Did You Ever Lose Big on a Slot and See the Next Player Win the Jackpot? Don't Cry! Here's Why

Did You Ever Lose Big on a Slot and See the Next Player Win the Jackpot? Don't Cry! Here's Why


The Random Generator is now available. It's actually been around since the 1980s when casinos realized that more people were playing slots than table games. It's a chip embedded in all casino machines worldwide. The chip allows the unit's to roam at a rate of thousands per second through random number combinations. These can be mapped to particular outcomes.

Players' Slot Scenario

You've probably been there if you're a serious slot player. If you feel frustrated and want to quit playing, tell a waiter. It's not hitting. The patron continues to play. As you walk away, you cannot resist looking at the screen again. JACKPOT! JACKPOT! One lucky player sees the credit meter reach $1,000. You grumble, "I should have won." "If I could only play one more time!"

Your $20 was lost. Good news is that you wouldn't have won anyway. Here's the reason: Millions of numbers were being drawn, combing through various outcomes, in the extra time it took you to get up, and for the other patron to insert money and press spin. The Random number generator will continue to choose a display until it is pressed. It is available 24 hours a days, 365 days a calendar. Even if the machine isn't in play, jackpots can occur at any time.

The reels spin to entertain you. The machine knows exactly where it will stop. Each spin is independent from the previous one. They have no effect on each other.

Pseudo Random

The chip generates random numbers. Although a computer is fast, it does not have intelligence. It is called pseudo-random in the industry. It is also known as pseudo-random. The seeds are always changing.

Tight and Loose Machines

The terms loose and tight refer to payback percentages made at the factory on the request of the casino. These percentages can vary from 85% to 98% depending upon the jurisdiction. The house usually takes between 2% & 15%. The casino's hold on smaller denomination machines like pennies, quarters, and nickles is typically higher. Only the manufacturer can set and change the payback percentages.

Casinos cannot alter payback percentages at will, contrary to popular belief. This is also prohibited by strict jurisdiction laws. You can find a machine with a 98% return. It will return 98% every hour until it is removed by the สล็อตเว็บตรงแท้.

Playing Tips

Popular penny machines offer a return of around 85%. A house edge of 15% is therefore possible. A max bet of $3 to $4 on these machines will yield less over time than higher denomination machines like dollars which can return up 98%. The penny units offer attractive bonus features. However, it is worth considering playing higher denominations like dollars which can return greater to players over the long-term.

Another tip. A bank of machines may have one sign advertising a 98% return. However, not all machines in the bank will return 98%. One or two machines may be more than 12 in a bank. If the machine has a 98% return tag, you can play that one. GOOD LUCK.

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