🔥 Do things, tell people.

🔥 Do things, tell people.

Vadim Kravcenko | vadimkravcenko.com

🤖 When I was younger, I liked to build things (still do), and I was very often surprised that people were not just flocking to my fantastic new project once I released it.

After some time, I understood the truth.

💡It really helps if you are good at two things - doing stuff and telling others about it. Being good at one of them is also acceptable if you have a partner who can support you with the other part.

To start getting good at talking about things, I started writing and sharing my thoughts. Bits and pieces of my experience that some people might find helpful.

👍 And when I’m at networking events (which happens very rarely), I usually talk about the cool projects that we’ve built at mindnow, not about who we are and why we’re fantastic. It’s cool to share the stories of how we managed to do X with Y limitations, and everyone ended up happy.

There are also many other ways to make yourself visible - conferences, contributing to open-source libraries, writing guides, books, whitepapers.

🚀 I think making a name for yourself like “the person who built that cool thing” or “the guy who posts stories on LinkedIn” is fun. The next time someone, who saw your value, thinks of something related to your area of expertise - they’ll come to you.

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