Decoupled WordPress: Meaning, Significance & Drawbacks

Decoupled WordPress: Meaning, Significance & Drawbacks

How would you address innovation through your website designing skills? The outcome & website performance is obviously going to be substantial after the implementation of innovative designing practices. WordPress has also brought several opportunities for innovation for both webmasters & website users so far. Just like other Websites, for example, the traditional Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming-based websites, WordPress is distributed into frontend & backend development customs. The backend generally belongs to the webmaster or website builder whereas the frontend belongs to webmasters & website users collectively. 

Now WordPress also lets you decide on varied designing frameworks for your website frontend & backend database maintenance. That means a considerable website performance & enhanced web page loading speed. In this article, we’re comprehensively going to discuss Decoupled WordPress & its associated benefits & drawbacks. We’ll discuss whether your website designing & development plans could be accompanied by Decoupled WordPress Approach or not. 

WordPress designing & development is a renowned approach that many emerging & experienced website creators follow these days. It’s a smarter, faster & convenient way of carrying your business ideas to digital & inbound marketing platforms. As such, you can reach out to SFWP Experts for dedicated guidance regarding your website designing concern. We’re an experienced team of Custom WordPress Website Designers & Developers from San Francisco & strive to assist aspiring webmasters like you!

Understanding Decoupled WordPress

Decoupled WordPress is a WordPress designing approach in which developers can make use of the REST API to write frontend programs & backend programs separately through different scripts. The developers usually go for the JavaScript framework to create their frontend part & PHP for the backend development. So, you’ve got 2 different servers to go for your database organization as such. When you split your website database into 2 different sources as such, you can truly enhance your website speed & overall performance. 

The approach is quite considerable for several projects & web development objectives. Earlier web designing systems were bulky & used to be concentrated on one database recording system. But now, with certain WordPress updates, things have changed notably. Along with speed, varied security reasons could inspire you to apply JavaScript on a separate hosting platform. There can be 2 different reasons for separate database products:

  • Handling Data Manipulation
  • Handling Database Interactions

Where database manipulation is often performed on the website backend, database interactions & UI is something you want to provide for your website users. WordPress frontend is simply where you’d like to execute your operations as such. For detailed information regarding other problems related to website frontend & backend maintenance, you can consult SFWP Experts. Our groundbreaking Custom Coded WordPress Designing Services fits perfectly with your website creation objectives & we keep you updated on the essential designing trends!

Pros & Cons of Decouple WordPress Approach

So the main concern is if it’s good for you to go for such an approach or not. The answer is simple. See for your database quantity. If you’ve just started with a web designing goal, you probably have nothing to do with your website speed optimization. Even you can grow with shared server support. When you reach adequate website traffic you have to think differently. There are certain factors that could affect your website performance when people use it to recognize your website content & information. Here are the advantages & disadvantages of the Decoupled Approach that you can consider before executing your business operations:


  • Enhanced Website Speed: As discussed earlier Decouple WordPress Designing approach is primarily for the webmasters who have got a large database to maintain for their WordPress websites. Therefore, it is not advised to make it concentrated anyway. Especially for a shared server support system. It will affect your website speed & performance essentially. The Decouple WordPress Approach lets you split your frontend & backend data manipulation & interactions. This will consequently affect your website speed for sure.
  • Easy Modifications: If you find any future problems associated with your frontend & backend designing frameworks you can make easy modifications to your database & change the corresponding foundation of the same in a comfortable manner. The concentrated or combined database could create problems if the size of the same has increased with time. It may raise certain complications for you if you’re required to make some essential alterations to the database. Decoupled WordPress promotes redesigning.
  • No Backend Recreation Required: Decoupled WordPress approach has nothing to do with the re-development of the backend. It is focused on creating a separate database for your frontend only. In fact, if you’ve already got data to settle up, you don’t even need to care about the frontend. So the approach also saves a lot of time & effort on your part for the reconstruction of the data. You can get all the essential data from your backend to embed on the frontend. 
  • Promotes Creativity: Contemporary designing frameworks like JavaScript, Vue, AngularJS, etc helps the developers introduce something creative with respect to the user trends to be displayed on the frontend. So, you can do more fun things to the website UX & UI you’re expecting to generate for your target audience. Using different languages also gives you the facility to improve your innovative traits. It is really important to make sure of such aspects or else you soon stop being visited by target users. Whatever isn’t part of the existing trend doesn’t exist for long.
  • Website Security: The website backend is its backbone & the rivals shouldn’t be any closer to the same. However, a combined frontend & backend framework could create issues when met with malware or external interference. The hackers may crack into your website database, especially the ones belonging to your competitive sources. Decoupled WordPress designing approach helps you hide your frontend as most of the external threats are supposed to attack the frontend first, that’s also easy to be recovered.
  • No Confusion: The website database maintenance through Decoupled approach is purely free from complications. When you can create a separate database for both your website frontend & backend you just need to appoint separate teams for their maintenance & there you go. Moreover, you can also get consulted on the creation & maintenance of a Decoupled approach. 


  • Separate Applications: Whether you like it or not, you have to make use of a separate application of the designing framework like AngularJS, JavaScript, etc for your website’s frontend development. If you don’t know how to work with these you’re probably going to create a problem for yourself. You must consult a web designing & development expert. You also need to take care of frequent security updates associated with these applications. 
  • Compatibility: Certain programs or WordPress Plugin tools aren’t compatible with separate frontend framework languages like JavaScript. So, you have to lose working with your favorite WordPress Library Tools, for example, Live Preview, WYSIWYG Tools, etc. As such you have to go for other solutions or compromise with the design & development circumstances you’ve got. 

Going through these varied aspects you can make your mind on your preferable database & WordPress Designing objectives!

Final Thought

The best way to measure the performance of your website is to see its foundational aspects. Website design & development measures are founded by the frontend & backend framework practices executed on them. Hence, to improve your website performance you have to give emphasis to these factors from time to time. You can visit SFWP Experts if you think you’re experiencing a rapid need to adopt a likewise approach. We’d love to assist you with your Custom WordPress Web Designing Operations & lead you to the right destination!  

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