Dating Dad

Dating Dad

Gently I took more of my Dad into my mouth. My eyes darted fervently to his face, as my pulse began to hammer at what I was about to do. He had his eyes closed, so I waited with him pressed against the back of my throat. I had dreamt of this moment hundreds of times. I worked on relaxing my throat, my nerves ready to shatter, telling me I'm silly and that I shouldn't attempt this. But I wanted to.

His eyes opened, and looked at me. I wondered what it felt like. To look and see your daughter, with her mouth full of your cock. The thought fled me as I urgently shoved my face downward, putting as much pressure as I could, to try and get him down my throat. But it wasn't enough. I coughed and tried not to gag. My mouth opened wide around him, so I could breathe with him against the back of my throat.

Thats when he reached down, and gently pulled me the rest of the way. He popped past my throat with an audible gurgle, and he was in, and in, and in.

I fought panic, my fingers digging into his thighs, his curly patch of pubic hair tickled my nose. I pushed off, and he slid, when I say slid, I mean SLID out of my throat, and into my mouth. I came up so fast that he popped out of my mouth and slapped me in the chin. I busted out laughing just as everything that had been sitting in my mouth ran down my chin and onto him.

Fighting embarrassment, I looked him straight in the eyes, and pretended that it was intentional.

"Dad, you taste so fucking good, I just want to swallow you fucking whole."

My embarrassment broke off with his laughter. I wiped my chin, and took him a few more times. He watched me as I worked his cock in my mouth, and I watched him, enjoying the subtle faces and sounds of pleasure he would make. I kept at it, practicing, until my mouth ached from holding it open, and my throat began to get sore.

I collapsed facing him, my hand still working on his cock, it felt good to hold him. He kissed me, I was surprised. He kissed me deeply, I could still taste myself on his lips, as I'm sure he could taste himself on mine. For some reason, that realization, really turned me on.

I had never realised the affect our years of vocalization would have on our first intimate rendezvous. But it made conversation easy and smooth.

My father, wasn't a large man, but he was tall and fit. He was toned, more than muscular. But in bed, lying next to him, he seemed almost a giant. It's strange what your fantasies leave out, certain details that elude you, and make it all that much more obvious when fantasy becomes real life. Laying next to him, I felt intimidated by his height and weight. I felt very small.

I placed my foot on his, mine was so tiny in comparison. I had never thought of myself as small, but next to this man, I felt so. This wonderful man. This glorious man who had fallen for me, as I had for him.

"I love you daddy." I whispered. He rubbed his body against mine, it sent tingles through me.

"I love you too princess."

I must have cooed, or awed , or made an appreciating sound. As he seemed to become invigorated. In moments he had asserted dominance, and I obeyed willingly. He rolled me onto my back, away from him, and began to work at my body with kisses. He tickled my collar bone with his beard, and worked his way down to my breasts.

He spent some time, playing with my nipples, occasionally running his teeth across them, he was gentle, and I rose to his every caress with moans and sighs of pleasure. His attention moved to my abdomen, and my hips, he bit and nibbled and made me squirm. Occasionally I would push at him giggling and beg him to stop.

He sat and massaged my feet, and calves. He sucked on my big toe, running his teeth across the bottom, forcing me to pull back, giggling once again.

"Dad!" I exclaimed trying to free myself from his tickling torture on my feet.

He chuckled, and spread my legs. He cupped my pussy, his hand was hot and my passion ignited. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up and onto me. He looked down into my eyes.

"Please... Dad... fuck me..." internally I cringed at how that sounded, and quickly added. "I need you... I need you inside of me, I need you to make love to me Dad. Please..." I nearly whimpered as I felt him jump and twitch between us.

His eyes were deep and soulful, as he gazed into mine. I felt him lift, and adjust, without ever taking his eyes off of me. I felt then the head of his stiff cock, radiating heat, press against my opening. He moved, running himself up and down, he slid easily across the surface of me. I was soaking wet.

We gazed into one another's eyes as he began to enter me.

