Digital Campus

Digital Campus

Azlen Elza
  • What might a digital campus look like?
  • How to grow and strengthen community?
  • What makes something feel place-like on the internet?

A campus is the intersection between community and place: the presence, opportunities, workshops, and spaces, all inherently spatial and physical—universities are inextricably linked to their form and architecture.

On the internet, large course platforms and learning marketplaces have emerged over the years. But I feel something lacking. It is education detached from location, none of these platforms even attempt to recreate or translate the feeling of being part of a campus into digital form. That is a shame. So that leads me to question, what might a digital campus look like?

How might we create the sense of a small, evolving town on the internet?
—Jon Bo (Digital Cities)

A university tends to grow a town around it, but a town does not always lead to a university. As complex as it is, a digital campus is much simpler for me to reason about than an entire town, let alone a city!

My hypothesis is that by creating a digital campus it will be the seed for the organic growth of a small digital town evolving around it.

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