Deon Pt. 05

Deon Pt. 05

Over a bottle of wine, my wife suggested that we hold our New Year's Eve party a day early since Jessica and Deon wouldn't be here on the day. Jessica smiled, all had been forgiven...

That night I struggled to sleep, watching Deon take Jake had made me fucking horny and the little slut took two loads like a fucking champ, I wanted cock! I needed to get fucked and I knew tomorrow would be my last chance with Deon but how to make it happen?

Next morning I suggested Deon and I would get the shopping for the party, Jessica pouted since her last day at home was to be spent helping her mom with the traditional New Year's Eve house cleaning and after a warning look from my wife, I agreed that Jake should come shopping with us.

I mentally cursed at having to bring Jake along as I was hoping to give Deon a blowjob or two in the car, but keeping the peace was more important than my cock cravings and I had a plan to get Deon alone later that evening, so we all got into the car and went shopping.

Jake was cuddled up against Deon and it wasn't long before his little blonde head was in Deon's lap and the car was filled with the sounds of a very sloppy blowjob and Deon moaning in encouragement. I cursed under my breath and my ass pussy twitched in jealousy, I sped up a bit, hoping to get the car parked before Deon came but it was not to be, as I drove into the car park I heard the familiar sound of Deon cumming followed a few seconds later by Jake squealing as he had another oral orgasm. Lucky bitch I thought absently as I cruised round the car park looking for a space.

I made sure to grab a couple of extra bottles of fizz and a bottle of creme de cassis to mix up a cocktail for the girls before dinner.

On the way back to the car Jake tugged at my arm and asked if I could take him to the toilet, I thinking through my plan for this evening so I followed Jake without thinking about it, admiring the way his sweat pants clung to his pert little ass.

We found a parent and child stall and locked the door behind us. "What's the matter Jake?" I said, he turned around and lifted his hoodie to show a wet stain on the front of his sweat pants. "I can't go home looking like this Dad, what will mom and Jess say?" He had a point, Julie was bound to notice something like that, so I told him to take off his pants and started to wash them in the basin with the hand soap. After a few minutes I thought I had done enough to get the worst of the stain out so I dried them using the hand drier. As I went to hand them to Jake, he was fully naked and said "Deon told me to tell you that my little clit needs cleaning too daddy." I blushed and got to my knees in front of my angelic little boy, I looked at his crotch and his 'little clit' was hard and dripping. I hesitated, yesterday I was in a happy cloud of cock lust and orgasms, today I was tired and frustrated, my lips were still pouty and bruised, my throat was sore and my ass pussy was constantly aching with need. Jake stuck out his chest and started to tease his nipples with his hands, he begged "please daddy, pretty please?" He rubbed one hand over his cock and used the precum to tease his nipples more, his lewd display and whispered begging overcame my reluctance and I opened my lips to kiss his 'little clit'. I put one hand over his mouth to stifle his moans and sneaked the other under his balls to tickle his new ass pussy. He didn't last more than thirty seconds and I spent some time licking him clean.

We drove home in silence, Jake's head was in Deon's lap again but judging by the sounds Deon had told him not to make him cum. We got back, unloaded the car and sat down together for popcorn and a family movie.

I started to put my plan into action by mixing my wife and Jessica a couple of Kir Royale cocktails, knowing that they probably skipped lunch and the bubbles in the champagne would mean the alcohol would take effect quicker. I also snuck some vodka into Jake's coke just to make sure he would be out of the way.

The movie ended, the girls had drank three or four cocktails each before dinner and were starting to giggle a lot. During dinner I made sure to keep their wine glasses topped up and snuck some more vodka into Jake's drinks. I noted with satisfaction that neither of them had eaten much while the wine flowed freely and Jake could barely keep his eyes open.

It was starting to get late by the time we had finished and I set a few fireworks off to satisfy Jake and sent him off to bed.

Then we went back into the lounge and I opened another bottle of wine for the girls and poured myself and Deon a good measure of single malt whisky to 'see in the new year'. Both Jessica and my wife were starting to fall asleep on us, I looked at Deon, he nodded back and we helped the drunk girls up the stairs, got them undressed and put them to bed.

The plan worked perfectly, my wife, daughter and son were passed out drunk and experience told me they would be out of it for the rest of the night and most of next morning.