I felt my eyes widen in surprise as the head of him stretched me in preparation for the rest of him. He noticed it immediately and paused, as if to let me adjust. I could feel the heat of him spreading me. My pain eased back into pleasure. He was large and I was not used to anything but my fingers. He knew, and always the gentlemen, went slow.

I felt my fingers bite into his flesh as he eased further inside of me. He took it mere fractions at a time, and I still felt stretched to the brink. My discomfort was evident, Dad withdrew from me.

"Are you sure about this sweetheart?" He was so precious he didn't want to hurt me.

"Please.." I begged, I wanted this so bad, I needed this so bad. I really fucking need this. "Please" i called out, this time a command.

He obeyed, and pushed his cock back between my opening lips, and did not hesitate as he slowly pushed his beautiful cock all the way inside of me. I gasped in pleasure and pain. I shuddered, the entirety of my father's cock was something to behold. I wondered what mom had thought of his girth. And so I asked.

"Was Mom this big of a pansy?" I breathed it out in a whisper, as I felt him throbbing deep inside of me. The sensation was shockingly violating, and I felt incredibly vulnerable.

He withdrew some of his length, and then slowly he penetrated with his full length once more. I ached with the need to release, I could feel myself adjusting and stretching to him, I knew he could feel it as well.

"Mom... she loved my cock." He said mischievously as he withdrew his full length, exiting me entirely. My hips rose to meet him, expectantly. Instead he pushed himself against my asshole. I gasped.

"She loved it, here, as well..." he said groaning. He slid upwards across my asshole and back into my pussy, the motion so fluid and swift that I gasped and clung to him. He seated himself fully once more, his pubic bone pushed into my clitoris.

I could feel the wetness still on my asshole and my arousal skyrocketed.

"Fuck me please, I'm ready dad."

He began to fuck me, in and out, with increasing intensity. I stretched and willingly accepted him. Each time he plunged inside of me I imagined the length of him in my ass. It was scary, and exciting.

"Dad..." I got out between my own grunts as he heavily slammed into me. His balls were slapping against me, and the sharp force with which our bodies collided, was pushing me over the edge once more.

"Daddy..." I called out once again, more desperate this time, very much aware of the whine in my voice.

"Oh god..." I moaned. "Oh" I said, meaning to say something else, but having lost the thought with his forceful pounding of me.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked breathlessly.

"Ohh... God dad don't stop please."

I remembered that his face was in front of me. I opened my eyes. Shit, I didn't remember having them closed. He was gazing down at me. With an intensity that I at once recognized. I clasped my legs around him pulling him to me. His pace picked up, faster and harder. Faster, and harder.

I opened my mouth to say something and instead I grunted as he slammed into me. I felt him begin to spasm and I clung on to him. He shuddered. I felt him burst. It was like a balloon had gone off inside of me. It was hot and intense. He collapsed on top of me. I wanted him to continue, I was almost there. So. Close.

He began to shudder and spasm and held on to me. I realised in that moment, that this was no longer an orgasm. He was crying. He was sobbing. I held him to me, and tears came to my own eyes. He sobbed against me, his tears hot on my skin. I held him in my arms like a baby as he cried. The fifth time I had ever seen him cry.

"What have I done..." he whispered into my embrace. It shocked me. I could feel him start to slip out of me.

"What have I done to you..." he said this time with more conviction.

"What have you done?" I asked in alarm? "You've done nothing Dad!" I grabbed him by the face and made him look me in the eyes. "You've done nothing at all!" My lip trembled as I stared deep into his eyes. I sighed, audibly, he trembled in my grasp. "You've found release... I want this. You've done nothing.. " I paused as a humorous thought came unbidden.

"You've done nothing, except maybe cum before I could, and left me hanging."

His laughter was music to my ears, but I could see an underlying shame to it. Inadvertently with my humor I had touched on the very matter that had put him to tears. In his moment of passion he had abandoned my needs in favor of his own. Pounding into me with his need, penetrating me without regard to my own pleasure. I loved my Dad.

Still cupping his face in my hands I drew him in for kisses, and I assured him of my love.

