Disney Princesses lust pt 3- Frozen.(Elsa and Anna)

Disney Princesses lust pt 3- Frozen.(Elsa and Anna)


All characters belong to Disney.

The wedding was the most beautiful in the kingdom.Everyone attended and watched Roy silvan wed Elsa and Anna,their princesses.Most if not all of Arendelle was in attendance as the three shared their vows and left the cathedral amidst screams and shouts of joy from the people.Elsa and Anna blushed at all the attention (or seemed to blush).Roy had kept his head down as the crowd threw confetti and rice at the newlyweds.

They had then been escorted to Frygyn lake where there 6 month Honeymoon would take place.Though it was not said in sooo many words,it would be ideal if both princesses returned pregnant.With twins if they could swing it.Roy had blushed at this but the two sisters had only shrugged as usual at the council's words as per usual.Old geezers seemed to lack tact.They had both however looked quite meaningfully at Roy after the council had left.

They arrived at the beautiful house by the lake at noon.His two wives and friends since childhood had slept on him in the carriage the whole way.Or at least Elsa had.As for Anna,well, most of the journey was spent with her tongue down her husband's throat.She had practically raped his mouth and lips as she kissed him hard with plenty of spit and lipstick.Her eyes had taken on the look of a slot as she continously sucked on his lower lip and claimed his tongue for her own.

By the time they reached Frygyn,he was out of breath from all the kissing though Anna seemed ready for another round as Elsa woke and laid a light kiss on his lips.They had gotten out of the carriage and into the newly furnished and stocked house.After a shower he had come back to the dining room only to find that most of the servants had been sent back to Arendelle while only those extremely loyal to the princesses had been left.He also noticed thatany transport back to Arendelle had been sent back and the guards dismissed.He finally saw it moments later.

"I'm trapped."he thought.

At dinner,he found both Elsa and Anna still in their beautiful,white bridal gowns
.All they had done is redone their makeup and hair into their usual braided and twist buns.They had eaten in silence until a servant came to inform them that the last of the guards was gone.

"Oh thank the gods.I thought they'd never leave."Elsa breathed.

A change seemed to cover over his wives as they looked at him with unbridled lust and want.They licked their lips openly while staring at his trousers.As dessert was served Elsa grabbed a creamed filled pastry and walked out of her chair towards him.

"Now that all are gone except us,dear Roy,we are going to have lots of fun with that thick meat you hide in your trousers.I'm sure you've noticed that your stuck with your darling wives for six months.Don't worry though.They'll be very,VERY enjoyable.But you'll find yourself in clothes less and less everyday.Your cock will be OURS for a long time.No divorce.Your dick is going to have a permanent home in our cunts this honeymoon and for the rest of your and our lives,love.All that THICK.HEAVY.CUM. is now ours and is property of our wombs and eggs.We want to have lots of heirs and they'll be no slacking from you in that department.All that thick jizz,all that hot fertile baby batter will fill our cunts,our asses and our tummies as we wish.So get ready for a long and happy marriage,Husband."

Anna had simply been eating chocolate while this speech was being said but finally turned to Roy and sucked on a chocolate covered finger sluttily for his viewing pleasure,making his seven inches surge out of the opening Elsa had unlocked as she kneeled in front of him.She gazed at the cock and felt the heavy seed filled balls with her dainty fingers.


She took the roll in her hand and squashed it against his flaring and precum spewing cock head.It was still hot from the oven and soft and gave way to his hard dick head.Soon all seven inches of his cock had disappeared into the cream filled pastry.

"The first four months will just be me and Anna using your cock for our release,pleasure and fetishes.Any seed you pour in our cunts won't get us pregnant.Don't worry.You'll have two whole months left of us on our back with our legs spread to breed us with your strong offspring and knock us up.Make us nice and docile while we bake some buns in our ovens.It'll pay to keep us nice and bred in the future unless you like being used day in and day out.So get ready for loads of kids,dear husband.But for now,I crave a nice protein rich pastry."

The pastry over his cock was like a warm cunt as Elsa began to stroke it up and down with fervour and ease while kissing him deeply and whispering encouragement into his ear.

