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The following story is a re-imagining of a story by Jet Lag called 'A Summer to Remember'. While many of the details have been revised per my own preferences, the basic story structure originates from Jet Lag. All credit and praise belong to Jet Lag. I accept all criticism.

All characters are 18 years of age or older. This story is intended for the entertainment of adults only. This story and its characters are entirely fictional. Feedback welcome and appreciated!


My wife Brie and I had been married for just a couple of years. We met in college and got engaged in our senior year. We settled down in a suburb where I took a job at an engineering firm and Brie took a teaching position at a local high school. We were still young and not looking to start a family just yet, so we focused on our jobs and living life to the fullest.

Brie was quite pretty, with long brunette hair that partially covered her face with her current hairstyle. She was petite with an athletic body and perky B cup breasts that looked great on her slim figure. Particularly in college, people were often surprised that we were together, as I wasn't quite in the same attractiveness class as she was. But Brie was never arrogant about her looks. I think it stemmed from the fact that she was a late bloomer and just never judged people too much on their looks. That worked out fine for me.

While she wasn't stuck up about her looks, she wasn't oblivious that guys were attracted to her and she enjoyed that attention. One of the most memorable times from college came during our Junior year. We were hanging out drinking one night with our usual group of friends. There were maybe eight of us in all. Someone joked that we should streak across campus, and somehow in our drunken state we all agreed. I remember thinking excitedly about seeing a couple of the other girls naked. And while that was definitely a treat, what stuck in my head afterwards was the reaction of the other guys to seeing Brie naked. She was definitely the hottest girl in the group, and I'm sure that the other guys never expected to ever get to see her naked. They weren't rude or anything, but they definitely stared at her and Brie certainly noticed.

We talked about the streaking incident many times afterwards. She knew that I enjoyed having the other guys see her, and she was happy that I was more interested in that than seeing the other girls naked. Brie said that she never expected that she would do such a thing, but alcohol and group-think kicked in. She was embarrassed about getting naked and streaking, especially with all of the guys getting a good look at her. But while she was embarrassed, she also told me that she found it exciting to have these friends of ours being so interested in seeing her naked. 

Now, as a high school teacher, Brie would often tell me about catching boys staring at her in class or trying to take a peek down her shirt. She also told me about a gym teacher JL, for John Luke apparently, and a history teacher Cam that seemed to go out of their way to interact with her. She told me that they both liked to peek at her too. She said that there had been numerous times when she had turned around and caught them staring at her butt, or she would look across a room to see one of them looking at her chest. Brie seemed to like the attention but also appreciated that they were always professional and didn't make sexual comments to her.

When she first told me about the ogling, I didn't think too much about it. As great as she looked, I knew that guys would check her out. But after she told me about the boys and JL and Cam all watching her, I couldn't help but think about it every time I saw her attire in the morning. Although she always dressed appropriately for work, there were days when she showed some modest cleavage or her pants nicely showed off her ass, and I couldn't help to think of her students and fellow teachers enjoying the view that day. 

Although this was nothing like the streaking, it became a bit of a turn-on for me, knowing that guys were going to be trying to look at her tits. I would often ask her as we were getting in bed whether she thought the guys enjoyed the view that day. She would typically just giggle as she admitted that she caught some looks. It became kind of a playful and sexy thing for us to talk about. 

Soon I started jokingly suggesting in the morning that she should lose the bra and give them all a real show. She would just smile and roll her eyes. And then at night I would bring it up again, making her think about the looks that she would have received if she would have gone braless. We both knew that she never could actually do that without risking her job, but it was sexy to think about and see her embarrassed reaction.

As the school-year went on, she got to know JL and Cam a bit better. Most notably, she found out that they were part of a local amateur drama group. This piqued her interest because she had performed in a couple of plays in high school and looked fondly back at acting. Of course, they encouraged her to join and before long she did so.

I was mostly happy about it. I was working long days, whereas Brie was often home by 4:00. She spent some time preparing classes or grading in the evenings, but there was just a lot of time when I needed to work and she wanted us to go out or otherwise spend some time together. So I was happy that she had found a hobby that she could enjoy. 

