Digimon: Rise and Fall: Chapter 3: Darkness and Despair

Digimon: Rise and Fall: Chapter 3: Darkness and Despair


Kari stood at her chalkboard writing down the notes for her lecture. Sweat rolled down her body. She could feel 30 pairs of eyes on her back judging her. She looked to the side and saw her mentor nodding doing her best to encourage her. She let out a small sigh. This was her moment to show that he had what it took. She turned around with a big smile and faced her judges. Several 7th grade students looked up at her with happy eyes. Kari knew that she could do it.

Now Shakespeares Macbeth stands as a literally classic for all generations. Its message of the danger of corruption and the price of power is timeless. Now I know that you all think of Shakespeare as complex, old and boring but his plays have deep meaning. Macbeths plot deals with witches, murder, and revenge.

Kari continued her lesson and slowly the students began to become more and more interested. Kari finished her lesson and the students gave her a round of applause. Kari smiled and took a deep bow. The bell rang and the students began leaving. Kari sighed in relief and took a seat on a desk. The teacher of the class stood up and smiled at her.

You did really well you have a real talent for this.

Thank you. I think that the students may have been a little old for me. I prefer to teach younger students.

Well whatever your decision Im sure that you will make a great teacher someday.

Thank you so much it means a lot to me to hear you say that.

So schools done what are you doing after?

Kari shrugged her shoulders.

Go home have some dinner and work on my thesis for school.

The older teacher shakes her head at Kari.

All work and no play make Kari a dull girl. Trust me you are going to miss out on a lot that way. Work begins to take over your life and sooner or later everything disappears. That is how I lost my first husband. Do you have a man in your life?

Kari looked down in sadness.

No Im on my own.

Well you are young and pretty Im sure that you have a lot of guys begging for you.

Kari nodded politely and left. She was right. Kari regularly had men confess their feelings to her. One man had even proposed to her out of no where. She always turned them down however. She hadnt been on an official date since university. It wasnt that she had no interest in love or sex but she just couldnt look at other men. They all failed in comparison to the true love of her life. But that ship had sailed a long time ago. She had failed and she needed to let go.

Kari walked into her lonely bachelor apartment. She found her cat Tomo lying on the couch. She gave the cat a wave but Tomo ignored her and kept on sleeping. Kari went over to the kitchen and made herself a small instant dinner. She moved to the couch and began mindlessly surfing TV channels. It didnt matter what was on nothing would heal the pain and loneliness in her heart. She put the TV on a talk show not truly even paying attention. She turned to Tomo and began mindlessly petting her.

So this is my life huh? Friday night and my night is spent with cheap noodles and a cat.

The talk show hostess said a name that snapped her back into the world.

My next guest is the award winning author TK Takaishi. Im sure that you are familiar with his best selling works the digital adventure saga. Here he is give him a round of applause.

TK walked on stage causing an uproar of female cheering. Kari bolted from the couch and stared at the screen.Her body spread with warmth and her vagina leaked with the liquid of love. He had grown up to be very handsome. He was much taller and mature looking since the time she last saw him. He was a true hunk from his natural blonde hair to his charming smile. Kari stroked his cheek on the television. What she wouldnt give to be able to touch him there and then. The hostess smiled at him.

So TK you are the author of an incredible series about a group of children who are whisked off to a digital world. They are joined by a group of monsters and defend it from evil. It is such an original and unique concept where did you come up with it?

TK gave a small giggle.

Well lets just say it was something I came up with at summer camp as a child.

Well it is incredible how much you have accomplished at such an age. You are the youngest author to win the rising writers award and Ive heard rumours of a Pulitzer in your future. Not only that I understand that you are still single.

Another wave of female cheering erupted from the audience. Red hot jealously filled Karis face. None of them could hold a candle to what her and TK have or at least had. A tear rolled down her eyes. She ruined things with him 5 years ago.