"That's it love.Pour that thick white gunk down that sweet pastry.Fucking unload in that hot bun for me.Paste that thing with your virile load and give your slutty wife a nice hot mea.....uuullllmmmmppphhh."

Roy quietened her with a sloppy kiss as he came and moved his hips upwards,cumming thick and hard into the pastry as Elsa lifted the now fat looking cream and sperm filled pastry of his cock.She turned her eyes to him as she bit into the seasoned pastry and moaned in pleasure at the taste of cum.She kept going until the fattest part of the pastry was left.This she turned upside down and squeezed the thick cum into her hungry mouth but not swallowing.She grabbed the table sheets and pulled them off sending the rest of desert to the floor. She got on the tabled and crawled towards a hungry looking Anna whom she pulled onto the table and kissed,swapping the thick sperm with her sister.

After all the teasing,it was too much.He got on the table and moved towards the sister who looked up at him with lust,his seed still clinging to their lips.He pushed Elsa onto her hands and kness,lifted her wedding gown up and placed his hard cock at her warm pussy.Her lips seemed to kiss his cock as it approached and entered slightly.He then pushed in firmly and took the ice queen's pussy,womb and virginity for his own.

Roy kept one hand in the small of her back to keep her from wiggling off of his fat cock. He grabbed a handful of her platinum braided hair with the other hand, and pulled her head back, reigning her in like an unruly mare. As she screamed from the discomfort of having her hair pulled,roy caught her off guard and plowed half of his seven inch fat cock into her over-stretched royal pussy. 'Ummmmmfh!' The wind was knocked out of Elsa.Roy was suddenly deep in her womb.He began to fuck her relentlessly. 'Ummmph, ummmph, ummmph, oh God, Ummph, Your dick, Ummph,Roy, Ummph your dick...'She grunted like a stuck pig.Roy kept pounding her spasming pussy.Her pussy was clutched so tightly around his fat seven inch shaft, that as he pulled it halfway out on each stroke,She could feel her pink pussy hole being pulled inside out. 

"Who's pussy is this',Roy demanded. He yanked her braid back to let her know what her answer should be.Though it was opposite,she was too far gone to resist and she liked this side of him."it's yours Roy. Uggghhh, just, ugghhh, keep, ugghhh, fucking meeeeeee!' The intensity of her orgasm momentarily blinded her.She'd never had a purely vaginal orgasm before. But, there she was, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, was, coming all over her husbands dick. 'Oohhhh shit, Ughhh, this is your own royal pussy,My love, Ughhhh, fuck it, Ughhh, fuck it hard!!!!"

In the meantime,Anna had ripped off her gown and was doing the same to Elsa.They were now both naked as newborns.He began squeezing her breasts as he continued to fuck her senseless.

Her orgasm set Roy off. He began bucking into her like a wild beast. His huge low hung balls were slapping against her swollen clit. All 7 inches of his thick cock were plowing her fertile pussy, rearranging Elsa's insides.She was delirious from the intoxicatingly mixture of pleasure and pain.She'd never been so stuffed in all of her life.Roywas touching parts of her womb that had never been stimulated. The fat spongy head of his manhood pounded her cervix like a jackhammer.She just kept cumming, one orgasm being overlapped by the next, in waves of pure ecstasy.Roy's rhythm became erratic. He jerked into her, stabbing her womb with his blunt sword. He threw back his head and howled like wolf in heat. Then she felt his huge cock spasming in her womb, as he emptied his big nuts deep in her fertile belly.So much for the last two months.She was knocked up there and then.

He slipped his head out of her leaking impregnated cunt as her body fell onto the smooth wood of the table and he turned to Anna with his cock pointed at her mouth.

Anna pressed her lips over the enormous cock and fit it snugly in her mouth.
Roy's body tensed as she pushed inch after inch down her cavity.Anna stopped when she encased all 7 inches.

Her warm mouth retreated down the length of his shaft and halted at his engorged head.Roy made a small noise as she teased it with her tongue. Before he tried to shove his hips forward, Anna worked her way back down his penis, sucking hard.The pleasure shot through Roy like a rocket.

