, and I will sit with you"

She smiled. "Thank you Honey."
She was also glad because Kate wouldn't be coming back. At least for tonight.

Danny took a pillow and throw it on the couch where he was getting ready to sleep. While he was gone Kara took her pants and top off. She had no other clothes with her and needed to be comfy and it was cold in his room. She laid in bed with only her sheer bra and matching tanga panty.

When Danny got back he noticed the pants and blouse on the floor, neatly folded. Kara saw him look.

"I hope that’s ok. I don’t have any clothes with me, and I don’t want them to get greased up"

He nodded. "It’s fine Mom."

She opened the one side of the bedand pat on the bed for him to sit next to her under the duvet.
He climbed in to bed with her, she moved closer with her back to him. Dannylaying on his back putting his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Trying to keep his body away so she didn't feel his massive hard on.
Kara sighed

"You ok Mom?"
"Yea just thinking about your dad. I mean after all these years how could he do this to me?"

"He's stupid that’s why."

"That’s your father you’re talking about."

"So? What he did was very wrong."

Without realizing Kara backed up her ass more to Danny’sbody and rubbed his cock a bit with her hand by accident trying to give him a squish. He slightly moaned.

"I'm sorry!" She quickly moved back.
"No I'm sorry Mom...

"I guess I interrupted you and...Her when I came over."
"Yea. He whispered. It's ok. You’re more important… and I love you Mom"

She turned around and faced him
"Thank you I love you to Son." She leaned in and went to briefly kiss his cheek, he looked at herand she missed and got his lips. She kiss him a little longer then she meant too. She pulled back. "That was wrong. I shouldn’thave done that."

Danny had his arm around her back. It was good thing she stoppedbecause he was about to stick his tongue in his own Mothers mouth and touch her more.
"It's ok. It happens, I guess."

"Maybe I should leave. This isn't doing either of us any good. I mean you’re my Son, and..."

"No! He was firm. Don’t go Mom. It will be ok. Really."

She laid back down. This time in his arms. His arms completely around her. She could feel something this time poking at her. She knew what it was. Danny slowly rocked his hips, to move a little lower so his head rest on the pillow. Danny rubbed her back with his hand to comfort her, like she done it so many times before. She hold him over his chest.He was feeling good against her. She knew it was wrong. But she let him do it. She couldn't deny it. She was throbbing. She needs a nice cock. But could she really fuck her own Son?

Soon Danny stopped his movements. Kara knew then he was asleep by his breathing. She watched him fall sleep in a few minutes. Her Son was gorgeous. Just like his father. Without thinking her hand slid down to her pussy. She noticed how wet she was. She moaned quietly. She opened the duvetand looked at her Son’s body. She could see from the street light shining in to the room that her Son was still hard.

She closed the duvet and began to rub her clit first slowly and draw her moistness of het pussy to her clit, she started to rub her clitfaster and faster. She heard Danny moan in his sleep. (Or so she thought)The heat of his body against her half naked body was taking her over the edge of reasoning. She lifted her leg and placed it over her Son’s leg, started at a normal knee height and moved higher and higher. She placed her hand and rubbed it over her leg. Her hand moved to the boxers of her Son. She felt the rock hard cock pushing against the boxer. By touching his penis she felt the heart rate pushing the blood to his penis head, his penis giving small jumping movements, it was so long ago that she felt so heated up.
She felt daring. She got up and straddled her Son. She could feel his cock against her pussy. Just like she wanted. It felt so good. She knew how wrong it was, but it felt so damn good.

She started moving up and down feeling his hardness against her. Then suddenly she felt his hands on her hips pushing her down on his cock moving with her.

She gasped and jumped off.
"Oh my god. I am so sorry, sorry Danny. I thought you were sleeping, wait. That’s no excuse. You’re my Son. I was so wrong to do that... I just couldn’t help it. It is so wrong! I’m ashamed I am so sorry....

Danny cut his Mother off by putting his mouth over hers. He kissed his Mother very passionately and stuck his tongue in her mouth. They massaged their tongues together. The both where moaning now. His hand found its way to her bra strap fastener, it looked him a second or so to lose her bra and moved it over her arms while still kissing. Now he was pushing her up by his head to take her bra away. He felt her nipples with his hands now caressing her breasts. The same ones that he was breast feeding on.

At first she wanted to stop him for losing her bra bat when he touched the breasts and playing with her stiff nipples there were no turning back, she needed that attention,

Danny’s cock was now like steel. He was moving his hips like he was having sex with her, and she was meeting his movement with every thrust, driving her crazy with lust.

They were kissing like new lovers that had minimum time left on a date, she can’t remember when last she kissed someone like this. Danny’s hands left her breasts and moved over to her ass, he put his hands in het panty and grabbed her ass to match the trusts that he was making with his hips.

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