Dilemma 8 Doing it hard at home.

Dilemma 8 Doing it hard at home.


I had time off work from that assault, so naturally, I receive phone calls asking about my health from friends and family.

One of the phone calls is from Tracey, she informed me that Mary's husband is an abuser and a pig, that Mary's life at home is awful...Tracey says she encourages Mary to leave him, but Mary remains, saying he will change. Naturally the girls are best friends, revealing their most intimate moments to each other.Tracey can't help herself, telling me that Mary said she closes her eyes when her husband fucks her and imagines that it is Mr Penis in her cunt fucking her, it helps her have great orgasms, her husband thinks it is his performance getting her off, but really it is the imaginary Mr Penis.

I was stoked with this news, but, I told Tracey she is betraying a confidence from Mary.

Tracey replied that she trusts me, that I will keep it a secret - besides, Tracey said she knows Mr Penis is rising to attention at the other end of the phone line at this news, and she has that vision, in her mind as we spoke. Tracey said she was sitting in her office at work, with the door locked, she has the headphone on, so as she imagines Mr Penis rising, her hands free to roam over her body.

Tracey asked me, to please, let him free, while we chat. I did, and true to form, MrPenis surged upward and filled in size, I informed Tracey of this , she was thrilled - saying she wished she was there to witness his awakening, to wash him with her saliva, and lick and suck Mr Penis with her hungry mouth.

Tracey said her hands were massaging her breasts and nipples, her lips and mouth were getting dry from the desire to take Mr Penis in her mouth, and her pussy was manufacturing love juices for him.

I told her, I had Mr Penis in hand, smothering him and my ball bag in oils, moving my free hand up and down the shaft, imagining what she was doing on the other end of the line.

I could hear Tracey's breathing increase, she said she was standing, and has lifted her dress up around her waist, quickly removing her panties. Tracey said she was sitting and spreading her legs, Oh God she uttered, she was so wet, her fingers opening her cunt lips, her clit is on fire.....oh shit...in goes her fingers, her cunt wanting Mr Penis badly....

Tracey breathlessly pleads, asking, is Mr Penis massive and loaded for her aching, horny cunt, please wank him hard and fast, because she is tickling her clit and finger fucking her cunt as fast as she can.

Ohhh, Ohhh,,,,,fuck....fuck..fill me Mr Penis....fuck me, Tracey was pleading. There is a pause, only deep breathing on the other end of the line.

Did...did Mr Penis cum......she asked.

I composed myself ......yes Tracey, thank you...Mr Penis feels great, he exploded all over the lounge, imagining it was in your sweet cunt, thanks Tracey, I needed that.

Tracey laughed, and said, that was satisfying, not as good as the real thing..... Tracey said she needed Mr Penis sooner than later - she giggled, you don't want my cunt seeking other cocks do you, Tracey said she had better clean up, paused and giggled again. Hey you still there big boy?

I replied yes.

Tracey said she just had a devious thought, as she lightly played with her wet cunt, She could call Mary from the other office to visit her now- she giggled - what does Mr Penis think of that - she laughed as she hung up.

I was about to say,Mr Penis loved that idea, but she was gone.

The following days, I had time on my hands. I took the opportunity to observe Krystal's comings and goings, seeing if there were any clues if she was fucking somebody else. I caught up with little tasks that needed doing around the house. I am always neat and tidy, so I kept the place nice and homely, preparing evening meals for us, trying to suck up to Krystal. I was horny at home, playing with myself, though,Tracey's little interlude eased a little frustration.

One night I invited Krystal to the local club, we went to a Hypnotists Show. Krystal was called on stage with others from the crowd, she was hypnotized doing silly things in front of the audience, it was really comical. The Hypnotist said she was a great pupil, falling under his spell easily and deeply. Krystal admitted later she didn't remember what she had done, I assured her it was extremely funny. It was a great night, we had too much to drink, being a little under the weather we took a taxi home, laughing and staggering as we squeezed through the front door.

Well with the alcohol on board, our tongues loosened, and we chatted about life and our relationship. Krystal was so cool and relaxed, looking so hot in her short skirt and top.

I told her so, and she blushed a little - I said the last time we fucked was at her work, and that was weeks ago. Krystal responded with, you've had blow jobs since then. I replied that Mr Penis appreciates that, but really misses her sweet cunt.

I got up and put on some soft music and refilled Krystal's glass, she looked into my eyes and mouthed thank you.

Krystal was sitting back on the lounge sipping some champagne, she had closed her eyes, relaxing. I was leaning back admiring her long legs as her skirt rode up a little. Mr Penis was sending messages to my brain - that's hot pussy right in front of you, action time, don't miss the opportunity.

I moved a little closer, my hands rubbing her knees, she sat there not responding at first, so I persisted. My hand moved higher onto the inner part of her leg, I observed a slight grin, her eyes remained closed.

I got up from the lounge and positioned myself in front of her on my knees. I lightly kissed her knees and the inner part of her legs, I heard a light murmur from her lips, her eyes remained closed. My hands worked up her inner leg, while my lips followed my hands, lightly kissing her smooth skin.

Krystal slowly eased her legs wider, allowing my lips more access to her inner thighs, her eyes remained closed, but I could sense she was following my every move. I could smell the sweet nectar of her pussy,Mr Penis was ecstatic - full and erect.

Krystal finished off her champagne, I took the glass from her , her eyes remained closed.