"Shit.I'm gonna cum.Take it Anna."Roy came down her throat in thick hot spurts like sludge.He then left her mouth free and began to cover her face and hair plus big breasts before tapering off.

The taste of Roy's spunk was better than she could have imagined.Anna wanted nothing more than to consume the salty sweet treat that currently covered her. Barely opening her eyes, the slut stumbled over towards the kitchen off the table.Anna's firm and big breasts bounced as she made her way, jizz dripping from her face down on her tits.Roy stared at her ample ass, swaying sinfully behind her.

Anna stopped when she bumped into the kitchen counter, and searched it with her hands. She found the spoon she was looking for and lifted it to her face. Dragging it upwards on her face,Anna filled the spoon with sperm. She turned so Roy could watch her as he came towards her from the table,living a thoroughly fucked Elsa still on it.

Roy's eyes widened as Anna shoved the spoon in her mouth.His strawberry brown haired wufe moaned in amazement as his spunk delighted her taste buds. She scooped more semen off her face, shoveling it into her waiting maw. The slut cleared more and more cum from herself, eating it with enthused excitement. Soon, her face was visible again, and she happily spooned the ejaculate coating her tits.

When finished,Anna opened wide and stuck out her tongue, showing Roy she had downed every drop of his product. She winked at him and grabbed a nearby damp washcloth, cleaning her upper half. She glistened slightly and walked back over to her lover, who was still silently mesmerized.

"You have delicious jizz. I knew nuts that big issued great tasting cum. I had no idea it was possible to cum as much as you did. You gave me so fucking much to drink,"Anna said,still amazed at his jizz quantity even after sucking him dry at least three times now.He could still feed her and keep her belly nice and warm with protein rich batter.

Without another word he led her back to the table and a few minutes later was in her warm pussy as well,fucking her hard and fast.And within moments he was ready to breed his next heir into her belly.

"Sshhiit,gonna cum."

Anna came to earth from his declaration as his ball began brewing their potent load.

"I deserve your spunk,Roy! The cum in your big balls is boiling to the top of your dick, begging to rocket into my fertile womb. It fucking has to be! Don't lie to me,my dear husband.My cunt is glued to your pussy-stretching cock.You broke me.Don't punish me. Give it to me. Fuck me full of your babies,"She screamed and continued her encouragement.

"I want all of your cum. I want you to blast your thick-as-molasses load in my royal cunt.Your balls are swollen.They are fucking frothing and ready to burst. All you have to do is unload that thick cum your carrying. Let me carry your cum in my belly. Let me carry your children,"Anna offered as she closed in on her summit.

His balls continued to tighten at her words.

"Bust your nut. Bust your fat nut,my husband.Bust your nut in my tummy. Unload your juicy seed! I'm fertile as fuck! Saturate my slutty womb in your cum! Shoot your lover's spunk in my tummy. I want your babies in my belly. Give me your seed. Knock me the fuck up! Impregnate me and I'll orgasm so damn hard I'll lose my sight. Breed me blind!"" she desperately pleaded, eager for her impatient cunt to be filled. 

With a roar,he did just that and unleashed all his thick jizz in her fertile cunt.

"You filthy cum factory! You're still cumming! You're still filling my tight cunt with your load. You can't stop pumping your fertile jizz into me, can you?! Keep cumming. I can feel you getting me pregnant..,"Anna trailed off in approval, loving the feeling of his warm jism filling her.

A last few streams of sperm emptied into Anna,stuffing her to the brim with spunk.Another royal heir sired.


Six months later and much debauchery later and the royal family came back to Arendelle.And with both princesses hugely pregnant with triplets each.The council did a war dance in victory when they heard the news.Everyone rejoiced.

And so we leave Roy silvan about to be a father and now king of Arendelle and with two of the most beautiful royals as his wives.But our tales don't end here.As other men in the world of Disney are roped into lives,hearts and cunts of their lustful princesses.

Next let's look what happening in Agrabah,shall we?;-)