Dorm, Chapter 1

Dorm, Chapter 1


When I moved back into the circle we all started fingering her as she turned, one at a time, and together we worked her panties down over her ass to her mid-thigh. Her inner thighs glistened with moisture that dripped down from her hungry cunt, begging to be sated by strong, thick cock. I started going up and down as I danced again, running my fingers along her legs and working her panties down to her knees. We kept grabbing her ass and pussy, enjoying the feel of her bare skin until her panties suddenly dropped to her ankles.

She tripped into the first guy and he fell back, landing comforatably in a recliner and catching her bodily on top of him. "I'm sorry," she laughed, "I tripped again," and looked into his eyes in a long, happy stare. I took the opportunity to slip her panties off her ankles and toss the into the corner with her bra before helping her up. She looked around and, not seeing anything that could have made her trip, wrapped her arms around my neck and started slow dancing with me.

"I'm so tipsy," she whispered.

I whispered back, "I know." Then swaying with her I grabbed her hips, petting her ass as we danced. "It'll be ok, just go with it." She looked up at me and smiled, then nuzzled into my chest in complete security. I held her shoulders and spun her around so she could lean back against me and loop her arms back around my neck as we lazily drifted side to side to the music.

I started kissing her neck and sliding my hands under her dress down her back and between her breasts. She moaned and turned her head to kiss me on the lips, and as she did I slipped her dress down over her tits. Her breasts looked magnificent with her arched back, and both of the guys started stroking their bulges through their trousers. I proceeded to slide her dress down over her hips, and dipped down to the ground and back up as she swayed her naked hips. Now she was completely naked except for her stiletto heels, and I ran my hands lustily over her smooth skin. The two guys stared at her gorgeous naked body swaying a foot in front of their faces, reaching their hands down their pants to stroke their rock hard members.

"Let's get you to bed," I said in her ear and took her by the hand to lead her down the hallway. She nodded and muttered in agreement as she let me lead her, swaying her naked hips and taking cute, petite steps in her six inch heels. The two guys followed behind her, eyes riveted to her naked ass as it swayed uncertainly down the hallway. I led her back to the bedroom and she sat down on the edge of the bed.

She lay back almost immediately and let her hands explore her body, skimming over the mounds of her breasts, caressing her smooth hips, and eventually gravitating to her clean shaven pussy. All three of us watched her writhe sleepily for a few moments as she fingered herself on the bed, eyes closed in pleasure, legs parted a little to give access to her nethers. I asked the two guys if they were experienced and their um well's were all the response I needed.

"Well the first thing you always need to do is make the woman cum," I instructed, stripping down to my boxers. They did the same and I knelt down at the edge of the bed between my wife's legs. I showed them where to suck, lick, and nibble before leaning in to give a demonstration. My wife arched her back as I licked in and around her pussy, and started moaning quick shallow breaths when I sucked on her clit. Then pulling away I stood up and turned to the first guy.

"Your turn," I said with a smile, and he knelt wide-eyed in my place. He cautiously leaned in, giving her folds a tentative lick. She moaned at his touch and rolled her hips back and forth to get more of his tongue. Without any more prompting he pressed his tongue fully into her and began french kissing her pussy lips.

With an "Oh yes!" she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him against her, guiding his face to her pleasure. He instinctively slid his hands up her legs to her thighs and gently caressed her skin as he ate her out with gusto. She arched her back more and cried out, "Oh God, you feel good!" in a breathy, lustful voice. She said it exactly the way she talks to me, and I could tell she thought I was the one eating her out.

I smiled and stroked myself through the thin material of my boxers, watching my wife build quickly to an orgasm. After a few minutes her arms and legs tensed up, and she let out a cry of ecstasy as she came all over the guy's face. He stood up with a stupid grin on his face, looked at me, and said, "Holy shit."

