Download Korean series in Mer30Download

Download Korean series in Mer30Download

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La industria cinematográfica coreana ha tenido un gran progreso en los últimos años, por lo que ha ganado muchos fanáticos en diferentes países. Irán también es uno de los países que ha recurrido a las películas coreanas en la última década y ha tenido una buena acogida. En este artículo, se han presentado y revisado las mejores series coreanas. youtube top korean serial

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If you are a fan of Korean series, you have definitely heard of the Squid Game series. This series, which became the most watched series in the world on Netflix, tells the story of an exciting and violent game in which 456 players risk their lives to win a prize of 45.6 million dollars. The Squid Game series was released by Netflix in 9 episodes in 2021 and became the most watched and popular Netflix series in a short time. This series has not received any negative reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes website and its score is 8.5 on the IMDB website.

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Click to download the Korean series Squid Game. All of us are dead This series is one of the most popular and newest Korean series that was released in 2022 and is now one of the top 10 series on Netflix. The rating of this series on IMDB is 7.7 out of 10. The genre of the series "We are all dead" is zombie and thriller, and the story of the series is about several students who are trapped in their school. All of us are dead is an excellent adaptation of the Korean digital comic "Now in Our School" drawn by Joo Dong-kyung. In this series, the students of a school struggle with an unknown virus that turns people into zombies. Although the story of this series is similar to many other movies and series, but the good direction, the professional acting team and the strong script will make the viewer's feet nailed to the show. To download the Korean series "All of us are dead", you can enter the Mercy Download site and download this series in Persian dubbing or in the original language, with the quality you want.

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