Dear Tyler

Dear Tyler

Dear Tyler,

Happy birthday. This is the first time I'm doing something for your birthday. I'd usually like a ton of pictures and comment under some posts. But the reason I'm doing so this year is because for the past two years, your music has helped me in ways I can't imagine.

I've always been a huge fan of your music and lyrics, all the way from No Phun Intended to Level of Concern, but I didn't connect to some of them the way some people would. But that changed last year.

Last year, I lost one of the most important people in my life. I was overwhelmed by grief. I disconnected from the rest of the world, and I became very depressed. I learnt how to put on a mask in front of others, but secretly I was breaking inside. I would drown my sorrows in music, listening to people talk about how horrible they felt too.

During one of these sessions, Friend, Please came on while my music was playing on shuffle. The on while my music was playing on shuffle. The lyrics hit too close to home. "You pretend you're fine, but you have lost your sway and glow' stood out and I felt like you were speaking to me. After listening to that song, I felt less horrible. I played twenty one pilots on repeat day after day, your music patching me up slowly but surely, each lyric telling me it was gonna be okay.

Your music saved me. You and Josh have made a major impact in my life and honestly, I have so much to thank you for

Thank you for uniting people of different ages, race and gender into one big family.

Thank you for the clique. It's one of the best things that happened to me. Lifting each other up by thoughtful messages and checking up on each other, the clique is one of the best things in my life.

Thank you for your music. Thank you for each hit of a key on the piano and each pluck of a string on your ukelele, for each lyrics you give us that lifts us out of the pits we get stuck in on your ukelele, for each lyrics you give us that lifts us out of the pits we get stuck in.

Thank you for building a strong connection through your music not just with me, but with rest of the clique even though you don't know more than half of us exist.

Thank you for the world you created for us through your lyrical genius, thank you for helping us make it through.

Thank you for being you, thank you for your words of encouragement and thank you for reminding us that it's worth it to stay alive.

Thank you for deciding to gift the world with yourself. You are a hero, and you'll forever remain a legend in my own eyes.

sincerely, alice.

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