I just nodded and chuckled, clapping him on the shoulder and telling him he did a good job. I then proceeded to remove my boxers and tell them about how women can have multiple orgasms if they get aroused again, before climbing onto the bed. I lifted my wife and sat behind her, letting my rock hard cock lay in the small of her back. She lay there happily caressing my legs as I pointed out her nipples and areolas to the guys. They mounted the bed beside her and each took a nipple in their mouths, taking the liberty of feeling up every inch of her body as they sucked on her tits.

She lay there in a drunk, post-orgasmic bliss, and I watched these two guys enjoy her body, taking turns fingering her until she was close to another orgasm. "Ok," I said to the second guy, "Your turn." He climbed off the bed and knelt between her legs, leaning in to lick and suck her pussy like the last guy. It took her longer this time, but they had gotten her close enough that after about five or six minutes she was writhing sleepily against me in a second, softer orgasm.

"Nice," I said to the second guy as he stood, checking his jaw with a grin on his face. My wife was sweating lightly and breathing hard, with her head rolled back on my shoulder. I said, "Condoms," and the first guy produced a box of them. Then dropping their boxers they rolled the latex down their rock hard members. I hooked my knees inside my wife's, sliding her hips to a good position near the edge of the bed and spreading her legs wide. Then I nodded to the first guy, "Go for it."

He took a deep breath and stepped up to her, placing his hands on her inner thighs and laying his cock along her pussy slit. After some maneuvering with his hips he used one hand to line the swollen, purple head of his dick up with the my wife's cock hole that waited to receive him. As he slid himself inside her his face had the look of stunned awe, and I knew this was his first time. He pressed himself in until he bottomed out and held himself inside her, holding her hips and relishing the sensation of having her womanhood wrapped around his throbbing shaft.

My wife nuzzled against my neck and brought her arms across her chest to cover herself up somewhat, leaning back against me. I slid my hands to her wrists and pulled her arms up behind my neck to give the guy a better view of her breasts as he fucked her. "Grab her tits," I told him, and held her under the arms to keep her from covering herself again while his hands happily groped her chest. His hips started lightly thrusting as he played with her breasts, and she squirmed slightly, mewling uncertainly into my ear at this new sensation of having two men pressed against her naked body.

"Just relax," I reassured her, "I've got you," and I spread her legs and pulled her arms back even further. I flexed, holding her securely as the guy started fucking her faster and faster. When I felt her arms hold tighter on around my neck I slid my hands down to her ribs and cupped her breasts. Feeling them bounce in my hands as this guy rocked her body made my dick even harder.

It wasn't long until he held himself balls deep inside her to cum, and his hands darted up to pinch her nipples as I held her breasts steady for him. My wife breathed deeply and moaned, enjoying the feel of a man's cock throbbing its ecstasy into her innermost being. When he finally finished and pulled out, the first guy stepped away and sheepishly went to clean off. The second guy needed no prompting and slid right between her legs, holding his dick straight out and ready to skewer her pelvis.

He slipped the head of his cock inside her, then grasped her hips firmly to pull himself the rest of the way in. My wife sighed and groaned with him as he thrust into her again and again, holding her thighs and pounding her pussy with youthful eagerness. He had been hard all evening and after about half a minute of ramming her with his shaft he shouted, "Oh god, I'm cumming!" and sank himself to the hilt inside her.

She cried out with a "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and arched her back, bucking her hips toward him and coming closer to an orgasm as he pumped her full of his essence. His hands slid up her body to her breasts and I held her arms back as he caressed her globes with rapturous awe. For over a minute he loosed pulse after pulse of himself into her captive, writhing body, feeling the feedback of her pleasure through her panting, gasping cries.

When he finally pulled out I released my wife and she curled her legs, turning to face me and lay her head on my chest. Her legs straddled my thigh and I could feel her panting as she recovered. After a minute or two the guys were cleaned up and standing around trying to nervously hide their cocks that were hard again just from staring at my wife's naked body. Se looked up at me through messy hair and said breathlessly, "That felt SOOOO good." Then, with a sheeping look she said, "Are you sure it's ok?"

