Don't Worry Azure Training Lab for $0

Don't Worry Azure Training Lab for $0


Kam Salisbury

Beginning or switching to coding for "the cloud" no longer means hours of effort and a small heard of old servers in the basement. You can literally have a complete cloud computing lab ready in an afternoon.

Azure currently gives new accounts funds and access to all paid level features for thirty days

Get started;

Sign-up up for a free Azure account

Don't worry, you are providing a credit card to prove identity. Be sure to set a $0 limit on the Pay As You Go subscription.

Your free development lab can be extended for a year through subscription offerings

Add Subscriptions;

Sign-up for both free account subscription programs, which allows you to understand multiple subscriptions in the same account login, plus adds monthly credit to each subscription.

Don't worry, these $25 monthly credits (per subscription) are enough to learn with and do not require a credit card though you have that as an option if you want it.

You could use Notepad to edit code, however, there are many great editors to choose from

Choose a Code Editor;

Never used a code editor before? Start with VScode

Don't worry, Azure does not require this specific code editor.

You have a complete Cloud coding lab!

Code, Learn, Code More;

You now have a complete Azure development lab in the cloud! The training resources at are excellent and updated often.

When you are ready, your lab can be enhanced by;

Creating a free GitHub account to store and share all your awesome code projects. when you are ready, GitHub has paid tiers with features most businesses would need.

Try a different code editor. VScode is great and extendable through free and paid plugins, however, there are editors available for all platforms that may be better suited for your coding tasks. DuckDuckGo search

The sky is the limit!