Домодедово купить Ecstasy Rolls Royce

Домодедово купить Ecstasy Rolls Royce

Домодедово купить Ecstasy Rolls Royce

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More options Save this search. Red with red interior. GCC spec blue coupe, beige interior with power locks, CD player and a 12 cylinder engine. Automatic GCC spec Rolls-Royce Wraith with 20 inch wheels, air conditioning, power locks, tan interior, white exterior. GCC spec automatic, 20 inch wheels, MP3 interface, cooled rear seats, tan interior, blue exterior. GCC spec red coupe, white interior with rear wheel drive, power locks and a 12 cylinder engine. Premium sound system, 21 inch wheels and alarm. GCC spec, white 12 cylinder sedan with red interior. It has AUX audio in and xenon headlights. It has airbags front and side and CD player. GCC spec Rolls-Royce featuring power seats with memory, horsepower, bluetooth system. White with red interior. Imported spec Wraith from with a 12 cylinder engine. Purple coupe with beige interior. It has power locks and navigation system. Blue 12 cylinder coupe. It has cooled front seats and power seats with memory. It features rear camera, 21 inch wheels and parking sensor rear. Rolls-Royce Wraith with many features, including star light roof , leather seats, fog lights. Black with red interior. A blue Rolls-Royce Wraith now available at a reduced price. Still, I bought the Wraith as the options are unbeatable inside, the engine is powerful and quiet not to mention it is an extravagant coupe. Road noise, engine and options. They stand out wherever you go; everyone wants to take pictures, and with over 44, colours available, nothing can compare to the Wraith. Colour options, presence and options. Options, engine and pure luxury. With four seats inside, this extravagant coupe is the pinnacle of two door luxury. Fitted with all the right options to create a much-desired cabin the Rolls Royce Wraith is almost unbeatable in every aspect. However, the Wraith is not just another pretty face. In current trim, Wraith models are the brands fastest and most powerful vehicle available over horsepower powering the rear wheels. Only versions of these were built, and each one is equipped with leather seats, wooden trim, dials for various engine readings and a centrally mounted speedometer plus a few other dials. Powering the wheels is a straight six-cylinder 4. These models are extremely rare to find and very rarely change hands. Finding one of these for sale is liking finding a needle in a haystack. In its first generation, the Wraith sports two doors and is an overall elegantly crafted coupe with all the right bumps and grooves to announce your presence on the road. Exterior options of this luxurious coupe include weighted wheel caps that keeps the exquisite logo upright when travelling, parking sensors, multiple cameras to provide a top-down view, soft closing suicide doors with electronic closing options, adaptive headlights, 20 or inch rims and the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy. Interior options are plentiful and consists of a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, media inputs, cruise control modes, cooled front seats, premium leather upholstery, analogue clock, real wood trim, multi function steering wheel, starlight headliner, memory seats, powered accessories, keyless start, sunroof and many more exquisite pieces. Powering the Wraith is a V12 6. The satellite-aided transmission feeds off data projected via the built-in navigation to perfectly time gear changes. An extremely useful when it comes to traffic jams. Rolls Royce is no stranger to the idea of special editions, and the Wraith is no exception. Wraith Suhail Edition models are available with a moonstone pearl coat of paint, Suhail star emblem hand painted just above the front wheel arch, Creme light leather upholstery complemented by Navy Blue carpets and dashboard gauges, Ash Burr wood trim, Suhail Star emblem crafted into the glove box and the Suhail constellation made visible on the analog clock face. Inside, these models combine Arctic White and Anthracite Black leather, silk lining for the front and rear door pockets and smooth wood dashboard. Inspired By Music models carry a watt channel premium sound system finely tuned for pitch perfect sound quality along with a Lyrical Copper exterior colour and copper themed interior. Black Badge models are not only equipped with a high-gloss black Spirit of Ecstasy, silver on black RR logos, darker trims and black starlight headliner but a tweaked engine that produces Nm of torque along with a revised gearbox and air suspension system. Inside, are four seats covered in Black and Mugello Red leather as well as aluminium threaded carbon fibre. AED , Notify me if price drops Notify me if price drops. Rolls-Royce Wraith - Under Warranty Rolls-Royce Wraith - Under Warranty. Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge. Rolls-Royce Wraith one of one Rolls-Royce Wraith one of one. AED 1,, Notify me if price drops Notify me if price drops. Rolls-Royce Wraith Original Color: Brown Silver car with White Vinyl Sticker Brown Silver car with White Vinyl Sticker. For a vehicle that weighs in at almost two tonnes, the Wraith is easy to drive which comes as a surprise. Each model is built pretty much by hand, so you know that whatever Wraith you buy has been crafted out of love and appreciation. While not technically the first generation or the Wraith, this was the first time the nameplate was used.

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