Deex.Exchange - info about project and bounty program

Deex.Exchange - info about project and bounty program


We are pleased to announce the project of decentralized financial cryptocurrency ecosystem DEEX.EXCHANGE, being developed on the platform Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene). We believe in future of decentralized ecosystems and power of enthusiasts of cryptocurrency community, so we invite all to become participants in bounty program, which will help to develop the project and take profit for everyone. During the ICO will be issued 100 000 000 digital coins DEEX, of which 3% (3 000 000 coins) will be assigned to reward users of the bounty program .

It is Pre-ICO time right now, you can purchase DEEX tokens with discount 25%. You should use Mist browser or Google Chrome with MetaMask plugin. Another way is in this instruction.

To receive the bounty reward, you can (re)post ready materials in the social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK), and it is possible to create such materials - articles, video, pictures. In addition, you can use signatures and avatars on forums bitcointalk and Bitsharestalk.

To participate in the program you have to send a letter with a code 82FE5CC132292D3390AC456CAE90FE590008B4F0D8BB9409010A4B3981F0F64A on, putting your accounts in social networks and forums, and join the group

There is referral system: each participant receives 10% of the tokens "Deex" from the income of all employees, he involved (including their referral bonuses - unlimited levels).

Official site. Detailed terms.

DEEX.EXCHANGE in social networks

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If any question, PM me in Telegram: @Vitalaa