DevBlog 08/26: Update 1.5.6.

DevBlog 08/26: Update 1.5.6.


Update is available as well as a new part of our Dev Blog. Let’s meet the last Summer weekend with new features and renewed minigun :)

We continue balancing, rebalancing and looking for the perfect role for every zombie, location, weapon, etc. We again added some changes to the Alfa bunker. It’s now available for completing for 3 days instead of 24 hours. So if you didn’t have enough time for mopping it up - it’s your turn. Some zombies in the bunker scattered into the rooms so now there are significantly less enemies in its passages. During the week we’ve received messages that we make the game more difficult with every update :) We can’t agree with it, the Alfa bunker is simplified to the max now.

We’ve not only changed timing and the number of enemies, but also added a new floor - lobby which is available for everyone who enters the right password. Everyone can get there regardless of how powerful your device is. Also, you’ll be able to enter other bunker’s levels but pay attention to the fact that lower floors are still available only for those players whose devices meet the technical requirements. But don’t get upset!

The most precious rewards were relocated to the lobby as well. Final boxes now can be found right from the jump but to get them you’ll need coupons. They can drop from zombies and boxes in the bunker, in Red zones and from airdrops. In general, if you can enter the bunker, you can get the rewards anyway. The procedure is quite easy. Find coupons, reach a terminal, and exchange them for boxes that will be delivered on the assembly line.

We keep on working on the realistic side of Last Day on Earth and today there are some changes in Minigun. Now it will spin up before shooting and get warm. Note that while Minigun is too warm, you can’t shoot it. The cooldown isn’t long, but now it inflicts more damage! Here’s a tip from us: train before meeting zombies. Minigun starts shooting with delay so you’d better adapt to the new shooting mechanics. Choose your position wisely and don’t start close-in fighting: it’s not that simple to run with Minigun.

We’ll reveal some details of the future updates. Some time ago we received suggestions to add a possibility to write on boxes in order not to forget what was put and where. We liked the general idea, moreover we thought about such kind of improvement, but came to the decision that visual display is more appropriate. And that is why we will add a feature of recoloring home based boxes! Paint them into different colors and you will not waste time on looking for a necessary item.

Are you ready for one more small preview? :) Here is a sketch of Radio Tower. It’s one of the earliest stages of the development and we can’t say when you’ll see it in the game.

Survivors, we wish you to spend the last Summer weekend in the most awesome way! Dear iOS users, the update will be available in the App Store in 2-3 days. Thanks for your support! Read about future updates in our blog’s next posts!