Kari lay on TKs dorm room bed. They were both in university TK studying literature and Kari studying teaching. At that moment Kari could care less about their studies. Her hormones were in high force. She wore a classy dress and was made up to look her most beautiful. She was truly a sight to behold however someone wasnt even bothering to catch a glance. TK sat at his computer pounding the keyboard with diligence. Kari grunted. This was supposed to be their date night however TK couldnt care less. Kari got up and started to massage TKs shoulders.

Kari dont do that you are making me mess up.

Oh come on havent you done enough writing for today? Its not like you have a deadline or anything. This is just some novel you are working on.

Just some novel? This is more then just a hobby this is my life, passion and hopefully my career.

I thought that I was your life. I thought that you cared for me more then anything.

I do Kari you have to believe me. All of this is for you. Think about it when we leave university I could sell my novel and then we could live our lives without having to worry. We could be free.

So what am I supposed to be in that scenario? Your loving housewife? I have dreams of my own you know and its not to stay at home well my husband works.

I never said that you couldnt follow through with your dreams I just think it might be nice to have something to fall back on.

Fall back on? You dont believe in me do you?

I never said that either! You are getting angry over nothing.

My dreams are not nothing. They are a lot more realistic then being a writer.

Now look who is a non believer.

Its not that I dont believe in you its just that I dont want to come in second to your writing.

And you wont you are the most important thing in the world to me.

Then prove it! Drop what you are doing and take me out right now or its over.

A small silence brewed between them. TK gathered his thoughts.

Are you asking me to choose between you and my dreams?

A tear rolled down Karis face.


TK sighed and sat down in front of his computer.

Goodnight Kari.

Kari burst into tears she couldnt believe what was happening. She waited for a moment to see if he was joking. She prayed that he would turn around with a big smile on his face. TK merely went back to pounding things onto his keyboard. Kari left the room and ran across the quad. Her dress kept getting under her feet and tearing but she didnt care. At that moment a car could hit her and she wouldnt feel it. The pain in her heart out shadowed everything. She went back into her room and cried into her pillow.

Kari sat in front of her television with her eyes glued to the screen. TK began to blush a little.

Yes I regrettably am still single. I guess you can say I havent found the right girl yet. Im a firm believer that there is only one right person out there for you.

The audience let out a large aww. TK smiled and the hostess took over.

Well thank you for stopping by and I cant wait for the next volume. We will be right back with a musical performance from ENOZ.

Kari turned off the TV. She sat back on the couch and smiled widely.

One right person. Even with all of his fame he is still the sweet boy I remember.

Kari lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling. She imagined TK staring at her with his eyes filled with love. He wrapped his strong arms around her and Karis body began to boil with lust. She reached into her tight shorts and began rubbing her rosy clit. Small waves of pleasure echoed through her body. Tiny beads of sweat dripped from her body soaking her clothes. Kari kissed her hand and named it TK.

Kari moved TK across her body. He moved up her shirt and gently massaged her right breast. She moaned in pleasure feeling his hand caressing her body. She pulled off her top and began sucking her fingers as though they were his penis. Kari squirmed out of her pants. She began tracing her wet fingers down her body. She moved TK between her breasts and down into her moist nether regions. TK slowly teased her tight lips gently going in and out centimetres.

Finally TK plummeted deep inside of her. Kari let out a squeal of pleasure. She panted loudly and her legs squirmed. TK thrusts became more and more forceful. Kari could feel the full extent of his manhood deep inside of her as the two of them became one. Kari continued to explore her insides and she moved up to her G-Spot. She stopped for a moment and looked deep into TKs nonexistent eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and let him thrust as hard as he wanted deep inside her. Her G-spot became crushed and Kari let out a ear shattering scream. Her feminine juices sprayed all over her couch. Kari fell back as TK disappeared in front of her eyes. What was he doing right now?

TK thrust his hips forward with blazing speed and ferocity. The beautiful TV hostess clung to TK kissing his neck and panting loudly. Every motion from TK caused more lust to stew in her. She licked his ear with passion.

Oh god I love your book it changed my life. I wanted to be Kelly so bad just so I could be with Tyler.