The drama club put on shows every Saturday night. As a way to allow the actors to try out different roles, the group only performed 10-minute plays. I hadn't heard of such a thing before, but apparently they are not uncommon, especially for novice playwrights and actors. Every Saturday night, the drama club would perform a series of these 10-minute plays. Each 10-minute play would typically only have a cast of two or three people and may run just one week, or several weeks depending on how long the cast wanted to keep performing the same play. So every week Brie would meet with the group several times to select plays and form casts and rehearse. And then on Saturday night they would perform before a modest crowd.

One Sunday night she was reading some scripts in bed, when she surprised me with a laugh and an, "Oh my!"

I inquired and she told me that one of the scripts that was circulated by one of the playwrights was quite risque.

"Oh, how so?" I asked.

"Well, it is a story about a couple, Thomas and Maria. They are going through some marital problems. The couple argues for a bit, and then while Maria is talking about her feelings of loneliness, Thomas starts caressing her breast and running his hand along her behind. They start to kiss, and then strip naked and get into bed and have sex for the last couple of minutes. And then the curtain drops."

"Huh. So by 'strip naked', do you mean, like, fully naked?"

"That's what the script says."

"Is nudity even allowed?"

"Yeah. I've been told that they've done some plays in the past with varying degrees of nudity. It's not common, but not unheard of either."

"And they're actually going to show the characters having sex?"

"Well they'll be partially under covers so it won't be explicit at all. The main nudity part will be pretty brief."

As we were having this conversation it didn't occur to me at all that she would consider volunteering for this one. But then I noticed her eyes were lingering on the script.

"I'd be more than happy to rehearse it with you if you'd like," I told her with a smile. 

She smiled back, knowing that I really just wanted to feel her breast and ass, and maybe get some action. But then she said, "OK, this will be fun."

We skipped past most of the arguing part as neither of us knew the lines and jumped straight to the part where Thomas approaches Maria. Brie read the lines from the script while I gently rubbed her right tit and stroked her left ass cheek. Since she didn't know the lines, it took her a bit to get through them and gave me a good couple of minutes to play with her body. When she finished her lines, we both stripped naked and got into bed. She pulled the covers up to our waist. I knew I was probably supposed to pretend to be the other actor and simulate the sex, but we were both aroused and I entered her. However, after only a few thrusts she stopped me.

"Honey, wait, can we start over? I want to do this again, but instead I'm going to imagine doing this in front of a crowd and with a cast member rather than my real husband."

So we got up and dressed, and started again. This time I also thought about seeing Brie performing this live. As I rubbed her tit and ass, I imagined that some actor was going to be having the pleasure of doing so and a whole crowd would be seeing her get felt up. And then when we started to undress, I watched her carefully, again pretending that she was doing this on stage with numerous people watching her. Suddenly the thought that a bunch of people would be seeing her completely naked was quite arousing to me, and I got very hard. Brie noticed my reaction, but we continued and got into bed. We started fucking enthusiastically as I imagined that she was simulating this sex in front of a crowd.

The sex was great, and we stayed in bed talking for a bit. 

"Are you really considering volunteering for the role?" I asked.

"Would you even want me to? People would see me getting felt up on stage and would even see me completely naked briefly. Would you be comfortable with that?"

"I don't know. It might be kind of sexy like the time you streaked in college."

"You mean the time we streaked in college," emphasizing the 'we'."This would be a bit different. I'd be the only woman naked. All of these people would see me naked, including JL and Cam. Would you really be OK with having these guys from work see me naked?"

I paused for a moment and thought about it. Yes, we had been having fun thinking about them and the school boys seeing her dress sexier, but that was a rather safe fantasy because we knew she couldn't actually do it. Now, we were seriously talking about her doing something where JL and Cam would see her naked. It was like this was an unexpected opportunity for this fantasy on steroids to come true. I took a moment to imagine Brie standing naked in front of them, letting them just stare at her amazing body. These guys that had been admiring her for months would finally be able to see everything on her. I was suddenly hard again and answered her instinctively.

