Debra Marie Gets Blacked

Debra Marie Gets Blacked


Debra was somewhat shocked to find that she was happy to have him back at school.

The dorms were under renovation, but, of course, the university had failed to account for returning athletes, leaving a good number of them with no place to stay. Debra thought nothing of immediately offering Tracey her off campus apartment as temporary lodging.

Tracey moved his bags and books into her apartment. They celebrated his return to school with a nice dinner, and too much alcohol. Debra fell asleep on the couch, resting her head on Tracey's shoulder. Tracey, surprised at the intimate contact, put his arm around her, and after adjusting himself, fell asleep also.

It was just getting light out when Debra woke up. Still in that fuzzy just woke up-don't know where you are place, she noticed a few things as she slowly crawled from her state of sleep. First, she was laying on somebody, and that somebody was cupping her right breast, not squeezing, not molesting, but cupping it, just moving enough that she could feel her nipple was hard. Second, her hand was holding something. Like a warm, soft covered tube. Her hand was inside of something, she couldn't easily withdraw it from its location.

She opened her eyes, and without moving her head, looked around and figured a few things out. Okay, she knew where she was. Looking at her chest, she saw a black hand wrapped over her breast. She didn't jump up all angry or excited, but as she tried to withdraw her right hand to move what had to be Tracey's hand off her breast, she realized, that in her sleep, Tracey had shifted over on his side, she had then snuggled on top of him, her head on his chest, and her hand...well, her hand had apparently slid up his baggy shorts leg during the night, and was holding his now erect penis.

She sucked in a huge breath as she realized what had happened, and began to slowly extricate her hand. The slow movement woke Tracey, who immediately felt an extremely erotic movement on his cock, and thinking he was dreaming, reached down with his left hand and placed it outside his shorts, right on top of Debra's hand.

That snapped them both awake. Debra sat up, which pulled Tracey's hand off her breast, and her hand off his penis and would have allowed her hand to exit his shorts leg, had it not become entangled in the cloth.

Deb, still kept pulling at her hand, the net effect of which aroused Tracey even more, as his already stimulated cock was stroked by Deb's movements inside his pants leg.

Finally, she pulled her hand out, as they both began apologizing to each other. They started snickering, realizing that both were to blame, yet both were not at fault in the somewhat embarrassing situation.

Deb looked down at Tracey's lap, and saw an almost unreal bulge in the front. A tube like bulge that ran down his pant leg, almost to the point where it would stick out of the opening. She knew what it was, what she had been holding when she woke up, she just couldn't believe its size.

Their combined movements as they tried to seat themselves upright brought another point to Debra's attention.

She was massively, soaking wet between her legs. Looking down at her own lap, she could see the crotch was starting to soak through. Now embarrassed, she jumped up and ran for the bathroom.

Yanking down her pants, Deb was shocked how wet she was. Not really that experienced in sex, even at her age, she had never been this wet. She wiped herself up, and blotted her panties to try to dry them up somewhat, then, red faced, strode back out to Tracey.

As she approached Tracey, she noticed that his shorts still tented out with an impossibly huge bulge.

Tracey, at the same time, noticed the dark spot caused by the leakage from between her legs.

"Deb, I'm sorry..." he began

"Ssshh! don't worry, I know we just kinda fell together, it doesn't mean anything. I'll forget it if you will.

"Fair enough" he replied, "C'mere" and reached out to hug her.

Deb moved into his arms, which had the maybe unfortunate effect of lighting that boiling hot cauldron between her legs as soon as she felt his touch.

She snuggled against his body, putting her arms around him, as he wrapped her in his arms.

Without thinking, he bent his head to kiss her on top of her head.

Debra, without thinking, felt him kiss her head, and rubbed her still diamond hard nipples on his muscular chest. Lightning bolts of pleasure shot from her nipples to her clit. She could feel the gush of additional secretions soak her panties. She pulled back slightly to look up at Tracey, as he brought his thick lips down to hers.

With no further thought from either of them, their lips pushed together as Tracey's tongue sought out her own.

Debra's hand moved up behind his head, pulling him firmly to her. Her lips parted as their tongues began a sensuous duel.

Debra could not but help feel the insistent rubbing of Tracey's cock against her stomach. It enflamed her already overheated pussy, causing her to hump her crotch against his leg.

For his part, Tracey was somewhere between confused and delighted. He'd not tried to hit on Debra, having noted how she shied away from his team mates, but was a bit restrained with reacting to her caresses, kisses, and touching.

Debra dropped to one knee, and looking up at Tracey, starring him right in his eyes, took ahold of his shorts, and pulled them to the floor. She then raised her head, and looking at his ebony cock, pointed directly at her mouth exclaimed "Dear God that is fucking huge."