TK smiled.

So you knew it was me.

I always knew. Oh god fuck me like her.

TK sighed he didnt know how to respond to that seeing as the two of them never had sex. TK began to pound her like a wild beast. It wasnt the first time he was in this situation. Several groupies had come to him confessing their feelings and he never had the heart to turn them down completely. He would give them a good courtesy lay and move on. That was his life now. Just a tour of continuous press shows and sex with any woman he so much as wished. It was the dream of almost every man in the world and yet he knew something was missing. He needed love.

He felt the tightness increase in his latest groupie increase and he knew that her time had come. The hostess let out a loud moan and collapsed. TK pulled out his cock and jacked off shooting a load all over her chest. In truth it was not his type of thing but he found out quickly that the groupies loved it. They seemed to love the feeling of being treated like a slut and his cum seemed to be like a treasured gift to them. The hostess licked herself clean and panted loudly.

I have to finish the show maybe we could go out later and grab dinner.

Yeah sure.

The hostess smiled and walked back onto set. TK did up his pants, grabbed his jacket and walked out of the building. Part of him felt bad about just leaving her but he knew that she could handle it. He moved out into the street and a female voice caught him off guard.

Hello TK Takaishi.

TK sighed he felt a little drained after his last performance. He turned to turn the girl down but what he saw caught him off guard. The girl was extremely pretty with short brown hair and gorgeous eyes. He couldnt put his finger on it but something about her reminded him of Kari. He smiled widely perhaps he wasnt that tired after all.

Thats me baby the rich and famous playboy.

The girl smiled.

Not for long.

The girl handed over a paper and walked away. TK smiled thinking that she was playing hard to get. He looked at the paper and his heart sank. It wasnt a number or a love note but a court summons. He was being sued by 4Kids entertainment for copyright infringement. It wasnt long before he found himself standing in front of a court. The prosecutor looked down at him with cold eyes.

Mr. Takaishi you have made a series about children interacting with monsters in order to defend the world is this correct?

TK was almost choked up in his throat.

Yes sir.

These creatures can evolve into higher forms is that correct?

Yes sir.

Well are you aware that there is a series known as Pokemon that deals with similar concepts?

Yes I am aware of the show however my concept is entirely original.

Is that a fact? You just happened to come up with a similar concept and you even called the creatures Digimon. It sounds to me like a load of crap to me. You clearly copied the idea.

TK grew angry and lost control of himself.

I didnt steal it all of this really happened to me!

The entire court burst into laughter. TK couldnt believe his stupidity. Of course no one would believe him. He made a fatal mistake and it was only a matter of time before it cost him everything. It was a long and drawn out but the outcome was predetermined. He lost everything from his fortune to the respect of the fans. His whole life that he had worked so hard to make had fallen apart at his feet. No publisher would listen to his pitches and people considered him a fraud. The only thing in his life that mattered was a bottle of whisky.

TK sat in a bar staring into his half empty glass. He refused to drink it for he didnt have money for another and he didnt want to go back to his dingy apartment out of fear of his landlord. The bartender wiped a glass well staring at him. He was clearly annoyed and wanted nothing more then TK to leave.

Hey buddy staring at the glass is not going to make it refill. Drink it and get the fuck out now!

TK glared at the bartender with anger.

How dare you speak to me like that? I am a goddamn hero. I saved more lives then you will ever know and no one believes me. Im a fucking savoir and you treat me like trash.

Ok buddy I think you have had enough time to go.

The bartender grabbed TK from the collar and threw him out the door. He hit his face on the pavement and blood poured from his nose.

Hey you fucker Im going to sue your ass!

Hey are you ok? a female voice from behind TK sounded.

TK turned around and couldnt believe what he saw. Standing over him was Kari. She glowed like an angel in the light of the street lamp. It had been years since he had seen her and yet she hadnt changed at all. She was just as beautiful as the day she walked out of his room in tears. He looked down at him with pity and sadness. Her face seemed to melt away all of his worry and anxiety. He smiled up at her.

