Download new version instagram android

Download new version instagram android


دانلود اینستاگرام is the most popular social network for sharing short images and videos that have been installed more than a billion times in the world. The instagram app is so popular and well-known that there are fewer people who haven't heard of it or haven't installed it on their mobile phones. On Instagram, you can share your favorite pictures with others and be informed of their comments with the help of the likes and comments feature. You can follow the people you are interested in following his photos so that the photos he shares can be displayed in your timeline.


Another feature of that section is Instagram Direct, where you can have a private chat with your friends, and also if someone wants to disturb Direct, you can use that block feature to block that account. Also, the default effects and filters are designed to make your photos more beautiful before publishing, which you can use. Although Instagram is not known as a messenger like Telegram, the direct Instagram section was also usable as a messenger, and features are added every time the update.

دانلود نسخه آخر اینستاگرام

Features of Instagram download instagram app for Android:

Post story, timed post

Send and receive likes and comments

Private chat in the app

Create different effects on your images

Share your pictures and videos on social networks

Upload images and videos without restrictions

Send pictures and videos directly to friends