Designing for 5 Sensory Organs: A User-Friendly Approach

Designing for 5 Sensory Organs: A User-Friendly Approach

User convenience is the foremost requirement the website designers & developers are supposed to achieve through their virtual representations. In this way, web designing is not limited to aesthetics but also associated with the UI. A poor UI would never encourage users to take purchasing actions on your website. Neither users like to stay longer on your web pages. They won’t prefer to reach out other website pages of their interest. Their 5 sensory organs suggest whether to go with web page information or not. We might raise a question on this. Does website design also deliver a smell coming out of the speakers of the user device? Absolutely not!

But the website appearance can stimulate all 5 sense organs namely- Ears, Nose, Skin, Eyes & Tongue. Therefore, modern website designers are paying unique emphasis on such aspects & create strategies that provide for website users accordingly. In this article, we’ll thoroughly understand how your designing skills can influence 5 sense organs of users & bring better ROI against your web optimization efforts & investment. We’ll also discuss how you can design effectively to trigger a user’s 5 sense organs & promote your website UI & UX. 

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Understand Design for 5 Sense Organs

Website design is primarily concerned with your sense of sight. However, you can figure out the smell, sound, taste & shape of anything by simply watching at a corresponding product. That’s what we’re going to conclude through this article. You can optimize your website content & information structure in a way that the user feels connected & get solutions for the corresponding problem he has the very first moment he visits your website page. Visuals can make them believe in your products & services and your business vision. 

To understand your designing plan that accommodates for 5 sense organs you have to take care of the following aspects:

  • Age of the target user group
  • Tastes & preferences of the audience
  • Region from where your target audience belong
  • Cultures, customs & tradition followed by your target audience
  • National standards & norms followed by your target users

A kid won’t be interested to see whatever 5-sense provoking web designing strategy you’ve applied on an employment law website. He won’t even surf the internet for likewise research. A famous example is Starbucks. When they arrived in China to do business with their popular coffee & corresponding services, they failed initially. Because coffee isn’t liked much by Chinese people. Though the situation has changed a bit in the past few years, Starbucks wasn’t able to create a sensory stimulation because people were usually unaware of the taste of coffee. 

As such, we can conclude that the product or service you’re going to serve your target user must already be a part of their shopping culture & experience, whether wearing a new form.

How to Design for 5 Sensory Organs?

So how to allure the user’s 5 sensory organs with your website designing strategy? You have to undergo certain unique web designing operations & procedures and have to develop your designing skills as per the requirements of the users. Now user’s aren’t going to tell you how your website design is going to affect their consciousness. They simply share signals about their preferences & tastes that you need to evaluate. The solution is marketing research. When you’re done with your user research, you can entail a designing strategy as such. Let’s get an overview of each of the 5 sensory organs in this context:

Designing for Eyes

The story begins with the visuals. Visuals are only captured by your eyes. There are numerous colors, shapes, sizes, categories of products that you’re able to identify & make a decision to purchase or skip amid your buyer’s journey. Eyes are probably the first one to identify a matter existing in any form. Because light travels much faster than the sound in the atmosphere. While designing to attract the visual attention of the user you need to take care of the UI essentially. If the UI & website layout is complicated, the user will soon leave your website page & see for another option in the SERP. The eyes help users understand your business objectives faster than all other senses. Hence you can’t mess things up at the user’s first arrival on your site. 

Designing for Nose

The next important aspect is smell. But you’re not supposed to originate smell through your designing skills. Rather you have to choose the right website niche & category for your designing goals. For example, Food Blog, Perfume Website, Website Related to Soaps & Talc, etc. You can also create a smell sensation for other products that are not made for eating or body maintenance but important for other household requirements like cosmetics & detergent coming with unique fragrance offers. For example a Pest Control Spray with a new fragrance of rose, Incense Sticks available in multiple fragrance for household worshipping, etc. You can add visuals or parallax effect on the landing page or homepage headers to clarify your sales intent.

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Designing for Ears

People have varied choices of music & sound like, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Classic, etc. If you represent a visual on your website addressing a person scratching nails on a chalkboard, it’s definitely going to piss them off, even where there’s no sound. Because they remember the intensity of such a sound. Though no one strives to add such designing traits to their website, you must see for the right side of the strategy. You can even add a mild music representing your target products or services on the landing page to produce a corresponding impact. For example, add a video effect in the website header representing someone playing guitar or piano to promote your online music learning course. 

Designing for Tongue

Now here you’ve got the option of going with a food or cuisine blog. You can also give it a touch of lifestyle & cooking standards as such. You can also create a fruity effect if you’re representing a seaside holiday destination in your lifestyle & travelling blog. You can also represent the benefits of eating specified things on your health & fitness related blog. 

Designing for Skin

We’re representing human touch here. There are certain things people want to touch to make a use out of the same. When technology of touch & start wasn’t introduced in the automobile sector, the consumers weren't aware of the fun & comfort they will get in their driving preference & favorite car & motorcycle brand. Now you have to introduce a likewise sensation in your website landing page design that could encourage users to pgo for your product. The best example we may consider is the mobile responsive design based on thumb zone.

Final Thought

Web designing open doors for multiple opportunities & fun moments you can have creating what stimulates user senses better. For detailed insight into what you’ve got to offer your target users in this context, consult SFWP Experts & let us serve your revolutionary business objective. We’re an Award Winning Custom Coded WordPress website design Experts from San Francisco delivering contemporary designing & development services across the globe! 

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