Down pillows on offer

Down pillows on offer

McCleary Conner

The down pillow Hoffmann 20-80 in the size 80 x 80 cm on a white background
The down pillow Hoffmann 20-80 is on offer. It weighs 1800 grams and is filled with 80% feathers, making it particularly suitable for side sleepers. Also worth mentioning are the tested for harmful substances with the class 1 certification according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the NOMITE seal of approval for allergy sufferers.

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Note on the shop details
Please note the following naming information. In the webshop you can read the size and softness of the down pillows directly from the pillow name.

Take the Hoffmann 30-70 pillow 40 x 80 as an example. The mixing ratio (softness) of the down pillow with a hyphen is given here. “30-70” means that the down percentage is 30% and feathers fill the remaining 70%. The specification of "40 x 80" separated by the x indicates the size of the pillow in centimeters.

In short: "x = size" and "- = hardness"

Selection of down pillow degrees of softness in the range
In our range we offer down pillows of the following degrees of softness. The details are the mixture ratio of down to feathers. This gives a first orientation regarding the softness, because in addition to the mixing ratio, the pressure with which the filling is pressed into the cushion also determines the hardness of the cushion. 300 grams of filling ensure less hardness than 600 grams of the same filling in the same cushion cover.

Overview of all degrees of softness
15-85 20-80 30-70
40-60 50-50 60-40
70-30 90-10 100
Details in down percentage of feather

Selection of down pillow sizes in the range
In our range we offer down pillows in the following sizes.

Overview of all down pillow sizes
40 x 60 40 x 80
60 x 80 70 x 90 80 x 80
In centimeters

Do you need a special size?
This is not a problem. As with the down comforters, we can offer you everything that is technically feasible. Details can be found on our information page about bedspread sizes.

Care instructions and washing tips
Down pillows are basically small duvets, so basically the same advice and care tips apply to them. We therefore refer to our detailed page on washing and maintaining down comforters.

In addition to the down pillows, it is also important to take care of the pillow cases. Since the covers generally do not have the outstanding properties of the high-quality cushion covers and are permanently in direct contact with your skin, you should change and wash the cushion covers every 7 to 14 days.

Life of a down pillow
The main task of a pillow is to support your head adequately and suitably to your lying position. This means that a down pillow only has to be changed as soon as the filling power or the resulting support capacity is no longer sufficient to make your sleep restful.

JDGOSHOP is said that a duvet should be changed on average after 8 to 10 years. There is no meaningful information on a pillow because the type and strength of the challenges that a pillow has to master differ greatly from sleeper to sleeper. If you don't want to do without a rule of thumb, you can test a change every 3 to 5 years.

When checking, your personal hygiene style decides whether you want a fresh pillow. Regardless of a fixed test rhythm, you immediately notice whether the pillow is still fulfilling its main function, namely as soon as you experience regular neck pain. You should take this hint of your body as seriously as possible and immediately choose a new pillow from our collection.

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