Drawing truth and graphs about graph games.

Drawing truth and graphs about graph games.

It is a popular trending game in Korea. It is popular all over the 

world. It is a game that progresses as graphs are drawn.

Many times, we hope that on a map area, we can see multiple data 

indicators in the area at the same time, such as displaying cost, 

profit, profit rate and other data at the same time, which not only 

improves the efficiency of data display, but also makes us overall 

Grasp the situation of the geographical area at a level. In the report 

software FineReport, we only need to go through a simple setting to 

achieve the effect of viewing multiple data in the same map area.

Data maps are advanced forms and means of business analysis, and 

are more common in some high-end foreign business and financial 

magazines. For a long time, many professionals hope to use data 

maps in their data analysis and business presentations to improve 

professional quality and communication efficiency. However, because 

map materials and production tools are difficult to obtain, it is 

difficult for ordinary office workers to make their own maps, and they 

can only envy the beautiful maps in foreign media and reports.

Due to the particularity of the location of the data map (a high-end 

business and financial magazine on a large scale) under normal 

circumstances, the data map has been positioned as a type of chart 

that requires extremely complicated operation steps and complex 

software. But in fact, the production of data maps does not require 

very complicated operations, nor does it require a software with 

complicated operations-a type with maps and charts. Compared with 

the most basic charts such as column charts and bar charts, the data 

map is only a little more complicated in the setting of the data 


Taking FineReport report software as an example, a simple data map 

creation requires only the following steps:

New chart-select map chart type-define map data source-set map 

style-complex interactive effect settings (optional)

If we are more familiar with the production of general charts, we will 

find that the steps of making data maps are basically the same as 

that of general charts. As for the relatively complex data source 

settings of data maps, the key is the input of geographic 

information. In 소셜그래프, the national provincial geographic The 

information is already in its own database, which greatly reduces the 

workload of data mapping. In addition, Website also provides 

custom maps that have realized data map functions below the 

provincial level, and provides GIS maps for more accurate geographic 

positioning. The definition of the data source of the general chart is 

compared with the definition of the data source of the data map.

The icon is the abbreviation of the drawing title bar. The role of the 

icon is to indicate the type, drawing name, project name, drawing 

number, etc. of this drawing, so that the required drawing can be 

quickly found from the drawing catalog. The content of the icon 

includes: (1) Project name. Refers to the name of the construction 

project (or construction unit), such as "XX Fertilizer Plant". (2) 

Engineering projects. Refers to the unit project name in this project, 

such as "thiamine workshop". (3) Picture name. Mainly indicate the 

main contents of this drawing, such as "bottom floor plan", "standard 

floor plan" and so on. (4) Design number. Refers to the design 

department's number for the project. (5) Figures. Indicate the 

professional category to which this drawing belongs, such as "Jian 

Shi", "Ki Shi", etc. (6) Drawing number: refers to the number of this 

drawing in its first-class professional drawing, arranged with Arabic 


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