One Night, One Chance

One Night, One Chance


Damien gazed upon her bronze skin and watched her long dark hair flow behind her. He thought of nothing but the rising temptation to rise from his seat and to take her by the hips, tugging her into his embrace. He couldn’t bring himself to make such a scene as the anxiety weighed too much for the average man. Instead he rose from his chair and left to the bathroom in frustration. He washed his hands with some cold water and splashed some on his face. 

"I wonder what her name is," Damien asked himself quietly as he wiped his face while staring at himself in the mirror. His 27-year-old face grimaced back at him. "What does it matter? The place is packed full of better men."

"Alayna," groaned a man from the urinals behind Damien. "Ah, yes my friend I know that look. I know that look all too well. Many men have lost their courage in the eyes of the beast."

The man flushed the toilet and came over to the sinks to wash his hands. Damien watched as the pit in his stomach rose again. "Oh, I’m sorry. Is she your girl?"

The charismatic man grinned wildly, "Her spirit will never be tamed to a single person. No one man can own her. I’ve been working at this bar for many years and have seen many beauties come and go; many hearts flutter and break but none like the hearts that fly towards the sun like Alayna." 

Damien looked back into the mirror and felt even more doubt in himself. "I’d give anything just to have a moment with her. A moment pure and real so that she could see past my fear and doubt."

"Could you be such a man?"

Damien thought on this question for a moment and searched through his mind to find the answer. Damien lived a quite minded life that barely had any spark in it. He worked 45 hours a week doing whatever work he could find. He didn’t have many talents to speak of nor had any stories worth sharing. There truly wasn’t anything special to speak of when it came to the man that was Damien.

"No, I suppose not."

"Why do you say that my friend? Are you really that full of self-doubt and pity?"

"Do you always talk of matters of the heart while standing in the men’s bathroom?" Damien asked with a smirk on his face.

The stranger smiled again and said, "No, of course I don’t. But you appear different than the normal guys that walk in here. What is your name?"

"Damien," he replied. 

"Damien, what would you say if I told you that I could give you that moment with her. Just one moment that could change your life forever."

"What, you’ve got some magic love potion or something in your pocket?"

"Don’t be silly," the stranger said as he pulled a pill bottle from his breast pocket. "I’ve got a magic pill."

"Whoa, thanks but no thanks. I don’t do drugs."

"Of course you don’t. This isn’t what you think it is, my friend. This will unlock the real you from within. This will give you a chance to act like you would but without fear, without doubt and boost the confidence you already have. Imagine, you’re walking up to Alayna and finally asking her to dance. No sweaty palms to worry about and no two left feet to blame. Just you, but the best version of you."

Damien thought on this for a second and weighed the consequences. 

"What’s the worst that could happen? You go home alone and start another routine day tomorrow. I’m offering you a chance to be happy with a beautiful woman!"

Damien watched as the man poured out a pill from the bottle and held it to him. The small white diamond shape pill laid before him. "How much?"

"This one is on me, Damien my friend." He dropped it in Damien’s hand and walked past patting his shoulder. "Good luck!"

Damien waited until he was alone again and then popped it in and washed it down with the water from the sink. Moments passed and nothing happened. Disappointed he walked out of the bathroom and back to his seat where he saw the beautiful Alayna dancing in her red fiery dress to the music. The blaring brass and skillfully plucked guitar echoed as the band played their Mexican tunes. 

Damien ordered another rum and coke and continued to sip on it without ever taking his eyes off her. He watched her dress fall up her thighs and dreamt of laying soft wet kisses between them. He felt his blood rush through his body as he became warm with eager desire. He rolled up his red and black plaid sleeves and stood from his seat. He stepped closer to his destiny; through the crowd and the other couples dancing until he finally came face-to-face with her. 

Without a word Damien grabbed her hand and hip and lead her in the dance. Never skipping a beat, just that of the beat of his heart, they danced together. She smiled at him with her ruby red lipstick and perfect brown eyes. Alayna was impressed and followed his lead pressing herself closer to his chest with her breast and allowed him to twist and turn their bodies as one. Damien spun Alayna outwards and she spun herself back and as the final guitar strum struck Alayna wrapper her legs around Damien’s thigh as he dipped her a few inches from the floor. 

They hadn’t realized that they had grown spectators that applauded their romantic meeting. Alayna had an even bigger smile as she tried to catch her breath. Damien never stopped staring into her eyes as he gracefully lifted her back to her feet. The band started a new song but Alayna didn’t seem interested in dancing anymore. Her heart was racing as her legs went numb. She wanted nothing more than to be lifted from her feet and taken away to a quiet place.

Alayna took Damien’s hand and lead him out of the crowd through the door and into the night. He followed her into the parking lot until she turned around and faced him. "That was amazing!" Her voice was so delegate and soothing. Damien smiled and spoke, "I’ve wanted to do that since the first moment I saw you dance."

"Well, what took you so long?" Alayna smiled as she came closer to him. 

"I was just waiting for the right song," Damien replied as he stepped inches from her lips. "And the right time to share the perfect moment, like this."

I pressed his lips to her softly and placed his hands on her soft cheek, stroking gently and running her hair through his fingers. She kissed back, a firm and fiery kiss that Damien felt through his body and he began to stiffen. With his other hand he placed on her hip and ran up her side just beside her breast and just close enough to feel but far enough away to lust for more.

"Do you live around here?" Alayna asked quietly, briefly breaking away from their kiss.

"Yes," he said quickly, not wanting this moment to stop even for a moment. 

"Take me home, um-" Alayna paused and blushed. "I don’t even know your name. Maybe we shouldn’t."

