Digital Dukaan- A Chance To Let Your Business Prosper- Come What May!

Digital Dukaan- A Chance To Let Your Business Prosper- Come What May!

Anil Saxena

The idea of expanding a business and making money out of it by sitting at home does seem like the dream anybody would want to live. Moreover in this digitalised era when making everything available at one click has become the new normal, it is often SMEs’ and small-time vendors who often find it tough to keep at pace with the rat race for making the big buck.

Digital Dukaan comes in at the point when small entrepreneurs want to cross the one obstacle that stops them from making the most out of online platforms and thriving in the market- online Kirana store Kaise Khole?

Business on Whatsapp is now a reality!

What once served as a medium to communicate with your dear ones can now be a platform for your business to flourish like never before. The aspect that makes Digital Dukaan stand out from the thousands of online business methods used is it helps one in creating a Whatsapp store for any range of products and services at any time of the day. This way, Digital Dukaan does all it can for starting an online store an easy and quick affair even for those who aren’t very familiar with the technology.

Convenience achieves a new dimension!

Keeping the business afloat can be a herculean task for small business in times where the dynamics of the business world keep changing by the minute. Bringing the trade on a social media platform like Whatsapp can prove to be an effective way to build a stronger connection with customers and ensure that the business operations remain uninterrupted amid the constant uncertainty that entrepreneurs face about cash inflow time and again. Without the extra task of downloading an app or visiting a store website, this makes it all the way easier for customers to avail the products and services of a business by simply placing an order on Whatsapp.

With the store no longer bound by physical realms, the convenience of placing orders round the clock is a possibility that Digital Dukaan strives to create.

Online Kirana store Kaise Khole? 


The process of starting an online store takes a mere fifteen seconds in Digital Dukaan. It is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for entrepreneurs who often seem to encounter pressing issues in bringing their business in the digital arena.

  1. Download the Digital Dukaan app
  2. Enter your name, Whatsapp number and store location
  3. Build your online store catalogue
  4. Share through Whatsapp store

All you need to keep in mind is that a few relevant KYC documents and financial details concerning your business will be a part of the registration process. All personal information will be maintained strictly confidential to create your online store only.

Use Digital Dukaan App for worry-less transactions!

Fraudulent and opaque transaction methods usually put a full stop to the online store dreams of small-time entrepreneurs. Whether it is through online payment methods like UPI, credit cards and debit cards or the standard cash-on-delivery options, all transactions are linked to your bank account directly. With Digital Dukaan, all the payments you receive from the sale of your products are hundred per cent safe and secure this way.

Digital Dukaan is here to give you that slight edge and push needed to make your business reach magnificent levels amidst the sea of opportunities and platforms that make themselves known in the thriving business environment.