Delilah Ch. 02: Wrongdoing

Delilah Ch. 02: Wrongdoing

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Delilah ground her hips, relishing the feeling of being filled with my hard cock. She'd been desperate for a fuck every day, since the Halloween party.

I'd happily obliged.

It would seem that my hypnotic suggestions had accomplished exactly what I'd hope. My wife's sex drive hadn't been this high in years.

I was loving it.

Delilah's hands gripped onto my chest as she began bouncing up and down, hard and fast.

Her orgasm was building quickly.

My mind went back to the exhibition of desperation that happened in the club. How my wife had become a wanton jezebel, on stage, in front of a crowd full of strangers.

That was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. Even with the now daily sex, I'd jerked off at least a couple of times a day; thinking about her salacious actions.

I felt my own climax approaching.

Delilah's voice rose, begging me to fuck her harder. I shoved my fingers in her mouth, to keep her quiet, so she wouldn't wake our daughter.

She sucked on the fingers in her mouth desperately.

At the moment I started pumping my wife's pussy full of cum, I gasped "starfish".

My uttered word did exactly what I'd programmed it to; a world-shaking orgasm crashed over Delilah, sending her into a shuddering peak that caused her to collapse on top of me.

She lay on my chest, breathing heavily and convulsing. My cock started to soften and slowly withdraw from her seed-filled cunt.

Both of us still breathing heavily, Delilah finally gained enough composure to roll off. She sank into the bed beside me and quietly snuggled in close.

"Babe," Delilah said, after a few minutes of cuddling. "I'm scared. I don't understand what happened at the club on Halloween."

"What do you mean, hun?"

"Well, I don't know. Showing off made me so horny. I didn't feel like I had control of myself or my body. I don't know what came over me."

I smiled, "Well, I don't know about 'over you', but I damn sure came in you."

Delilah smacked my bare chest lightly. "You're a dick. I'm being serious, it's kinda scary. I mean I'm getting worked up again, just talking about it. Somethings not right with me babe." Her voice held genuine concern.

"Aww babe, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were that troubled about it. I don't think it's a big deal.

"Look, you got really into it, you were really having fun. Things got wild and we both enjoyed it. It's only natural to be turned on by the memory, babe. Don't worry, k?"

"Babe, it's not like that. It's hard to explain." She propped herself up on an elbow and rolled toward me, looking into my eyes, "I'm totally embarrassed by what I did. That's not me anymore.

"Ten years ago yeah, but now, I'm a Mom and I'm working on a career. I don't even get turned on by that sorta thing anymore. I don't want men looking at my body like that anymore, feels gross."

First, I started to feel the sting from her comment, I'm a man. Did that mean she didn't want me looking at her body like that, also?

Looking into her eyes, my heart softened a bit. I could see the hurt and shame she felt. She looked like she'd lost trust in herself. I imagined how scary that was, for her.

"And I'm not just a little turned on, I'm raging horny. I just had one of the greatest orgasms of my life and now I wanna go again."

"Really?" I asked her. "Right now?" I made a meaningful look at my deflated manhood. "I guess if you wanna help me out, I probably could." I grinned.

She rolled her eyes and giggled, "Damn boy! You got fingers!" She smiled and rolled on her back, pushing away the blanket and bending one knee outward.

I looked at her cum filled, shaven pussy; begging to be fucked.

I looked thoughtfully at her hands and said, "You've got fingers too, babe. Go right ahead, I'll watch." I grinned and slid off the bed, never taking my eyes off her.

Standing at the side of the bed, my cock half-hardening again; I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera. Then I reached into the end table and pulled out her dildo, tossing it on the bed.

"There ya go, babe, I'll wait."

Delilah flung her fists into the bed and flopped onto her back, stiffening. "ARRRGH!" Her grunt was primal.

"That's the fucking problem, I can't even get myself off anymore! At the party, on stage. That's the last time I made myself cum. Every time since then, I've only been able to come on your cock!