"My name isn’t important. All that matters, is here in this moment. You can leave and never see me again if you want, but if you give me tonight I will give you my everything until there is only you. For I would give my hands just to see you and my eyes just to touch you."

Alayna bit her bottom lip adoringly and nodded as Damien took and lead her again. He helped her into his old Pickup truck and swung himself in the other side and drove off down the road. Alayna was hot with passion as her hands raced up and down Damien’s thigh and body. She kissed his cheek and neck that sent a chilling sensation up his spine. The moment he parked in the driveway she climbed on his lap and staddled him. Her dress split perfectly apart so that all that separated the two was a thin wet fabric and his jeans. Damien embraced her as he bulged closer to her, running his hands up and down her dress covered stomach and thighs and up to her rising cleavage. Alayna purposefully dropped herself and barely brushed his protrusion sticking back up at her. Teasing Damien beyond control until he finally picked her up and carried her inside the house. 

Kicking in the front door as she slammed it shut behind them they fell on the couch. Still caressing her softly while she attacked him ferociously at his exposed skin trying to rip his shirt off faster. She ripped the buttons as she put her hand up his shirt feeling the bare skin of his rippled muscles. Damien stood as he freed himself from his shirt completely as Alayna sat up and was now staring at the still growing bulge in his pants. She looked up at him with eagerness as she undid his belt buckle. Damien moaned with excitement and pain as he jeans were becoming intensely too tight on him. Alayna noticed the expression and slowed her hands down and smiled evilly. With the devil in her eyes, she caressed his tenderness and pressed her lips to it. She twisted her fingers around the fastner and pulled the zipper down excruciatingly slow. With every click the zipper unnotched the tension loosened and relieved him ever so slightly until it was all the way down. 

"Tell me what you like, baby" she moaned as she licked her lips delicately. 

"Take it," he replied staring deeply into her eyes. "It’s all yours."

She pulled his pants down a few more inches until it bounced freely out from his pants and she pressed her lips against it feeling it throb through his loose boxers. She ran her fingers across his waist band, tickling his hips and then his thighs until he began to expose out of them. She took the band in her teeth pressing her perfect round nose against his member and followed it down completely dropping his underwear. Without backing out she kissed gingerly all around it and left small smudges of lipstick on the top, both sides, underneath and finally the tip. She held it there for a extra second and then split her lips around and took it. 

Damien stood there and watched the dark-haired queen move her head back and forth making him disappear and reappear. Her mouth was soft, warm and perfectly wet. He rested a hand on her face and begged for her not to stop. Alayna felt his tip harden even more and stopped. She looked up at him and smiled again devilishly. She stood him and gestured for him to sit down. As he did he watched as Alayna turned around and slipped her shoulders free from her dress and let it fall to the floor. Her naked back, blue from the moonlight coming in from the open window, was smooth and flawless. Damien reached a hand to her hips and followed her red lacey thong trim across the small off her back and then down between her bare cheeks. He leaned forwards and pressed a wet lip to each one, smelling her sweet scent of her flesh as he melted even more. Alayna bent forwards as she dropped her wet underwear around her feet. Damien’s mouth watered as he kissed harder and began to lick the sweetness all around. Alayna moaned with excitement and pleasure until she couldn’t take it anymore and stood up. Damien didn’t stop hugging her waist as she slowly turned around.

Her bare skin, exposed and in dire need of attention glistened. Alayna sat her naked body on the ground and spread her legs while she bit her bottom lip again. Damien, still shirtless and throbbing crawled on all fours to her. He got to her feet first and kissed the tops of them first and then her ankles. He focused on her right leg and rubbed her calf with his face and then her inner thigh with his lips. He stuck his tongue and tasted her sweat from all the dancing she did tonight. He drooled for more as he licked further and further until she moaned with such intensity. He found the spot and moved his tongue in small circles starting on the outside of her pedals until he made it to her protruding bump. He slowly circled it in both directions, teasing her as she did to him.

"Tell me what you want, baby" Damien asked with the same evil look.

Alayna smiled and said, "Take it and it’s all yours."

Her smile faded and her head kicked back as Damien licked the sensitive spot perfectly. His hands made their way up her thighs and divided as one traveled up her stomach, breast and gently squeezed her hard nipples. The other slipped inside easily and disappeared slowly and then made it reappear. Damien watched as her chest went up and down faster with every thrust of his finger. Soon, Alayna’s body was rocking up and down, faster and faster as her moans were begging for more.

Alayna grabbed Damien’s hand and sat back up. She looked at him with a burning fire in her eyes and said, "Fuck me!"

Damien pulled her onto her lap and he slid right in. She moaned as her first orgasm ran through her body as Damien pumped himself deeply into her. She wrapped her strong dancer legs around his waist as he gripped her hips and thrust her down as he went up. Alayna gasped with pleasure and screamed as he found deeper depths than she had ever felt before. She clawed her nails into his back only to intensify Damien’s pleasure. 

Sweat started to drip down Damien’s chest and Alayna licked it off and started to bit his collar bone. She bit so hard that he started to bleed a little and she stopped but Damien only went harder. Alayna hit her second orgasm as her eyes shut tightly and her mouth screamed without a sound. Damien pulled himself back until he was almost completely out of her and as she started to open her eyes he thrusted himself back in sending her back into recession as he followed her into an array of orgasmic pulsations. Damien laid back pulling Alayna on top of him as she rested her exhausted self on his chest. 

Alayna pulled the blanket from the couch and threw it over them and she cuddled up in his arms falling asleep. Damien kissed the top of her head and squeezed her gently and comforting as he drifted off to sleep.

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