As Deon and I came back downstairs, he pushed me face first against the wall, his hands groping my wanting ass pussy and whispered "You greedy little slut, get my girlfriend drunk so you can have my cock all to yourself?" I groaned and nodded, arching my back, grinding my ass into him as hard as I could, my ass pussy flexing, trying to suck his cock into me through his clothes.

He stepped away from me for a second and I heard him fumble with his belt and zipper, then he yanked my jeans down to my ankles and stopped for a second to admire my ass wiggling in one of Jessica's red lace thongs.

He pulled the thong to one side, spread my ass cheeks wide open and rubbed the head of his hard, thick cock against my ass pussy, chuckling when he felt the lube I had already applied. "Slut" he laughed and pushed just the tip of his cock into me. I groaned in satisfaction as I pushed back and felt inch after hard inch sink into me. The delicious fullness was back, along with that incredible orgasmic pressure and ecstatic agony of submission, that utter satisfaction of giving myself to a real man.

The warm waves of pleasure from my ass pussy were washing away any slight sense of guilt I might've had about getting my family passed out drunk so my daughter's boyfriend could fuck me senseless.

He fucked up against the wall for a few minutes before Deon pulled out and moved into the lounge. I followed him like an eager little puppy, he was kneeling on the sofa, so I went onto my hands and knees so he could fuck me like a bitch. He rammed his cock back into me and started to fuck me hard and fast, I zoned out, lost in that happy, warm fog of anal orgasms, every thrust setting off more explosions of pleasure that started in my ass pussy, travelled up my spine, through my tits and melted my brain.

My head was down, drooling, all my focus was on his amazing cock in my ass and how it was making me feel, when he pulled on my hair, lifting my head up and arched my back more. I was face to face with the family photos that were on the side table. Our wedding day, Jessica's 18th, the twins high school graduation photos, Jake's baby photo. With one final massive thrust, Deon came in my ass pussy and I came as well looking at the smiling faces of my family while I moaned like a whore and milked a real man's cock with my ass pussy.

Deon lay on my back, stroking my nipples in time with his thrusts, his cock staying semi-hard inside me. He reached past me to his phone, which I hadn't noticed on the side table and turned it round to show the videos it had stored. Deon sucked on my neck and continued to stroke my nipples, while he scrolled through scenes I had unwittingly starred in. He whispered in my ear as he started to fuck me with long, hard strokes, pulling out so only the head remained in and slamming his gorgeous cock home again "Look how far you've come baby" and started the first video of me on my back in Jessica's bed sucking on Deon's cock like it was oxygen.

All of the videos played one after the other as Deon fucked me again and again, whenever the cock lust started to overwhelm me and my head started to drop, he would pull on my hair or pinch my nipples to make sure I kept watching my degradation.

By the end I was broken, just a greedy hole that ached to be filled over and over again, a sore throat that could only be cured by having a thick cock stuffed down it, a mouth that drooled at the sight of a big bulge and two nipples that had been wired directly to my ass pussy.

When Deon pulled out of me, I automatically turned round to suck his cock clean. I fell asleep with his cock in my mouth and when I woke up it was six in the morning and his cock was hard again, I sucked him off without thinking, my gag reflex was now long gone and I used my throat muscles to squeeze his hard shaft when I took him balls deep and swirled my tongue around the head when I took his cock out of my throat so I could breathe and swallow my spit and his precum. It didn't take long and I drank his delicious cum greedily and happily slurped his cock and balls clean.

Deon's orgasm woke him up and we both crept upstairs quietly and got into bed with our women, who were still snoring loudly.

Breakfast turned into brunch by the time everyone woke up and feeling a little guilty I gave them copious amounts of fresh orange juice and aspirin.

Then I helped Deon pack his car while Jessica made some coffee for the road. He groped my ass constantly while we were loading the car and I fought the urge to drop to my knees one last time.

All too soon we were finished and shook hands, hugged and waved goodbye as Jessica and Deon left.

Later that day I checked my phone and saw Deon had messaged me all the videos and photos he had taken of me. He finished with a message telling me he had left me a present in Jessica's room.

My wife was still hungover and I waited until she had gone for a lie down before I went into Jessica's room. On the bed was a box, in the box was that long, thick black butt plug, a big bottle of lube and several pairs of Jessica's thongs including the white and red pairs I had worn for Deon.