How to download from the Telegram Channel

How to download from the Telegram Channel


It's a pretty simple procedure actually, and won't take you more than 3 minutes. This guide has been written taking into account that some people can't / don't want to install Telegram Desktop on their PCs. You'll only need a phone number to sign up.

If you can download Telegram Desktop, I highly recommend doing it. It'll be way faster than using the web version. If you already have Desktop and are already signed in, you can just click the links on the thread and they'll open on the app.

Something like this will show up if you click on the links directly. If you have Telegram Desktop and are already signed in, just click where the red rectangle is and links will open like normal inside the app. Otherwise, keep reading.

If you don't have Telegram Desktop and don't want to install it, you can use the web version. We'll be using the experimental (official) Telegram React. Unlike the regular web client, Telegram React has a better and faster UI, and it also allows downloading large files from the browser.

  • First, head over to Telegram React and type in your phone number. You'll receive an SMS with a code, enter it and finish setting up your account. Once you're in, you'll see something like this:
We can set a dark theme by opening the hamburger menu at the top-left corner and going into Settings, General settings, Appearance. This is not a brand new Telegram account, so something may be different.
  • As stated in the caption, I've set a dark theme, but it's not necessary. Now, just click on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner and click where it says Saved Messages:
This will open up a private chat with ourselves. It's useful for saving things for later, but we'll use it for something else now.
  • Once inside, copy the Telegram link you're interested in and paste it where it says message, then hit Enter to send the link:
  • Now just click that link you sent yourself, and you'll go straight to the channel!
You can check the pinned message at the top to find out all the tags available on the channel, and also access an index with all the albums available. It may be a bit outdated tho, I'm a bit lazy :P
  • I suggest clicking the Join button at the bottom if you want to be able to easily access the channel.

And that's it! You can either use the search button inside the channel and look for the album either in romanji or japanese, or keep doing the copy-paste procedure. I suggest you to look up other channels or groups on Telegram too :)