Tracey knew that was the end of this encounter, and one of the reasons he'd not tried to date Debra. His cock, was just over eight inches long, but as if that weren't enough, it was thick. So thick that every girl he'd ever been with had pulled back, and only with serious reservations, had tried to take him inside their pussies. No girl had ever done more than timidly lick the head of his cock. They were all too scared to try sucking it. The cheerleaders who'd heard the rumors, were too afraid to try.

Debra, her mouth agape from the discovery of his mammoth cock, just murmured to herself.

Tracey was shocked and amazed, to watch Debra open her mouth wide, and put her lips on his cock. He felt her tongue lashing all over the head, her lips holding on as best they could. He couldn't help it, he moaned. Loud and long.

No girl had ever willingly taken him in her mouth.

Debra continued licking and sucking, she could taste Tracey's precum in her mouth as she, using both hands, jerked him off.

The pleasure Tracey felt was making him light headed. Glancing behind him, he took Debra by the shoulders, and moved her forward until the back of his legs were against couch, and he slowly sat down, Debra never taking her mouth off him.

She kept sucking and licking, the precum flowing into her mouth. She was at the point where she tried, with some small amount of success, to fit more of him into her mouth. She wasn't a terribly experienced cock sucker, but her pussy was leaking so much, and she was so hot and horny, she wasn't thinking properly.

Tracey knew he was about to blow a load in Debra's mouth, and, as much as he wanted to, he had hopes that maybe he could make this more than a onetime thing, if he took a little care with her and cultivated her to the point where they could develop some kind of relationship.

He told "Deb, I'm going to come,..."

She ripped her mouth off his cock, and exclaimed "not yet you bastard, I need you in me first."

This shocked him even more, not even having reached the idea she might fuck him, as she stood, ripped her clothing off, throwing them behind her, as she moved to straddle Tracey.

Tracey starred at Debra's now naked body, as she grasped his cock, moved over it, and began rubbing the head against her vaginal lips.

He couldn't believe his eyes, as she lowered herself onto his cock. He watched her pussy lips bulge with the intruder spreading her apart. She rose some, with a moan, and sunk back down on him. She repeated this for some time as she tried to work more of him deep inside her pink pussy.

From Tracey's stand point, the visual of her pale white thighs, with her bright pink pussy lips in between, tightly held just inside of her was stimulating him more than he ever recalled happening with any other girl.

Watching Debra, she seemed determined to take him. He knew it had to be hurting her, but she seemed not to notice. Pussy juice and his own precum had coated his shaft, and he could feel their juices tickling his balls as they poured over them, coating his asshole on their way to soaking the couch.

Tracey reached up and gently tweaked her hard nipples.

Debra screamed with pleasure, arching her back as she did so. The movement of her body must have helped align something in her, because she dropped a couple of inches further onto the punishing black cock that she was trying to ride.

For his part, Tracey knew he was going to cum soon. The visual and physical sensations that he was feeling were approaching overload. He held her by her hips, as if she were trying to get away.

Debra was flopping like a rag doll on top of him. She looked like she was impaled on a black fence post, eyes staring straight ahead as she tried to force more black cock inside of her small white pussy.

"Deb...I'm going to cum baby, pull off so I don't cum in you." Tracey had not had time to put on a condom, and was concerned that he spray his baby batter into her unprotected womb.

"It's ok, I'm on the pill. You can cum inside of me" she wailed.

Tracey couldn't help it. When Debra told him he could inseminate her, the thrill he felt run through him with the thought of cumming inside a beautiful white girl, was like someone stuck a cattle prod deep in his ass.

He shot his cum like it was coming from a fire hose. He bathed her insides with his thick white semen, forcing it deep into her cervix, his sperm looking for an egg to fertilize.

Debra felt the warmth from his load spread through her, and this triggered an intense orgasm. She shook and shivered in an almost epileptic-like spasm, culminating in her vagina contracting and putting a tight lock on Tracey's cock, squeezing every last drop of cum out of his body and into hers.

Immediately after her orgasm, Debra went limp on top of Tracey, her pussy dropping and almost completely enveloping the huge cock stretching her open, until she slowly collapsed forward, laying on top of a fully satisfied Tracey.

As Debra lay on top of Tracey, he could feel her still hard nipples poking his chest. He reached down and cupped her cute ass as she recovered from the massive orgasm that had just rocked her body.

Slowly coming back to full awareness, Debra felt the fullness of Tracey within her. She could feel her cunt still rhythmically stroking the black monster within, as if trying to pull the last drop of cum from Tracey.

As she approached reality, she felt a wave of embarrassment slip over her, her face reddening as she thought how she had virtually attacked Tracey, using him to attain the best orgasm she'd ever had, probably ever WILL have.

Tracey's cock, having performed its duty, began to slowly return to its normal size. As it shrunk, the delicious stroking inside of Debra brought shivers down her spine. She could feel his cum running out of her stretched pussy. She wondered if her poor pussy would ever return to its previous size.

Then she understood it didn't matter. She'd just received the fuck of a lifetime.

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