I blew softly on her hot mound, as my mouth approached, my hands on her inner thighs, I bit lightly and chewed her panties on her mound, I heard a soft moan. I smelt sex, hot sex ....Mr Penis knew this was pussy was his soon, very soon.

I looked up at Krystal, she was licking her lips, they were dry, the expression of desire was there, her eyes were closed.

My hands lifted slightly on her on her buttocks, Krystal got the message she raised her buttocks, my hands quickly and expertly pulled her panties down off her legs. Krystal eased herself down a little on the lounge, at the same time spreading her legs, giving me excellent access for what was to follow.

I could see a magnificent camel toe, glistening with love juice, it was beautiful and welcoming. My hands worked her inner thighs briefly, as my tongue licked her pussy lips, her breathing quickening. My fingers gently parted her pussy lips, revealing a taut clit begging to be touched, I blew lightly on her clit, a sigh, my lips and tongue then massaged her throbbing clit - an expletive - Oh Oh Fuck, came from her desirable lips, her pelvis thrust forward and back.

I catch a glance of her hands fondling her nipples and breasts, as I take pleasure below. Krystal has removed her bra and top, her eyes are closed.

Mr penis is ravenous but patient, as he knows he will soon have center stage, her cunt will be his, soon , very soon.

Krystal's breathing is more rapid, her clit is on fire, mini- orgasms radiate from within her flaming womb. I continue to concentrate on this primed cunt, taking a little pressure off her overly excited clit as I did not want to spoil the moment, but my mouth, lips and tongue lick, suck, probe and penetrate her delicious cunt opening, that is flowing with sweet love juices.

Krystal's hands have vacated her breasts and nipples, they are now holding my head firm against her pussy.

My fingers find their way into her cunt, pushing in and out, finger fucking pussy, seducing her G-spots. I hear Krystal gasping for breath, her moans delightful, music to my ears, her body rocking and responding to my every move. Orgasms flowed, I paused briefly to let her catch her breath, the lull before the storm. Krystal was mine, we were so fucking horny, Mr Penis was eyeing her ravenous cunt.

Krystal lay spread in front of me, she was perspiring, catching breath, her eyes were open, a look of contentment, a grin - happiness.

I stood in front of her, my clothes removed, Mr Penis was standing proud, pulsating, awaiting the command to fuck and ravage her cunt. Krystal's eyes widen, looking at Mr Penis, she giggles and says - my god is he bigger, she then attempts to sit up to hold him, but, to her surprise I push her back down aggressively.

I pull her lower on the couch, menacingly hovering above her - looking down at the most beautiful sight ever, Krystal without any words being said, pleading with her eyes, her body, her open legs, her cunt to be fucked, fucked and fucked.

I teased Krystal and Mr Penis a little by having him hover at her pussies opening, gently touching her clit. Krystal tried to pull me fully onto her and into her cunt, with her hands and legs, she cursed - fuck me, Fuck Me !! I kissed her lips and lightly bit her nipples, then grabbed her arms, forcing them back to her side. At that point I eased a pulsating Mr Penis, who was rock hard and fully erect into Krystal's hungry cunt. Mr Penis covered in pre-cum and Krystal's cunt juices, glided confidently into the oven of love, shallow at first as Krystal's body shivered in anticipation.

We both moaned and groaned, her pussy adjusting and taking more and more of Mr Penis. My balls were tightening as Krystal spread her legs further, wanting to take as much cock as possible. Oh god that felt great, Mr Penis moving in and out, skin against skin, slap, slap,slap. the tempo increased markedly, the breathing more labored.

We looked into each others eyes briefly, perspiration was flowing from our bodies, I continued to thrust with what energies I had left, Krystal was rocking in unison with me, sensing my tension - a shiver, gasping for air, she thrust her pussy hard at Mr Penis, my back arched severely. Mr Penis was in heaven unleashing an explosive jet of cum deep into Krystal's womb.
Krystal's body shook, her legs squeezing on my thighs, tension held the both of us briefly, it was so erotic, so satisfying, so magnificent ...... then complete relaxation, exhaustion raided our bodies. I eased in beside Krystal, a light kiss, we lightly stroked each others bodies, exhausted, we drifted off into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the next morning Krystal had already gone to work, leaving a note, which simply said - Well done Mr Penis, my pussy is till tingling. The note gave me a warm feeling, I stroked Mr Penis.

Krystal was less friendly when she returned from work that evening, being grumpy and evasive, not wanting to discuss what was bothering her, so I backed off. She told me she was going to visit her parents for the next few days, having time off work. I offered to come along, but that was rejected, so I accepted she wanted space, for what I wasn't sure.

So my mind wandered at home,while she was away. I thought of that great night we had, picturing Krystal's body as she lay on the couch before we fucked, what a great vision.

I received little contact from Krystal, while she was at her parents, but received some texts and phone calls from Tracey and Mary, which took my mind off Krystal. I wrestled with the idea of inviting one of them around, but decided against that, I will be back at work in a few days.

My mind continued to wander while home, and I thought about the night out with Krystal, and how she had been manipulated by the hypnotist, and that she did not recall what had happened, even though there was lots of people around, and she had been asked or told to do things, that normally she would object to, .........Interesting.

I decided to read/research Hypnotism, to further my skills. Hmm, are you thinking what I am thinking.

Mr Penis has an idea ...... down boy !!!!









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