Deevynovel 《Cultivation Online》 - Chapter 415 Shadow Realm pet dapper suggest-p1

Deevynovel 《Cultivation Online》 - Chapter 415 Shadow Realm pet dapper suggest-p1

Incrediblefiction 《Cultivation Online》 - Chapter 415 Shadow Realm hat trouble share-p1

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Chapter 415 Shadow Realm look kitty

'I probably shouldn't have done that!' He cried inwardly soon after seeing the aftermath.

The dim ent.i.ties suddenly screamed, causing Yuan to tremble from fright.

"Well… I am from the society known as 'Earth', and that i came into the Nine Heavens to explore it... I suppose..." Yuan explained.

"Shadow Realm? Just what is this position? And what exactly are this stuff behind me?"

"Shadow Realm? Exactly what is this position? And what are these things behind me?"

"What exactly are you?! And what would you like from me?!" Yuan shouted at it as he improved his flying rate.

"Shadow Realm? Just what is this position? And precisely what are these items behind me?"

"Shadow Realm? What exactly is this put? And what exactly are this stuff behind me?"

The shadowy figure suddenly picked up her fingers and produced a beckoning touch together hands, making him to travel towards her.

The shadowy determine seemed to be contemplating about some thing.

"What do you desire to talk about?"

Observing this, Yuan thought to assault these ent.i.ties together with the Starry Abyss, but the dagger moved right with these ent.i.ties' figures.

Yuan quickly dodged these ominous-seeking b.a.l.l.s.

The shadowy body suddenly snapped her hands and fingers, causing a profound black color ripple to show up around her.

Also, the skepticism in the situation and they undiscovered ent.i.ties only made factors much worse.

"I see… Nicely, I am wanting to go to the jewel room… As well as the Wonderful 1 encouraged I go this way… Preferably, I didn't go too far…" Yuan spoke for the shadowy body as he dodged the inbound episodes of all edges.


"What are these materials?!" Yuan cried out excessive while he sped up substantially more.

'I probably shouldn't did that!' He cried inwardly after observing the aftermath.

Nevertheless, the shadowy shape also migrated back as Yuan approached her.

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The darkish ent.i.ties suddenly screamed, leading to Yuan to tremble from fright.

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Yuan quickly dodged these ominous-appearing b.a.l.l.s.

"What do you wish to talk about?"


Yuan nodded and extended to travel towards shadowy number.

"T-Appreciate you…" Yuan said to the shadowy determine immediately after having a deeply breathing.

"I want to talk with you, but since you can see… it's hard to speak while looking to avoid this stuff behind me." Yuan explained.

Following a instant of silence, she spoke all over again, "Even though this will be problematic in my situation down the road, I guess it's worth the cost basically if i can talk with you."

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"That's okay. Then are you aware who's the existing ruler of your Nine Heavens?"

"Human… human… human…" The shadowy ent.i.ty right after behind Yuan mumbled in a very ghastly sound.

Yuan's entire body shuddered all the more right after ability to hear this mysterious ent.i.ty's voice, and its shining crimson view that emitted didn't support often.


Yuan's forehead was coated in perspiration at this moment. This really needs to be one of the most silly scenarios he has familiar with Farming On-line to date.

The dimly lit ent.i.ties suddenly screamed, producing Yuan to tremble from fright.