Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage


The deep tissue restorative massage allows the release of deeply encoded tension patterns in the muscles and joints. After diseases, injuries, or prolonged lack of movement, combined with stress in the tissues, adhesions can be obtained that attach to surrounding structures. This causes pain, decreased range of motion in the joints, hardening of muscles, fasciitis and predisposes to an incorrect movement pattern.

Because of the modern lifestyles of many of us, many of us work long hours in front of computers, causing unprecedented perceptions and back pain. Even those who work manual labor can suffer from recurring injuries and overloads, which can be relieved by deep massage. Stress is also an important factor as it can cause muscle tension for a long period of time, which ultimately causes cramps and pain.

In these places, muscle function and circulation are blocked. When muscles are tense or stressed in daily life, they block the circulation of oxygen and nutrients that circulate through the muscles and at the same time prevent the toxins and products of inflammation from spreading. Due to the blocked muscle, the tissues can be loosened and relaxed by applying a deeper dose of pressure to these sites.

This releases and improves the delivery of unnecessary substances by restoring the circulation of oxygen and nutrients. This therapeutic technique can be used in patients who have suffered muscle cramps, pain and limited movement for a long time. After deep tissue massage, it is advisable to drink more water to accelerate the delivery of toxins that are released from the procedure.

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