Kari looked down at TK in disbelief. He looked like hell. He hadnt shaven in days and his eyes were completely bloodshot. She had heard of his troubles but didnt know that it was this bad. He smiled up at her and her heart skipped a beat. It was the same smile that he gave her when they first met as a child. The world around them dissolved and they were two people desperately in love. She leaned down and held him in her arms. He felt stiff and cold like a corpse. Upon contact TK burst into tears.

Oh god Kari Im so sorry. I lost sight of what was important. You were right writing was pointless. I should have focused on you.

Dont say that I was wrong too.

Kari stared at this shell of a man whom she had once loved. She smiled at him and stroked his hair.

Come on lets get you fixed up. She told him gently.

Kari picked TK up and took him back to her place. She began addressing his wound and he squealed in pain.

Ow be careful this handsome face is all I have left.

Kari smiled.

Sorry I guess Im not as good of a medic as Joe. But you have to admit that Im a lot prettier.

Eh not by much.

The two shared a small laugh. TK began looking around her apartment.

Nice place you have here.

Well its all I can do for now. An assistant teachers salary isnt exactly ideal.

So you are still working towards being a teacher huh?

One more year of assisting and I can teach my own class.

TK looked down in shame. Well he had been hunting fame and fortune she had been living the noble life. He was nothing but a kid compared to her.

Im proud of you. You have what Ive always wanted.

Kari lowered her head for he was everything she wanted to be. He was confident, sweet and he never gave up. She looked at his chest and saw blood on his shirt.

Oh my god I think your chest is bleeding. Take off your shirt!

TK obeyed in an instant. Karis jaw dropped at seeing his bare chest. Though there was a small wound it was body that caught her eye. He had the body of a saint. His muscles were perfectly formed and his abs looked like they belonged to a super model. Her body began heating up and she blushed. TK smiled at her.

You might want to get to work before I pass out.

Kari snapped back to reality and began wiping his wound. The moment she touched his firm chest she felt as though she was the one who would pass out. Her body rushed with blood and hormones. She began to sweat and pant silently. Small fluids leaked out of her vagina. She put a bandage over his wound.

How is that?

TK smiled.

Its perfect.

TK kissed Kari deeply with all the passion he could muster. Kari felt her body weaken. It was as if all of her greatest dreams were coming true. Kari leaned back and began wrapping her legs around him. TK rubbed her shoulders and began taking off her top. He kissed down her neck and kissed her breasts. Kari moaned and wanted nothing more then to rip off his clothes. TK looked into her eyes and saw her passion. He lied on the couch and smiled at her.

Ill let you take over. Consider it my way of an apology.

Kari positioned herself over him and prepared to grace him with her love. She looked into his face and her mind flashed to his cold back as he turned her away. Anger and sadness filled her. She froze on the spot not sure what to do. A deep voice appeared in her head that was not her own.

Make him suffer. This man broke your heart now you must break his spirit. Only then can you enter a relationship on equal terms. In the end he will thank you. You will relieve his guilt.

Kari weighed the voices words. She had lived every day for years crying herself to sleep begging to be reunited with him. He had gone on with his life as if nothing had happened. She looked into his mind and knew that he had sullied himself on the bodies of other women. She had been waiting for him and ignored her. She glared down at him. He had to pay, suffer as she had suffered. Kari got off of the couch and put back on her shirt. TK looked at her confused.

Hey baby is everything ok?

Kari slapped him in the face hard causing tears to come from his eyes.

Shut the fuck up. You have a lot of nerve coming in her thinking that I would just forgive you. Do you know what I had to go through after you left me? You almost destroyed my life. But no just come in her and apologise and Ill forget all about it.

TK began to cry. He dropped to his knees.

Im so sorry I hurt you Ill do anything to make it up to you anything!

An evil grin appeared on Karis face. She looked down at him and gave a maniacal laugh.

Lets get started then.

Kari grabbed TK by the hair and dragged him over to the bathroom. She threw him in the bathtub and held his face under the tap.