"Honey, I think it would be amazingly sexy."

"All of these other cast members would see me too. And then there's the audience. I know it's never very big, but who knows who might show up. For all we know, friends or neighbors of ours might attend and they'd find me standing naked on the stage."

"Well that sounds more like streaking, not knowing who will see you naked."

"And some cast member would get to feel up my boob and butt. You wouldn't get jealous seeing some guy touching me and us pretending to have sex? I wouldn't want to do it if it was going to make you jealous."

I paused a bit longer on that one. Having some people see her naked was sexy. But actually touching her sexually was a bit different. I wasn't really happy about the idea that some guy would get to feel her like that, but the thought of her being seen naked was so arousing that I decided that it was worth the trade-off.

"Brie, I know that the touching would just be acting and wouldn't mean anything. It wouldn't make me jealous at all. In fact, I think it would be kind of sexy, with you being a little naughty, letting some guy feel you up."

I wasn't sure that I really believed this last part, but I was trying to encourage her. 

Brie raised her eyebrows and smiled teasingly. "Oh, you do, huh? You want to see me being the naughty wife, and letting some other guy feel my boobie and caress my butt? I don't know where this came from, but I'll sleep on it."

With that we went to sleep, and we talked about it again in the morning.

"So you really want me to do this, volunteer to play this part?"

"Honey, it would be incredibly sexy. But only if you want to do it too."

"Well, if you really want me to do it, I think I'll volunteer. But you have to promise me to not get jealous. And if I end up getting the role, there'll be no turning back. You can't have a change of heart and then expect me to quit on the other actor."

"No honey, I wouldn't do that. I won't get jealous. I'll support you however I can."

"OK, well, I'll see how it goes tonight. Maybe no guy will want the role of Thomas or maybe other women will want the role of Maria. And there are some guy cast members that, um, I wouldn't really feel comfortable acting beside in this role. Like, I am not going to do this play with Frank!"

I chuckled, as Frank was nice enough, but was in his mid-60s and quite overweight.

She continued, "I think what I'll have to do is express interest but not fully volunteer for the role until I find out who will be Thomas."

I went off to work, but I couldn't get the thought of her acting in this play out of my head all day. I was simultaneously excited about the idea of her being naked in front of people and hoping that somehow it wouldn't work out.

When I got home from work, she was still at her drama club, which was not unusual. So I waited, rather impatiently, for her to return home. When she did, she gave me the news that I longed for, and dreaded.

"I've accepted the role of Maria!"

"Congratulations, honey! I'm sure you'll be outstanding. So who's playing Thomas?"

"Well, there were a few volunteers but in the end, JL landed the part."

"JL? You mean from school?"

"Yeah. We're going to rehearse here tomorrow night."

"Here, you're going to rehearse here?"

"Yeah, I figured it was better than rehearsing in front of everyone at the club. Besides, I knew you were interested in watching me get naked and felt up, so this way you get to watch if you can get out of work in time."

The next day I made sure to get home early. When I arrived, Brie was home but JL had not yet shown up. Brie had opened up the pull-out couch and fitted it with sheets. Something about seeing a bed readied made me suddenly uncomfortable. I couldn't help but think about the fact that I was about to watch Brie get into that bed naked with another man.

Brie was dressed in just a long peach nightshirt and panties. I had never really inquired what her attire would be for the play, but sleepwear made sense. She looked quite sexy, but it only made me more trepidatious about the evening.

I was changing out of my work clothes when I heard a knock at the door. Brie answered it, and I was surprised when I heard two male voices, rather than just the one.

I came out of the bedroom to see both JL and Cam in our living room, looking admiringly at Brie. 

"Hey, I thought it was going to be just JL coming over?" I asked, trying not to sound unwelcoming towards Cam.

"Oh no, we need Cam too. We need someone to be able to critique our performance and make suggestions. And we need him to record us," Brie answered.