"I am so happy to be here with you Dad." And I kissed him some more. He rolled off of me and lay on his back. I crawled on top of him, his softened cock pinned under me. I lay my head on his chest, my arousal began to recede, and the steady rise and fall of his chest was soothing to me. It is there that I fell asleep, wrapped in my father's arms, laying on him.

I awoke, not sure where I was, thinking I was back at my apartment and everything had been a fanciful dream. I was alone in bed and my heart began to weep. Did I imagine it all? Fuck. Fuck.

"Shhhh ..." Dad said to me "its okay..." he came to me, from across the room.

"I couldn't sleep, so I have been watching you sleep."

I yawned and stretched out. He tickled my toes, ruining my stretch. I scowled at him and he held his hands up in surrender, and smiled. Oh that smile, how I melted for that smile. I leapt up and threw myself into his arms, snuggling against his naked body.

"This..." I whispered. "This is heaven."

I felt my father's cock stirring beneath me. And slid off his lap. I hungrily lapped at him devouring him. I pleasured him with my mouth, until he could take it no more. And with his hands gripping my head he climaxed, his legs spasmed around me.

Inexperienced as I was, I did not expect the first shot to completely fill my mouth. Nor did I expect the heaviness and texture of it. I gagged just a little in surprise when it shot at my throat, and he fell out of my mouth. He continued to orgasm, and him, still in my grip, shot the rest of the ejaculate up my nose, in my eyes, and everywhere but my mouth. I fell back in surprise, and my laughter was hysterical.

We laughed together, like we used to years ago. Just like that we had shed the bonds and restrictions of grief, sorrow and regret. I made a show of cleaning myself up, and we laughed even more.

We lay together, under the covers, naked, for hours. We talked about my crazy scheme of hiding behind a mask for Halloween. He told me of his fear, that I had the face of a gargoyle and the body of an angel. We laughed together and toyed with each other's bodies. We cuddled and talked long and lovingly. We talked about things old and new. We laughed and cried, reminiscing about Mom. We talked about things easy and hard, about our dreams, and hopes for one another. We planned our future together.

At some point, we agreed it was time to put clothes on, and get some food. We walked for a bit, the cool night air was refreshing. We were both so giddy, that we broke into smiles everytime we caught the eye of one another. We walked hand in hand, my heart bouncing in my chest with glee.

We found a store that was open, its windows were like gleaming eyes shining out, and into the street. Dad held the door for me, bowing.

"M'lady" he said, I curtsied as I went past, giggling, flashing him a smile as I danced across the floor.

I didn't understand what was happening in front of me. There was a lot of yelling going on.

I turned to look at Dad to ask him what was happening. The look on his face, made my blood run cold, and I felt my smile fade into nothingness. I turned my head back, taking in the two men before me. They were asking me for my money, and Dads money, I didn't bring my purse, why would they want my purse?

Nothing made sense. I felt fear begin to grip me. Dad moved in front of me, and I couldn't see. I was scared. I grabbed him by the shoulder, clutching at him. He was shouting angrily, they were shouting at him.

The sound. It cracked the air. It cracked so loudly that It took from me, my ability to hear, and gave me an incessant ringing instead. Voices at the end of a tunnel, fuck. Fuck. What were they saying l, why are they yelling? What the fuck was happening? Why was the world ringing? Where was Dad?

I had been holding on to him a moment ago. I look around and he is gone. I get pushed to the ground as men rush through me. Crawling, my head is still ringing. I saw him. His eyes. His fucking eyes. His beautiful fucking eyes. Fucking eyes. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck

"Daddy...?" I already know.

It is inhuman. The sound I hear, I did not know where it came from. It broke through the cloud and the ringing in my ears. It is so unnatural that it scares me. I'm crying and covering my ears.

"Please... Dad... make it stop." I beg. Oh, how I fucking beg.

The wailing. It sounded like despair, like utter despair. It scared me.

It came from deep.

It came from horror, and cut the air like a knife.

It hung out there like a siren.

It was me. It was me. It was fucking me!

So deep from within me. This terrible sound. I felt turned inside out.

It ended abruptly, and I collapsed. I repeated it in a whisper.