First you are going to pay for every tear I shed for you.

Kari turned on the hot water as high as it would go. TKs face burned in agony and he screamed in pain. The scream sent a wave of sick pleasure through Kari that she had never known. She wanted more she wanted to see him broken before her. She wanted him humiliated until he was humbled. Kari turned off the water. TK panted loudly trying to let in as much oxygen as he could.

Are you done? Im sorry and I want to make it up to you. I want to make you feel pleasure like you have never known. I want to be part of you.

Kari spit in his face. How could he think that would be all? She was offended by his arrogance. He hadnt learned anything yet. Kari took off her shorts and panties. TK smiled at her and attempted to put his arms around her. Kari pushed him off and held him down with her foot. She crouched over him.

You want to be part of me? Well lets see if you can handle it?

Kari relaxed and let loose a large yellow stream of urine all over TKs face. TK squirmed and complained, her urine was so bitter. Kari became angry and dug her fingers into his chest wound.

No swallow it you little bitch. Prove that you love me!

TK couldnt believe what he was hearing. What had happened to his sweet innocent Kari? Her face looked completely different from when he saw it earlier. She was more like a demon. He began to feel completely helpless. However in his heart he knew that he deserved what he was getting. He opened his mouth and swallowed the urine without question. It was like drinking water from a dumpster but he did what she said. Kari smiled widely. He was beginning to break. She grabbed him and threw him on her bed with surprising strength. She took off her top and bra. TK smiled once again but it was short lived. She tied TK to the bed with her clothes and walked away from him.

You think you are such a stud like you are gods gift to women. Well let me show you the real gift.

Kari reached into her drawer and pulled out a large pink vibrator.

I bought this to try and fill the gap left by you. However I hardly think that you could match it with your pathetic excuse for a penis. Let me show you what a real pleasure looks like.

Kari sat on her dresser and turned on the vibrator. She moved it slowly into her vagina. Her whole body shook. The toy wasted no time in filling her with pleasure. The motions radiated pure joy through her body and she let loose a symphony of moans. Every moan was like a punch to the face to TKs dignity. It was like watching the love of his life cheating on him in front of his eyes. He felt his whole being draining of all life. Kari saw this and smiled. She moaned louder and louder massaging her own body filling TK with want. She moved her hips wildly and finally let out an unforgettable orgasm of pure lust. She looked into TKs sad eyes and laughed. His dignity and spirit had been broken now all that remained was his body. Kari walked over to TK and put the vibrator in his mouth.

Here you two spend some time together well I get ready.

Every part of his being wanted to spit out the phallic object but his love prevented him from doing so. He looked over at Kari rummaging through her closet. Kari had strapped something to her lower body.

You know after you dumped me I lost complete faith in men. I had a little bit of a lesbian phase for a while. That era of my life gave birth to this.

Kari turned around and strapped to her body was a massive strap on penis. TKs jaw dropped for the penis had to be at least 8 inches in length and at least 3 inches thick.

No Kari dont! Please stop now this isnt you. You were never like this before.

Kari got on the bed and positioned herself over TK. She moved the tip of the strap on over his ass.

You are right I never was like this before. This is what you turned me into!

Kari shoved the strap on in as far as fast and as hard as she could. TKs whole body tensed. Nothing in his years in the digital world, nothing in his years of playing sports and working out, nothing in his worst nightmares could compare to this pain. He felt as he had been stabbed by thick knife. Small drops of blood appeared from his ass. Kari did not show any signs of caring. She forced herself in and out going deeper and deeper every time. This wasnt right this wasnt the being of angelic light known as Kari something was wrong very wrong. Kari smiled down upon him as she thrusts her hips into his.

Tears rolled down from TKs face like waterfalls. He thought back to every girl he had slept with. Was this what they had to go through? Was he a monster? With every thrust his hope drained until there was nothing there. He was completely helpless. Kari gave several hard thrusts until finally she gave another loud orgasm. She removed herself from TK his body hit the bed hard. She looked down at him he was finally broken. She finally had her revenge.











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