It was then that I noticed that Cam was holding a small videocamera. Brie could tell I was confused, and maybe she could tell I was concerned, so she explained further.

"We always video our complete run-through rehearsals. We have such a small amount of time to prepare at the beginning that we like to record it so that we can send it to a few other people for their feedback."

"Oh, okay," I barely managed to say. I didn't want to be negative as I had encouraged her to do this, but I was definitely surprised that Cam was going to be recording this rehearsal. Not only was he going to record Brie getting felt up by JL, record her getting completely naked, and record her pretending to have sex with JL, he was then going to send the video to who knows how many other people so that they could watch it too.

We all sat down and Brie started talking to the group. "Hey, everyone," she started. ""Before we get started I just want to address the elephant in the room. We all know that this play has nudity and a little touching. I'm sure we're all a bit uncomfortable about that, I know that I am. But we're all adults and we know that this is just acting and that it doesn't mean anything, right?"

We all nodded agreement and Brie continued, "So look, I'm kind of nervous about getting naked in front of you guys. And somehow, I don't think you guys are hating it that I'm going to be getting naked, so it may be a bit distracting when I do take off my clothes. So I was thinking, maybe it would be best for me to just get naked now, let you guys get your looks in and let me get used to you seeing me, and then we can focus on the play."

"Okay, Brie, no complaints from me, " JL responded with a smile.

I hadn't expected this, but it did make a lot of sense. And it was at that moment that I had an incredible wave of anxiety and anticipation wash over me. I know that it sounds strange. I knew that this moment when she would be naked in front of JL, and eventually Cam and a whole lot of other people was going to come. It was what I had wanted, I guess. But to be faced with the reality that it was about to actually happen caused a surprising reaction in me. I was suddenly both wanting it to not happen, and wanting it to happen.

When Brie stripped down to go streaking in college, I wasn't thinking about it at all. I was focused on checking out the other girls, but not on the fact that Brie was getting naked in front of others. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized how much of a turn on it was to see Brie naked in front of other guys and to see their reactions. So now, as Brie's imminent nakedness was upon me, I was inundated with emotion.

I looked over at JL and Cam to see them both smiling in anticipation. They had been ogling her for months and Brie was about to just strip in front of them. This wasn't a little cleavage exposure like Brie and I had been toying with. They were about to see everything on her. Her naked boobs, her ass and her pussy too were all about to be exposed to their leering eyes. 

Brie stood up and said, "Okay, well, here goes," with a nervous giggle. She placed her hands at the bottom of her nightshirt and started to pull up. As her hands neared her breasts she paused, and looked at JL and Cam. I did the same and saw them both smiling broadly. While they generally tried to be professional, at that moment, they couldn't conceal their excitement. 

Brie turned to look at me as well and we locked eyes momentarily. Her eyes were aflame, making it clear to me that she was quite turned on by this as well. I'm sure that she could tell how aroused I was too. And while I was definitely excited, there was still a part of me that didn't want her to proceed. It kept telling me, 'these are her coworkers', 'they should not be seeing her naked', 'this is not normal'.

Brie looked back to Cam and JL and pulled her shirt up to her neck, exposing her bare breasts to their eyes for the first time. Cam and JL didn't say a word. They just continued smiling while unabashedly enjoying the view. As I described previously, her tits weren't huge, but they were perky and looked amazing on her petite body. From their reactions, I knew that Cam and JL thought that they looked amazing too.

Brie watched their reactions for several moments before proceeding to pull the nightshirt entirely off of her. She dropped the nighshirt on the couch and stood facing the guys wearing only her panties. The guys simply stared, and Brie just let them look. Brie was certainly embarrassed, with her tits on display like that, but she was also clearly enjoying the attention. Meanwhile, I kept switching between looking at Brie's exposed tits and the guys facial expressions as they took in the sight. I'm sure that they had been dying to see her topless since they first met her, never imagining that it would actually happen. And yet, here they were. I know it sounds strange after I had been encouraging all of this, but I was conflicted. These guys had been lusting after her and were now being allowed to simply stare at her gorgeous, naked tits.