Doom 2 Battle Royale

Doom 2 Battle Royale


Doom 2 Battle Royale - a modification to the classic shooter, causing nostalgic hiccups. In the presence of all the features of a typical royal battle.

Rejoice, for there is still no reason to play any shooter released after 1994. In Doom 2 has long been all - single modes, cooperative modes and multiplayer. And they release modifications not greedy developers, but true connoisseurs of infernal mixtures.

Supporting the mod is engaged Retrodex Gaming, which added all the necessary for the royal battle features. Then you and the narrowing area, and randomly scattered weapons. The card, stitched from three levels, holds 64 players and 8 bots. So far, developers can not add more bots, since their number causes serious problems with RAM.

by gameposter