In response I looked up with a wolfish smile at the two guys and said, "If you have more condoms you can go again." They looked at each other and practically darted for the box of condoms, putting them on quickly and lining up to fuck my wife. I raised my knee to prop up my wife's pussy, angling her toward their re-hardened cocks, and she looked deeply into my eyes. She leaned slightly forward to kiss me, melting into my lips while the first guy stepped up behind her.

His hands gently cupped her ass and he laid his hard dick between her cheeks as he took the time to savor her. Then taking the base of his cock in one hand and gripping her ass with the other, he placed the head of his manhood agaist her waiting, dripping slit. She broke our kiss and drew in a breath as he started slowly pressing himself inside her, and she maintained eye contact with me until her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

When he bottomed out she closed her eyelids to focus on every detail of his long, smooth fuckstick, letting her mouth loll open in delerium. Her breaths were shallow and coming quickly now as he pulled back out and plunged in again. She braced off my chest to push back against him and draw his member as deep into herself as he could go. I watched her tits jostle and sway gently in front of my face with his next few strokes, and I reached up to stroke their curves and finger their beautiful, rock hard nipples.

After a few moments my wife couldn't take it anymore and in a pleading, commanding voice shouted, "Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me like you mean it! Fuck me hard and deep! Make me feel your balls against my pussy until they fill me up with your cum!"

The guy needed no further encouragement and, gripping her ass tightly in both hands, started hammering into her from behind. Hard and fast he went at her, filling her with his giddy lust that threatened to cream all over the inside of her cum catcher each time his hips slapped her ass. I held her shoulders and helped her brace against the onslaught. Her body was overtaken by a rising cry that turned from suntry moan to a long, gut-wrenching scream and ended in a "Yes! Yes! Yes!" when he finally shot his load.

She kept saying "Yes!" with every pulse of cum his cock shot into her, and when he pulled out she said, "Oh god, don't stop! I'm so close!" As soon as the first guy was clear the second guy jumped in behind her and, as quickly as he could line himself up, thrust himself full bore into her. Her back arched so hard that her tits slapped me in the face, and I knew my cock would explode if I didn't fuck her right then.

The second guy grabbed her hips and started a steady rhythm, bottoming out on every stroke the way only a newcummer can on a woman who's taking her fourth cock of the night. I slid out from under her body as it spasmed in glory, and I knelt in front of her face. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open as her cries of "Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" turned to a long cry of satiation from her soul.

Taking the opportunity I slipped my hard cock, swollen to the point of bursting, into her gaping mouth. She eagerly sucked me in until my balls tapped her chin, and I immediately stared to stroke in and out of her lips. Seeing her double-teaming me and another guy made me shoot my load after only three strokes. She started to dutifully swallow my creamy bursts, but being double penetrated must have been too much for her because she froze and screamed an long, hard orgasm onto my cum-spurting dick.

Feeling her pussy cum on his raging member, the second guy's eyes got wide and he stuffed his shaft balls-deep inside her to empty his soul into her waiting womanhood. As the three of us came in unison our moans and groans harmonized in a cacauphony of release, and the first guy climbed onto the bed to join me and the second guy in running our hands all over my wife's naked body. When we all finally finished cumming she sat up and smiled, looking at all three of us with my jizz dripping down her chin.

Slightly embarrassed and still more than a little drunk she made her way to the bathroom, took of her high heels, and got into the shower. As she washed away the evening the three of us stood in the doorway, watching her hands glide smoothly over her glistening body and getting hard again. When she had finished she towelled off and got dressed, and I led her stumblingly back to our car and home.

The next morning she came into the kitchen with a massive hangover and over her breakfast sheepishly asked, "Did I really fuck two other guys last night?" I just smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled back lustfully and a shudder of excitement ran through her body as she reminisced. This was going to be the start of something fun.