Drinks To Stock Up On At Christmas 

Drinks To Stock Up On At Christmas 

Christmas is a time of merriment - spending quality time with your loved ones, sharing gifts and enjoying a little bit (or a lot) of what you fancy. Whether you enjoy the occasional tipple or not, if you’re hosting any number of gatherings this year, it may be time to think about stocking your drinks cabinet. While guests are welcome to bring their own booze, a good host always has something extra to offer. Here’s what you should stock up on for the festive period. 

Craft Beer

We all have that one friend or family member who is a self-proclaimed craft beer connoisseur, so here’s an opportunity to really impress them. If you’re a novice regarding the world of artisan brewing, there are multiple online sources dedicated to craft beer of all varieties. Alternatively, you could pay a visit to an independent craft brewery to get some advice and sample some delights. From light, hoppy IPAs to dark, heavy-bodied stouts, there’s bound to be something you enjoy. 


For those who love a good old-fashioned gin and tonic, a high-quality, refreshing gin is essential. You could play it safe and opt for a traditional gin, characterised by the subtle flavour of juniper berries, or you could take a gamble and choose a range of flavoured gins, including cloudy lemon, pink grapefruit and even parma violet. Sweet, sticky sloe gin is synonymous with Christmas, and if you’re up for a spot of foraging, you could make it yourself!

Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish cream liqueur is perfect for sipping whilst curled up next to the fire with a festive film. This luxurious mixture of whiskey, cream, and sugar is the ultimate holiday treat and can be enjoyed on ice or as an ingredient for a heavenly cocktail. Good news for dairy-intolerant guests - many brands of Irish cream liqueur now offer almond-based alternatives so everybody can partake in a tipple. 


What’s Christmas without sherry? This fortified wine may have a reputation for being your grandmother’s choice of drink, but as a flexible ingredient in many cocktails and dishes, perhaps granny is spot on the money. While sherry is perfectly palatable served chilled in a small glass, you can also use it to deglaze pans after searing meats and as a boozy addition to a classic trifle. 


Whether you prefer your whiskey neat, over ice, or with a mixer, you can’t deny that the smoky complexity of a fine single malt is a treat for the senses. Depending on where your whiskey hails from, you can expect different flavours and aromas. Bourbon is often sweeter, with notes of caramel and vanilla, whereas the distinct sharpness of Scotch is considered more of an acquired taste. 


Wine is a failsafe option for any Christmas drinks bar. Some guests might favour a light, zesty Sauvignon Blanc, while others may prefer a rich, intense Malbec, so be sure to provide a healthy variety. Of course, a good quality Christmas wine is perfect for mulling. With the addition of cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, lemon zest and sugar, you can brew up a fragrant and warming treat, often associated with good health during the chilly winter months. 


We all love popping the cork on a frosty bottle of prosecco or cava. Sparkling wine is a staple of any celebratory get-together, but you could always take it a step further and invest in an extravagant bottle of champagne. Consider a crisp and clean Blanc de Blancs (made from Chardonnay grapes) or a fruity, full-bodied Blanc de Noirs (made from Pinot Noir grapes). Why not provide a DIY prosecco bar, complete with syrups, cordials and fruit, so your guests can tailor their fizz to their liking? 

Alcohol-Free Options

It is always advisable to offer a good range of alcohol-free options to accommodate underage guests, designated drivers and those who abstain for medical and religious reasons. Providing refreshments for everybody while being thoughtful and sensitive to individual needs is guaranteed to win you the title of ‘host with the most’. While soft drinks and fruit juices are fine, you could also offer various alcohol-free spirits, wines and beers. 


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