"I'm horny every time I think about that...that...ooooh! Now I'm fucking horny as shit. But I know I can't get myself off!" Her hand slides across the bed and grabs the dildo, almost unconscious of the action.

"Well, I mean come on. Have you really tried?" I slowly crept around the bed, holding the phone's camera focused.

As she spoke, she subconsciously shifted her body, spreading her legs and bringing the toy to her sloppy, wet pussy.

"Oh, believe me, I've tried. Haven't you noticed that I wanted to fuck, every night since Halloween?" The dildo began to buzz and she started grinding on it.

"Well, yeah. I guess it has been a lot," I answered. It was hard not to notice since the gap before Halloween was 5 months, thirteen days, and twenty-one hours.

That last time, it happened because her hormones demanded it. The previous time that she'd tried to get me to fuck her was more than a year ago.

"Shit, babe," her breathing started to become uneven panting. "I take such looooooo.." a tiny moan escaped, "take such loooong bathroom breaks. Anytime I'm sitting down in a chair, I'm d-d-diddling. I grind my pussy on any surface that's high enough; desk, table, counter. Anything.

"Lindsey almost caught me Wednesday, out behind the building, on the picnic table." Her words now came out as panted breath, "That was ha-ha-hot as hell, too. Almost being caught."

She rolled over. to her knees, pointing her tiny little ass directly at the camera. Then she started, slowly pushing the dildo inside her juicy pussy.

"Our whole building at work smells like my dri-i-i-ooo..." The vibrating replica of my cock started to saw in and out of her. "Smells like my dripping wet pussy."

She had to be on the verge of cumming. Delilah rapidly rubbed at her little clit, fucking herself, with the dildo; all the while whimpering.

She was so desperately close.

I licked the end of my pinkie, pressing just the tip into her tight little sphincter. Then I whispered, "starfish."

Over the next couple of hours, I really thought about what she'd said.

She was right, I'd done something horrible to her. She was scared that there was something wrong with her now.

There was in fact, something wrong with her.


I felt awful. I still loved her. I'd still wanted her to be this new, successful woman; still wanted her to have her dream.

I just wanted mine too. She was my dream, all of her.

No, I guess what I wanted was a fantasy. A selfish, perfect fantasy. I felt like a horrible man.

I resolved that moment, that I was going to fix her. I could never tell her what I did, but I could undo it.

Right away, I went to work on removing my previous imprints.


We've all thought about hypnotizing someone before, right? Well, have you ever thought about trying to un-hypnotize someone?

Turns out, with the subliminal hypnosis I'd used; they're imprints, not commands.

Imprints are a lot more difficult to remove than commands, they tend to be a permanent modification. They quickly become an ingrained personality trait, that can only be overwritten, with great effort, by the person who was hypnotized.

I would have to tell Delilah what I'd done and probably seek out professional help, get her counseling or something; to get her back to normal.

The problem is, that if I told Delilah, I knew she'd be furious. She'd probably divorce me and take away our daughter. She'd humiliate me with friends and family and possibly have me labeled as a sex offender.

I'd lose everything because I'd wanted my 'fun wife' back. All because I'd fucked with her head.

That was obviously not an option. I'd just have to figure out another way.

The good news is, because "starfish" is a command, I'd had to implement it differently. That is a limiter and can be easily removed.

But, would it really be better; or worse.

Having the freedom to orgasm constantly throughout the day AND having a much higher sex drive. That might get her into a fair bit more trouble.

I had to really put a lot of thought into my new imprints over the next several days. If the new imprint tried to supersede an earlier one, it wouldn't be accepted. If it only partially interfered, part of it might stick. Then it could end up as an even bigger problem.

I spent the next week writing and rewriting imprints, to allow me to undo the damage. Then I began implementing them, with the same format as I imprinted the original instructions.


Coming Soon- Delilah 3- Misconjecture