Download new version Telegram

Download new version Telegram


Download the original Telegram Telegram new version of Android

Telegram - Telegram is the most popular Android messenger among Iranian users, which is used today more than any other application. This application was able to attract many Iranian users very quickly by providing services and updates and special features. Along with Instagram and WhatsApp, Telegram are the most used applications in Iran. With the unveiling of the ability to build unlimited private and public groups, the ability to create news and entertainment channels, Telegram was welcomed by users from the very beginning. To date, the download of Telegram has been done by more than 40 million Iranian users who talk to each other by installing the original Telegram update.

Another great feature of Telegram is the ability to create groups and supergroups with the ability to accept a very large volume of members and is one of the most popular points for people who love chatting in crowded groups. Despite all the great features of Telegram, it is interesting to know that you will not see the slightest slowness or error in it, and the Telegram development team is constantly improving and fixing its bugs. Also, Telegram's powerful api and the ability to program very smart and powerful robots are other great features of Telegram.

Features of the original Android Telegram:

Powerful encryption of messages sent between users

Ability to create custom sticker packages and use them in your chats

Dedicated cloud space for each user and securely store their information on secure Telegram servers

Ability to create groups and supergroups

Excellent speed and slowness, even in slow internet speeds

Ability to subscribe and enjoy the infinite channel

Build an unlimited number of channels and groups in Telegram

Ability to search for advanced people

Ability to create unlimited number of channels for free

You can create a regular group or a super group and attract up to 200,000 members

Ability to make quality voice calls

Telegram allows you to access your messages from multiple devices.

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