Difference Between High Precision Resistors And Ordinary Resistors: Ohmcraft Resistors

Difference Between High Precision Resistors And Ordinary Resistors: Ohmcraft Resistors

Precision Resistors are known as resistors with more than 1-ohm resistance and an internal resistance tolerance compared with the marked resistance. Resistors whose resistance value tolerance, thermal stability, and distributed parameters meet specific standards known as High Precision Resistors.

Higher precision resistors can have extreme accuracy, which is what electronic engineers call one ten-thousandth accuracy. In comparison, an ordinary resistor is a passive two-terminal electric component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. 

The leader in high-performance resistors design and manufacturing Ohmcraft Resistors,  have pointed out a few difference between the two:

Material Performance 

Within a specific temperature range, the tolerance of precision resistors is much smaller than ordinary resistors. 

Substantial Difference 

The precision resistor has higher stability than ordinary resistors. For example, the temperature tolerance of regular resistors is 1%-5%, while the tolerance of precision resistors is only 0.1% or less. 

Variation In Cost 

Since High Precision Resistors use materials with higher temperature stability, they are more expensive, but at the same time, they are worth that expense. 

The Digital Model 

You will notice that ordinary resistors are labelled with three digits, the first two are valid numbers, the latter is the power. 

Variation In Color Wheel Reading 

The colour reading of both the resistors is almost the same. The first two digits of the ordinary resistors are numbers. However, precision resistors have the first three numbers. The fourth ring is multiplying; the fifth wheel is the tolerance, so the precision resistor is called the five-colour ring resistor. 

To conclude, High Precision Resistors can replace ordinary resistor any day, And to get the best precision resistors, you must check out Ohmcraft Resistors. There will be a significant difference in experimentation or tests.