Don’t consider two wheeler insurance a formality, purchase it wisely

Don’t consider two wheeler insurance a formality, purchase it wisely

Mohammed Khan

Riding your brand new bike and making your way through the wide roads is definitely a great feeling. For those who have a passion to drive, it sure makes sense to buy one of your favorites. Along with this, it is also important to protect your vehicle and of course, yourself. The best way to do so is by purchasing the right two wheeler insurance and also following its rules. 

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, it is important for everyone to purchase a two wheeler insurance. However, there are a number of bike owners who do not renew their insurance policy which put their safety at risk. Having a two insurance policy is not just limited to buying it but also ensuring that it is renewed from time to time.

There are many bike owners who opt for any insurance policy just because it is compulsory. They tend to underestimate the importance of a two wheeler insurance. For example, simply opting for a third party liability insurance is not something that will protect you in case of an accident. It will only offer protection to the third party and his vehicle. For this reason having a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy is very important. 

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance comprises third party liability and offers protection to you as well as your vehicle. There are many such cases when people regret having purchased an inappropriate cover. Raj wanted to save up on buying a two wheeler insurance policy due to which he ended up purchasing just a third party liability cover. One day when he met with an accident in which his bike received equal damage and he realised that he should have purchased a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. 

A two wheeler insurance policy offers extensive protection, however, it is very important for vehicle owners to choose it wisely. With increasing importance of road safety, it has become all the more necessary to opt for the right two wheeler insurance